Sierra Leone police arrest suspects in the ACC corruption investigation standoff in Makeni

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 October 2020:

Sierra Leone police have arrested a group of people they believe are behind the organised human shield that was mobilised outside the home of former president Ernest Bai Koroma that prevented Anti-Corruption investigators from attending a scheduled meeting with the former president at his home in Makeni, last Thursday, 8th October 2020.

The large crowd of youths believed to be supporters of the former president, put up roadblocks and chased police officers away from the area. The  head of the ACC – Francis Ben Kaifala said his team had to call off their meeting because they were prevented from getting to the residence of the former president.

Ernest Bai Koroma is alleged to have misappropriated public funds, estimated at tens of millions of dollars during his time in office – 2007 to 2018, according to Commission of Inquiry Report.

The names of those arrested included the Section Chief of Bai Sheborah Chiefdom – Pa Mission Conteh.

But the police are yet to make a statement about the leaked audio recordings of conversation between the Inspector General of Police and the former President regarding this incident.   

This is what the police said:

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  1. Gentlemen – the office of the President is the highest office in the land, and its obligations and demands can be quite exasperating and challenging. Whoever becomes fortunate to occupy that esteemed position must be a man of refined intuition, clear vision, equipped with effective communication skills; He must have the courage and equanimity to remain as fixed as the northern star in a state of equilibrium at all times against intrusive external forces hell-bent on frustrating and hampering the stability, prosperity and peace of the State.

    Maada Bio is quite the opposite – a wolf that protects only its own kind, a brutal dictator that happily surrounds himself with a clan of aggressive ruthless hyenas known secretly to the TRIBE as “The Enforcers of Totalitarian Rule.” (lol) Ever since the inept SLPP cabal took over the reins of power our people have been nervously standing on shockingly unstable economic shifting sands, some not knowing where their next meal is coming from, others roaming the streets destitute, traumatized, dejected and subdued by the noose of abject poverty cruelly imposed upon them by JJ “The Hangman” Saffa.

    Again, who would’ve thought that there will ever be a President on earth that considers the ability to “FEED HUGELY” like an untamed hippopotamus a feat worthy of praise and admiration? (lol) Old Soldier without a mission, without a vision, totally lacking in intuition leave the gallant opposition to thrive and survive quietly in peace.(lol)

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