Sierra Leone parliament approves Alie Kabba for UN job

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 May 2019:

Yesterday, the Parliament of Sierra Leone debated and unanimously approved the recommendations of the Appointments and  Public Service Committee, which include president Bio’s appointment of Alie Kabba as the country’s representative at the United Nations in New York.

The removal of Alie Kabba as minister of foreign affairs has raised a lot of questions about the rationale of State House’s  decision, as well as drawn speculations about the health of relationship between the president and Alie Kabba. (Photo above: President Bio – left and Alie Kabba – right attending an AU meeting).  

But speaking to MPs a few days ago, Alie Kabba sounded confident about his new role and said that he respects the decision to send him to the UN to help move forward the president’s agenda of strengthening Africa’s role at the UN. President Bio is the current chairman of Africa’s Committee of Ten.

The African Union Committee of Ten Heads of State and Government (C-10) is a committee setup by the African Union (AU), with mandate to advocate and canvass the African common position on reforming the United Nations Security Council.

This is Alie Kabba speaking to MPs:

A total of eighteen presidential nominees were approved by parliament yesterday, as follows:

  • Foday Rado Yokie – Minister of Mines and Minerals Resources
  • Alie Kabba – Permanent Representative of Sierra Leone to the United Nations, New York
  • Morie Komba Manyeh – High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Kelvin F.E Anderson – Member, Board of Directors, Sierra Leone Local Content Agency
  • Umaru Napoleon Koroma – Deputy Attorney General and Minister of Justice
  • Madam Mamadi Gobeh Kamara – Deputy Minister of Information and Communication
  • Edward Hinga Sandy – Minister of Trade and Industry
  • C Bai Sebora Kasanga II – Member, Local Government Finance Committee
  • Alhaji Fanday Turay – Chairman, National Commission for Privatization
  • David S. Woobay – Member, Local Government Finance Committee
  • Habib Thorpe – Member, Local Government Finance Committee
  • Anthony Fonnie – Member, Board of Directors, Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority
  • Marie Kabba – Member, Board of Directors, Petroleum Regulatory Agency
  • Sheriff A. Sesay – Member, Board of Directors, Produce Monitoring Board
  • Amie Moriba – Member, Board of Directors, Produce Marketing Board
  • Amie E. Greene – Member, National Commission for Privatization
  • Madam Emma S. Banya – Member, Board of Directors, Petroleum Regulatory Agency and
  • Abdul R.C Sesay – Director General, HIV and AIDS SecretariatApproving the nominees, the Leaders of Government Business and the Opposition APC – Sidie M. Tunis MP and Chernor R.M Bah MP, respectively referred to the appointees as competent and qualified to serve in high offices of State, and implored them to serve in the best interest of Sierra Leone.


  1. Mr ALIE Kabba is really a strategic individual, full of plans to see how the Bio government can achieve its goal. I am so happy for his appointment to the UN because I know he is going to make a mark there for our beloved Sierra Leone.

  2. Who ever succeeded Alie Kabba at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is really lucky, because he has put structures in place that will move that ministry forward. The man is a goal-oriented individual. President Bio should ensure that he keeps someone like Alie Kabba closer if he wants to be a two terms president.

    Remember how Alie Kabba implemented strategies that made the SLPP win the elections?

  3. It is high time we rise above our partisan, regional and tribal alignments and sentiments. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder in patriotism; praying for and proclaiming positive confessions upon Mama Salone and cultivating goodwill towards all those who serve her in public offices. This for me, is the true patriotism that will lead our nation to become the paradise we want and dream of.

  4. Mr Alie Kabba, we wish you success in your office. Please don’t let us down. Make sure you serve the position accordingly. Good opening.

  5. I think he should just leave as the country is not getting anywhere. Just trying to bring another war in Sierra Leone. He is lacking in leadership skills.

  6. Hi Mr Peter Conteh,

    I don’t think that any well-meaning Sierra Leonean will ever respond to your ill-written statement. ALL we want is development to happen. Unfortunately, it is not either [YOU] non [Bastita] can talk for us – period!

    Philip (PhD Student)

  7. I believe that Dr. Alie Kabba who is among the top 100 Black Leaders in the US, and within a year has rebranded Sierra Leone positivity will definitely deliver the dreams and aspirations of all Africans to be part of the decision making at the United Nations.

  8. The mind game politics practiced by our parliament and president will not help this country and will not foster development. Also the democracy of this country is seriously undermined by the president and all his representatives.

    The issue of the Minister of Lands is also a serious concern to the peace and security as was mentioned by the President of the SL Bar Association Bastita Micheal, who is now the social media enemy for the SLPP. She said ‘you will not talk about national cohesion when you are undermining the institutions that are responsible to foster peace, sack innocent sierra Leoneans from their jobs who have security of tenure’.

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