Sierra Leone presidential aspirant Moseray Fadika has died in London

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 August 2016

Fadika at the commonwealth event.jpg2

The Sierra Leone Telegraph has in the last few hours received reports of the passing of Mr. Moseray Fadika, one of the potential presidential candidates of the ruling APC party, for the 2018 presidential election.

Mr Moseray Fadika who is popularly known as ‘Super’ is reported to have died at White Chapel hospital in London. He had arrived in the UK for a series of meetings last Friday.

In June, Moseray Fadika’s communications team made a spontaneous statement to the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph, denouncing rumours of Mr Fadika having been hospitalised, after suffering a violent attack in Mile 91 Freetown, by thugs belonging to a political opponent.

“I don’t know where people cooked that report. Moseray Fadika had a successful trip to Mile 91 and came back to Freetown safely. As a matter of fact, he had his night prayers as he is used to at the Fullah central mosque in Magazine throughout the night,” Mr Fadika’s communication Team told the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

But tonight, it is now several hours since this news first broke in London, and so far there are no reports from his team denying the authenticity of the report of his death.

The ramifications of the death of Mr Moseray Fadika, whom many in the party believe to be one of the wealthiest and a key contender for the leadership of the ruling APC party, will be enormously  earth shattering.

Frank-Timis-Chairman-AML-and-right-Gibril-Moseray-Fadika-aka-Super-300x225Mr Fadika was co-founder and executive chairman of African Minerals Ltd., alongside the multi-billionaire Frank Timis, where he is believed to have made hundreds of millions of dollars in personal fortune.

The company went into receivership two years ago, after failing to meet its financial obligations and was bought by the Chinese Shandong Company Limited.

Mr Fadika is arguably one of the richest people in Africa. He is the Vice Chairman of Shandong Steel (SL) Ltd and Executive Director of Pan Africa Minerals Ltd, with a cumulative investment portfolio in Africa of over $3.1 Billion.

Just weeks ago, the country’s Attorney General – Joseph Kamara, who is also one of the main contenders for the leadership of the ruling APC party, was involved in a serious road accident with a commercial vehicle. He was hospitalised for a few days and is now back at work.

In Sierra Leone’s highly competitive and sometimes viciously fought politics, it is money and tribal lineage that takes you to the top of the country’s ruling class, and indeed to State House as president.

This is a video clip  showing senior APC party grandees meeting in Canada, praying and devoting a minute silence in memory of Mr Fadika:

Here is a story we published in March this year, about Mr Fadika’s appointment as the first Goodwill and Business Ambassador for the Commonwealth Africa Initiative:

Moseray Fadika appointed goodwill ambassador for the commonwealth

Sierra Leonean business magnate, investor and philanthropist Mr Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika has been appointed as the first Goodwill and Business Ambassador for the Commonwealth Africa Initiative.

His appointed was announced at the Commonwealth Africa Summit held in London, United Kingdom, last Wednesday, 16th March 2016.

The summit brought together a wide range of world leaders and personalities from across the 53 Commonwealth countries.

Presidents, former presidents, ministers, high commissioners, members of parliament, policy-makers, representatives of the private sector, civil society, diaspora organisations, youth groups, Commonwealth agencies, academia, celebrities and the media, also attended the summit.

Fadika receiving an award from ObasanjoFadika’s appointment was announced by the former president of Nigeria – Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who is the new Co-chair of the Commonwealth Africa Initiative – part of the New Commonwealth Programme, alongside Dr. Caroline Harper OBE and Baroness Flather.

According to statement released by the Moseray Fadika Trust, this appointment underscores Fadika’s iconic status and outstanding leadership virtues and commitment to Africa’s development.

It says that Fadika will be a critical voice for the Commonwealth Africa Initiative, in advancing Africa’s agenda in the Commonwealth and globally. He was also presented with an international award for outstanding leadership and service to the people of Africa.

President Obasanjo stressed that Ambassador Fadika will be a champion for the Commonwealth Africa Initiative, in promoting peace and development in the region.

