Sierra Leone opposition APC elected councillors and Mayors boycott swearing-in ceremony

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 August 2023:

Local Ward Councillors, Mayors and Chairpersons of Local Councils across Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown, who were elected at the June 2023 elections to represent the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party, yesterday boycotted the government’s planned swearing-in ceremony in continuation of their protest of passive resistance against the Bio-led government, after the APC party declared the election results as fraudulent.

Yesterday’s boycott by the APC Freetown local council politicians, was also a show of solidarity with the party’s executives and elected parliamentarians, who a few weeks ago said they will not engage in any form of governance involving the ruling SLPP and the Bio-led government, in protest at the election results announced by the Electoral Commission which the APC says was rigged in favour of President Bio.

Explaining the reasons for yesterday’s boycott, the elected Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, said: “Dear Freetonians, by way of update on the current situation, please be informed that the swearing in ceremony for the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors of Freetown City Council and the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Councillors of the Western Area Rural District was held at the Freetown City Council Auditorium yesterday Thursday 17th August 2023.

“The Mayor, the Chairman and our Deputies and all APC Councillors did not attend the event in continuation of the APC Party’s nonparticipation in governance following the announcement of election results that do not reflect the actual results tallied at polling stations*.

“It should be noted that the APC Party has agreed to engage the government in a dialogue facilitated by a credible independent, external arbiter or institution to address the current political impasse. Thank you again for your overwhelming vote of confidence in me. I look forward to continuing to serve Freetown with all my heart, with all my abilities and in partnership with all Freetonians.”

Meanwhile, the opposition APC leadership has accepted the United States and Commonwealth Secretariat’s proposal for dialogue to end Sierra Leone’s deepening political crisis, but president Bio it seems, has so far failed to respond.


  1. “Let’s not destroy the good in us by cowardly submitting to the evil that is in society”. Say enough is enough to all the things that have set us apart. Say enough is enough to all the things that have placed our personal egos above our country’s interests.

    The West to which we always turn to for help is getting tired of the way some people in our society behaves. The west is currently overburdened with raising funds to buy weapons for the Ukraine vs Russia war. The West is worried with their economy and a foreseeable recession for as long as the special military operations of Russia continues. This has affected the global market thus creating hunger and economic instability all over the world.

    For those who are unemployed by the government of Sierra Leone, they remain to be unfortunate. For those who have jobs provided by the government, but are underpaid, I will say that they are less privileged. But for those who have jobs created for them by the government of Sierra Leone and are highly paid, but choose to ignore such opportunities when they truly believe that they don’t have other means of getting money,think of it intuitively who these set of people are?

    It is because of these inequalities in life that creates instability in nations. Those who don’t know that the rich want to get richer by using the mindset of the poor people always remain unfortunate. The poor people in Sierra Leone have experienced a lot in life. From the perils of the days of repression right through the days of civil war and now civil disobedience, the end receivers have always been the poor people in our societies.

    If truly we want to grow as a nation, we need to change our mindset. Poor mindset breeds unhealthy relationships.

  2. The moments of doom and gloom…the shadows and the darkness should be our greatest teachers on how to find the glorious light…and the light is always non-intrusive, it never imposes itself against the devious schemes, strategies and shady antics of cruelty and seldom confronts, and rarely stand its ground whenever it sees evil stubbornly approaching; Indeed! This is a moment of reckoning for the people of Sierra Leone…a time to make hard decisive decisions – to move purposefully forward or to languish miserably behind, isolated from in the rest of the world in darkness.
    The APC are now battle ready it seems – non participation in the illegitimate affairs of a sham, pathetically disgraced government that totally lacks credibility to rule is a giant step forwards toward solidifying the structures of Democracy in our little country; Madam Aki Sawyer…there is no turning back…hopes, dreams, aspirations and legacies are now at stake; When the clouds become dark, it is a sign that the rains are about to come – and there are very dark, dismal clouds hovering over Sierra Leone currently…we must resist them, and not allow a single drop of misery and anguish to fall over our impoverished Sierra Leone.

    This is our finest moment to teach Maada Bio and everyone else to come that we will not allow the ways of darkness, and unbridled treachery to rule over the people of Sierra Leone…nope we will not; From this moment onwards, the sun will shine as it was supposed to do…calmly, warmly, brightly and gloriously over our peaceful, beautiful country. Resist them until the end…and remember whilst you are resisting that…fortune always favors the brave.

    • The statement “Making mistakes is man’s second nature, and resolving those mistakes should be man’s first nature. Sierra Leone should reconcile for the sake of the motherland” encapsulates the inherent fallibility of human beings while emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and rectifying errors. Additionally, it urges Sierra Leone to prioritize reconciliation for the betterment of the nation as a whole.

      Addressing Human Fallibility: “Making mistakes is man’s second nature” acknowledges that we are prone to errors as humans. Imperfection is an integral part of our nature. This perspective recognizes that no one is immune to making mistakes, regardless of their intentions or capabilities. From personal decisions to complex societal matters, errors are common in human life.

      Embracing Responsibility: “Resolving those mistakes should be a man’s first nature” emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions. It highlights the idea that rather than shying away from or denying mistakes, individuals should proactively seek solutions to rectify them. This approach promotes personal growth, learning, and a commitment to self-improvement.

      Sierra Leone’s Path to Reconciliation: “Sierra Leone should reconcile for the sake of the motherland” speaks to the collective responsibility of the nation to heal and unite. Sierra Leone, a country with a history marked by civil conflict and societal divisions, can find strength in acknowledging past mistakes and working towards reconciliation. Reconciliation involves addressing historical injustices, fostering understanding among different groups, and creating a shared vision for a harmonious future.
      By reconciling, Sierra Leone can:

      Promote Unity: Reconciliation helps mend divisions within society, fostering a sense of unity among diverse groups. It allows for a more inclusive and equitable nation where citizens can work together for common goals.

      Heal Wounds: The wounds of conflict and division can run deep. Reconciliation involves acknowledging the pain of the past and providing avenues for healing, both on an individual and societal level.

      Secure Stability: A reconciled nation is more likely to achieve stability and sustainable development. It paves the way for social, economic, and political progress and attracts investments and international partnerships.

      Preserve Culture: Reconciliation can include efforts to preserve cultural heritage and traditions that might have been affected by conflict. This can contribute to a sense of identity and pride among the citizens.

      Ensure Justice: Reconciliation often involves mechanisms for addressing past injustices, whether through truth and reconciliation commissions, legal processes, or other means. This can help provide closure and accountability.

      In conclusion, the statement reflects the universal reality of human fallibility and the importance of accountability. It also underscores the significance of reconciliation for Sierra Leone’s progress and unity as a nation. By embracing the process of rectifying mistakes and working towards reconciliation, Sierra Leone can build a brighter future for its citizens and honour the well-being of the “motherland.”

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