Sierra Leone presidential aspirant Alie Kabba speaks about the importance of peace and unity in the opposition SLPP

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 February 2017

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, Sisters and Brothers in the great SLPP:

The quest to make our beloved Sierra Leone a happy progressive nation is one that deserves all of our energies and every pull of our efforts.

This is a sacred journey that we should all walk together, as a people, if we intend to arrive in the right place.

The unfortunate challenges that threatened to divert the focus of our party and diminish the prospects of electoral victory are now receding very fast.

Thanks to everyone who continues to put so much energy into the peace effort, working from the inside, pushing from the outside, and praying on the sidelines to bring about this positive change in the direction of our democracy. (Photo: Maada Bio – left and Alie Kabba – right).

Of course, a lot of challenges still remain even as we try to forge ahead with the current efforts to achieve functional peace in the party. These challenges are not unexpected, but they are also not insurmountable.

All of us in the SLPP must redouble our efforts to ensure that everyone continues to hold on to peace and embrace unity, which are indispensable conditions for achieving victory.

The realistic challenges that we still face as a party should never be used as reasons to undermine the collective move towards the greater goal.

The fact is that the terms of peace can be amicably negotiated and its implementation satisfactorily perfected, but peace must never be sacrificed on the altar of pessimism, narrow interests, and fear of stepping outside our comfort zones.

Ultimately, a true leader is one who is selflessly prepared to sacrifice everything for the good of the many rather than someone who sacrifices the many for the good of the self.

I want to take this opportunity to call upon all members of our party (especially the grassroots) to hold every single one of us aspiring for (or in position of) leadership accountable for anything and everything that happens in our delicate quest for peace.

This is because when those with the privilege of leadership swerve and skid, it is the ordinary members who suffer the ugly consequences of the crash. In other words, the grass suffers the most when elephants clash.

The drivers need to be told that the passengers are not prepared for the Peace Train to slip down the hill after climbing so far to escape a sludge that offers no hope for the long-suffering masses.

There is only one way to victory – the path of peace.

Brothers and sisters and all, the wheels are turning and we are heading in the right direction. Let’s keep moving forward, together, in pursuit of peace in our party. There is no stopping us! There’s no looking back! There’s no holding back; and there’s no turning back to the frustrating era of division and acrimony.

Millions of voters are yearning to reward us with victory if we stay the course of peace, promulgate the merits of our policies for the country, and reject the politics of petty divisions.

One Country, One People!
Everyone in, No one out!
Everyone up, No one down!

Your Humble Servant,
Alie Kabba


  1. Hello Mr. Alie Kabba, how are you doing sir? I admire you so much for your courage and transparency.

    I wish we could have twenty men of your caliber in Sierra -Leone will be a better place for all of us. Please don’t give up the fight.

    I am praying for everyone of you out there, that is fighting the good fight.

    Remain blessed in Jesus mighty name.

  2. The Democratic National Congress (D.N.C) elections in the United States yesterday is a good template or model the SLPP should copy and follow: look for the best candidate among fellow flag bearers, taking into consideration all the dynamics involved, from both micro and macro forces, and then have that candidate nominate the runner up as running mate.

    There you will have emerge a winning team for the SLPP, as the field for the party flag contest is deep, talented and ready to lead the country with a better vision for Sierra Leone.

    However, even though the 2018 presidential elections is SLPP’s to lose, the party should be very strategic this time, as they are up against a diabolic and rogue opponent that has no respect for the rules of the democratic game.

    The SLPP party must elect somebody who is credible, smart; someone with the capacity to build coalition, as the party is going to need to have to bring different forces together to fight this tough fight for Sierra Leone.

    Ali Kabba, God will continue to bless you, guide you and protect you against the evil forces that lock in Sierra Leone. Your sacrifice, selflessness, bold and indefatigable leadership is breathless, and it is only the almighty God that will reward you for this, and I hope it is the flag-bearer-ship.

    I will therefore encourage you to keep at it, keep engaged, as the reward of your initiatives and stewardship in this matter is priceless, and generations yet unborn will know about this, as it will go down in the annals of the unwritten history of the SLPP and Sierra Leone.

  3. Alie Kabba is a stitch in time….the love he has for his people – especially the 99% suffering, is deep. I believe in his timely intervention in wisdom, and I hope this goes to all well meaning SLPP supporters to make this peace hold.

    Long live Alie Kabba..vibrant chairman of the peace committee.
    Long live SLPP and the people of Sierra Leone.

    • Alice During on track, as she spoke on the hero we have in the person of Alie Kabba. People like Alie Kabba are hard to find in our generation. We love him, we like him and respect him so much for providing us a leadership that we needed so desperately.

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