Sierra Leone police and military tighten coronavirus partial lockdown   

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 April 2020:

Sierra Leone’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) – Ambrose Michael Sovula and the Chief of Defence Staff (CDF) Lieutenant General Brima Sesay, last Sunday were out and about visiting various road checkpoints put in place to enforce  the two weeks COVID-19 restrictions on inter-district movement of people, including Newton and Mile 38 checkpoints.

Yesterday, the Sierra Leone police published an update on the partial lockdown.  According to the statement:

The restriction on inter-districts movement is still in force; the curfew is being observed between the hours of 9pm and 6am.

Checkpoints have been erected by security personnel at strategic locations across the country. Essential workers with genuine Identification Cards will continue to enjoy unhindered access or passage through mobile and permanent checkpoints.

Only vehicles and people with certified Passes are allowed to move from district to district even at curfew hours. Vehicles and boats carrying essential goods or food stuff are allowed entry at checkpoints or to berth at wharves even without Passes. Vehicles carrying cement and building materials are allowed passage at checkpoints even without Passes.

Vehicles carrying essential goods and building materials must only have one driver and not more than two driver’s mate (apprentices).

Boats carrying essential goods or food items must not have more than four-member crew.

No vehicle carrying timber/logs would be allowed entry at any checkpoint. They are restricted from moving from point A to point B during this partial lockdown. Anyone who flouts this order shall have his/her timber and vehicle impounded, until otherwise decided.

Unhindered access at checkpoints by health care workers, does not preclude the Police and Military from executing their normal functions; especially where there are strong suspicions warranting their intervention.

The Emergency Operations Centre and/or the District Emergency Operations Centre has/have ceased issuing individual and vehicular Passes.

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  1. YEAH! Our new IG Ambrose Sovula is doing a very fabulous job so far and he deserves every right to play tough. Ah tell you. Look at the pictures. This just reminds me of one of America’s best Expeditious Force Commanders and one of the worlds best Generals ever, John J. Pershing. A man’s best servant is himself. Going out there to make sure everything is under control is crucial to the security of Sierra Leone. Keep it up IG Sovula. Everyone is aware of the challenges you and your force face at this difficult time. But, I’m confident, that you will always make the right judgement to protect life and property. God bless you Sir.

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