Sierra Leone opposition APC holds press conference tomorrow to discuss court injunction

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 January 2020:

Following today’s High Court injunction won by some members of the opposition APC party – known as the National Reformation Movement (NRM), stopping the party from holding its national convention this weekend, party bosses say they will instead be holding a press conference at their APC Port Loko offices – Bai Bureh hall, tomorrow morning, 11th January 2020.

They are inviting the media, the diplomatic community, APC party members already inside Port Loko and the general public to attend.

The press conference will be led by the party’s leader and chairman – former president Ernest Bai Koroma, to discuss the High Court injunction, its implication  and next steps for the APC party.

In the meantime, the party bosses say they will respect the decision of the High Court, and have therefore postponed its national convention.

The party will also discuss the outcome of what they refer to as their very successful engagement with the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) earlier today.

The party leadership says it will reassure APC ordinary members and inform them about the way forward for the party under the APC 1995 Constitution that is currently in force.

Read the statement here:


  1. The God in heaven Mr. Matturi can’t help APC find a solution to their internal problems because the Almighty has lots of other pressing issues to take care of. Join hands with NRM to bring democracy in your party.

    EBK is the source of your internal problems because he is holding your party to ransom . He forgot that his time is long gone but you all just keep beating around the bush.

    As I advised before, you are fighting a long lost battle for Mr. Sam Sumana, save your energy and let’s fight for a Salone Government of National Unity.

  2. The fact that the party bosses have said they will accept the court ruling makes me feel good. I am also convinced more than ever that, the APC is law abiding. Respecting the laws of Sierra Leone is paramount and important to our democracy. Can you imagine all what they were saying about the lawlessness of the APC? Let them explain to me what this means.

    As for those waiting to get a perfect APC constitution, they will be waiting forever. Political parties all over the world are not democratic and their manifestos are not binding. Their constitutions always have some clauses and articles that they can TWEAK anytime if they want. The most important thing is for the voters to choose politicians they trust.

    God help the APC find the solution to their internal problems which I believe they will. The good thing is, democracy is at work. God bless former President Koroma and Chief Sam Sumana. God help “get SALONE sorted”.

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