Moseray fadika - aka Gibril BanguraIn his role as Goodwill and Business Ambassador for Trade, Investment, Business and Charitable Work of the Commonwealth Africa Initiative, Fadika’s engagement will contribute significantly to attracting investment and mobilising resources towards the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The statement from the Fadika Trust says that Ambassador Fadika’s knowledge, leadership skills and dedication to Africa’s development will play a pivotal role in opening markets, increasing trade and encouraging investment; and will contribute to government-to-government engagement with international partners and the private sector.

Fadika speaking at the commonwealth eventHe will also engage in the work of eradicating extreme poverty for people in the Commonwealth by creating jobs, investing in education, health, housing and other sectors, the statement reads.

’’It is indeed a historic moment for me. I consider it a blessing to have this golden opportunity to champion the cause of Africa at regional and international level, promoting business as well as engaging and empowering poor people including women and youth, working alongside other eminent Commonwealth leaders. We must eradicate poverty. We are born poor, but we must not die poor”, said Ambassador Fadika.

Before the award ceremony, Ambassador Fadika delivered a keynote address on the theme “Shared Prosperity: Mutual Security” at the Commonwealth Africa Summit held at the prestigious Tag Hotel in Buckingham Gate in London, United Kingdom, from the 14th to 16th March 2016.

Obasanjo and Fadika at the commonwealth eventThe summit brought together government and business leaders from various parts of the Commonwealth to discuss various topics ranging from trade and investment, entrepreneurship, leadership, counterterrorism, security, and economic development in Africa.

In his keynote address, Ambassador Fadika said: “My country, Sierra Leone experienced a major crisis due to the impact of the Ebola epidemic, and the associated damage to communities and livelihoods. The economy was hit the hardest, with business closures and rising unemployment further devastating a country that had not too long emerged from a decade of civil conflict.

“Our business was seriously affected. As co-founder and Executive Chairman, I was greatly involved in the work of African Minerals Limited, a minerals exploration, development and mining company with significant interests in Sierra Leone, which was forced into administration due to the Ebola crisis.

Frank-Timis-Chairman-AML-and-right-Gibril-Moseray-Fadika-aka-Super-300x225“We worked very hard to rescue the mining sector and brought in new investments. We survived! Now we have Shandong Steel SL Ltd, Pan African Minerals Ltd and we are working across 16 countries in Africa. We appreciate the support provided and are grateful to the Commonwealth, the international community and my fellow Sierra Leoneans in tackling the Ebola virus. Together, we defeated Ebola’’.

Ambassador Fadika emphasised his commitment to uniting and empowering people across Africa and to being a champion to advance business, trade and investment in Africa and across the Commonwealth. He underlined the importance of eradicating extreme poverty and helping poor people work their way out of poverty.

The summit began with a wreath laying ceremony at the Memorial Gate where Ambassador Fadika, for the first time in history laid a wreath on behalf of Sierra Leone, in honour of those killed in the 2nd World war.

Ambassador Fadika also attended the Commonwealth Day Service at the Westminster Abbey on the 14th of March 2016, in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and The Duke of York.

Also present at the ceremony were; Dr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations; Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta and the new Chair-in-Office of the Commonwealth; H.E. Kamalesh Sharma, outgoing Secretary-General of the Commonwealth; H.E. Baroness Scotland, incoming Secretary-General of the Commonwealth; H.E. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria; Hon. David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; and several world leaders.

The Queen’s annual Commonwealth Day message was central to the ceremony held at Westminster Abbey; and in it, she said: “Today, and in the year ahead, the theme ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’ is an inspiration for us all. Let us give it practical effect by supporting those in need and those who feel excluded in all walks of life. By doing so, we will continue to build a truly representative Commonwealth community.”

Ambassador Fadika also joined the Commonwealth Secretary General, H.E. Kamalesh Sharma at the Commonwealth Young Leaders Award Ceremony, held at Marlborough House, the Secretariat of the Commonwealth. Ambassador Fadika expressed his interest in supporting and investing in young people in the Commonwealth, through the Commonwealth Youth programme.

