President Bio conducts mid-term performance evaluation of his New Direction Government

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 October 2020:

Last Friday, president Dr Julius Maada Bio told government officials at a one-day seminar, on “Midterm Performance and Evaluation of the New Direction Government”, that his government will cater for every Sierra Leonean through an inclusive governance model that leaves no one behind.

Speaking at the Freetown International Conference Centre in Bintumani Hotel, he emphasised that the performance evaluation would provide the platform to engage all ministers, deputy ministers and resident ministers in very frank ways, adding that such a constructive dialogue would give a clear mandate for the change that would transform the country.

The president also stated that he wants his government to have an effective synergy between the performance management of government service delivery and the monitoring and evaluation of service delivery across government, in a way that would impact on the lives of people.

“With the sense of purpose and clarity after two and half years, I am confident that we have made significant progress on the delivery of our commitments to the people of Sierra Leone, notwithstanding the very adverse problems and challenges posed by COVID 19 pandemic.

“I am informed that this Medium-Term Evaluation Ministerial Retreat organised by the Office of the Chief Minister is aimed at taking an introspection of our tangible interventions as a Government linked to the Manifesto Commitments and Medium-Term National Development Framework. It will also be helpful to discuss what has been delivered outside the Manifesto Commitment and yet still what has not been delivered. I wish you fruitful deliberations,” President Bio said.

Chief Minister, Professor David Francis, said in his opening remarks that the aim of the midterm performance and evaluation is to review the progress that would have been recorded, and the access and challenges to work together to improve on their delivery outcomes.

He added that he looks forward to the performance results for the people of Sierra Leone, and informed delegates that government performance review is an international best practice not common in Africa.

He said that the dialogue would create a platform to collectively assess the continued relevance of ministries and departmental interventions and strategies, and to determine whether they were fit for purpose in their delivery for the people of Sierra Leone.

“Your Excellency, I see this as an opportunity to provide you with tangible evidence, facts and figures of the extent to which you have delivered on your Manifesto Commitments just in two and half years,” he noted.

It is expected that there will be a cabinet reshuffle following the performance review.

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  1. Special Agent Young 4na – good to hear you are home brother to chill out and also take care of some business; With a mind as keen as yours out there I have no doubts that we will be hearing nothing but authentic super-duper news coming from you. Feels good to be home bro, where the skies above clearly remember who you are doesn’t it? Home – a place where the majestic earth can easily recall how many times you fell on her gentle face as a child yet never giving up until you were finally able to stand gallantly on our own? What a blessing!

    Again, I am quite sure the encounters, meeting of old friends and acquaintances never seem to end, and memories of happy days gone by keep on resurfacing in your thoughts like dolphins leaping happily out of the deep blue sea, only to disappear briefly, and then reappear with joy again as they continue to entertain and swim. Enjoy brother and take good care of yourself. My regards to your family and friends – tell them a Stargazer wishes them well!

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