According to the statement from the Moseray Fadika Trust; Ambassador Fadika came from a humble background. He was born in poverty and struggled to pay his school fees. Despite these difficulties and challenges, Ambassador Fadika never lost hope and continued in his efforts to seek a better life.

He graduated from university and went on to become a magnate in the business sector.  Ambassador Fadika is today one of the leading entrepreneurs in Africa and he is regarded as Africa’s success story.

Ambassador Fadika is the Vice Chairman of Shandong Steel SL Ltd and Executive Director of Pan Africa Minerals Ltd, with a cumulative investment portfolio of over 3.1 billion United States dollars in Africa.

With promising investments in iron ore, oil and gas and related resources in nine West African countries, among them Sierra Leone, Ghana, Ivory Coast, The Gambia, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Niger, Ambassador Fadika is said to have helped provide jobs for over 10,000 youths in the region.

Ambassador Fadika has established the Moseray Fadika Trust, which he says is providing jobs for thousands of young people, offering educational scholarships, building schools, and providing housing support.

The statement by the Moseray Fadika Trust also says that Fadika is committed to promoting better governance in Africa, and strengthening the capacities of people and communities to achieve a fairer and a more peaceful world.

Will Moseray Fadika be contesting for the presidency of Sierra Leone at the 2018 elections?

End of report published on the 26 of March 2016 by the Sierra Leone Telegraph


  1. Editor,

    What sits in the middle is half-baked truth, compromise and so-called diplomacy. It is baloney and very misleading.

    Furthermore, we the people of Sierra Leone will not allow the APC government to get away with their lies, hypocrisy and half-baked policies. NO WAY! We will hold their feet to the fire until they fully account for all their filthy political actions while in government. Enough is enough of this foolishness. Amen.

  2. Do not insult, intimidate or try to kill free speech because you do not like or disagree with what others are saying.

    Your opinions and views are just as valid as those with whom you disagree. Let us show restraint and learn to agree to disagree.

    In most discourse where strong views are held either way, the truth usually sits in the middle.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

  3. Mr Mannah thank you for the exchange under such difficult and sad circumstances. And had Moseray not been a person of interest to the public, I would not have commented on the standards with which he comported himself in public life.

    I feel as Sierra Leoneans it is time for us to wake up and be honest with each other and ourselves. We must start calling a spade for what it is.

    Although I disagree with you fundamentally about Moseray’s personal achievements, I respect your views and where you coming from.

    But the facts about his achievements must not be exaggerated. For the most part of the 1990s when our people were being killed and bratalised by the RUF where was he? He was working with foreign mining companies unlawfully smuggling our minerals without paying taxes.

    I do not blame him for that. I blame president Kabba for providing him with the necessary cover to exploit our people.

    As for his so called achievements at African Minerals the least said the better. He was not responsible for securing and leveraging the hundreds of millions of dollars investment needed to resume iron ore mining in the country.

    He was the man acting on behalf of crooked politicians to do their dirty bidding with the likes of Timis without getting their hands dirty.

    • Mr. Koroma,

      I am happy that you have a rethink on your position about the late Mr. Moseray Fadika, and accept to mourn his passing and my sentiment about his philanthropic endeavors as an expression of his humanity and not his politics.

      This is because the passing of this young man, especially the manner and place in which it happened is a tragedy for our poor country, and should be of concern to all peace loving Sierra Leoneans. As Sierra Leoneans, we should have empathy and love for one another, regardless of our politics.

      From a political point of view, our politics could not have been different, it is day and night, because I am sympathetic to the SLPP, and he is APC to his core. However, that has nothing to do with the admiration, empathy and sorrow I feel for his passing.

      Moseray was three forms below me at the St. Edward’s Secondary school. I however remember his great manners and respect for others especially people he held in high regard. We would assemble in the mornings in those days at Rawdow Street, and pull resources to hire a taxi to take us to school.

      We would celebrate the success of our soccer and athletics teams and dance our way to Eastern police whenever the opportunity arose. These are memories that never leaves somebody and thus, the reason why I expresses such strong sentiments about his passing.

      Furthermore, the late Fadika’s achievements are no easy feat Mr. Koroma, especially taking into consideration the neighborhood he grew up in. As one will be on his way to school in the mornings and you see your contemporaries with whom you play soccer with at Maballa, or any of the playgrounds around Magazine Cut waking up in a market stall, a place they call home.

      Even as I speak, go to Moa wharf, Magazine wharf, Big wharf etc, and see what poverty really is! The, deprivation and want that exist in those places is beyond human comprehension. This is the environment that Moseray Fadika rose from to do what he did, and at a minimum, from the point of view of humanity and share force of what humans can do when they focus their minds onto something, he deserve commendation and respect.

      The late Moseray Fadika came to the world and he performed the mission god assigned to him. He is now with his maker, the almighty god, and he will be rewarded for his accomplishments, and I pray that god forgive his sins, as we are all sinners in this world. Sleep gentle giant, sleep…!

  4. Oh mama salone, some of the comments here are very disturbing to a man who sacrificed his wealth to make others become better.

    It is time to give Moseray a dignified TRIBUTE instead of all these negative comments. I have never met the guy, but what I have read about him makes me believe he was a God fearing and a humble man.

    I was going to meet with him on my next visit to Sierra Leone and to know this gentleman. It is not the money you have that is important, it is the ability to bring people together and that is what remains in my memory about this great guy, Moseray.

    My sympathy goes out to the entire Fadika family. Thank you for giving us a son, uncle and mostly a father. May the Almighty Allah grant him a peaceful rest in heaven.

    You will be missed by many Mr Moseray Fadika, RIP.

  5. This is just a simple example of how people will be rewarded by God in Sierra Leone after exploiting and mismanaging our resources.

    EBK and this late man sold our country out to foreigners by allowing them to mine our minerals without the genuine people benefiting from the proceeds. Our lands are being exploited for their own selfish interest.

    This is just the beginning of the nemesis that we expect of unpatriotic leaders. We will bury them one by one by God’s grace. You can play your own part in this world but the Lord God is not asleep for his poor people.

    All the wealth amassed throughout the period is now going in vain. This is just to ask individuals, why do you want to gain the world and lose your soul? Our country is so small for just a handful of corrupt guys to hold us to ransom.

    We are looking forward to what will be the end of people like EBK and his cronies. At that age with all his white hair, he is still illegally grabbing everything that he comes across for his own use.

    Fadika will not go with all those resources in the grave. Even if the family members continue using them, it will not benefit them because it is an ill-gotten wealth.

    He has gathered all that money to buy people’s vote during elections, so that he can become President. You can vie for the presidency when you are six feet below. Go and meet our ancestors and tell them exactly how much you got out of the deal that went on. Frank Timis is the only person who benefited from all the deal together with EBK.

    Rest in peace young man, other people will follow soon by God’s grace. Go and make a place for them.

  6. John Mannah, please let us stop this kind of sycophancy and misrepresentation of Fadika’s legacy. Tell us please. How did Fadika emptied his tank for the poor people of Magazine where he grew up?

    Where are the businesses he created in the community for unemployed youths? Where is the school that he built? Where is the market that he built? Where is the community health centre that he built? Where are the streets that he tarred? Where are the community development projects that he established providing vocational skills training for young people in Magazine?

    Fadika did not empty his tank for anyone. Yes he dished out brown envelopes here and there. And God bless him for that, though he was dishing cash to build his popularity and political capital that he hoped would have taken him to state house.

    But he did not empty his tank to feed the poor, heal the sick and educate the illiterate. His philanthropy was motivated by political ambition.

    Fadika has sadly died leaving behind hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in foreign bank accounts. No. He did not empty his tank for the poor people of this country.

    What good are your riches if your fellow man is going hungry and cannot access safe, clean drinking water?

    Let all who have eyes in this poor country, see the vanity of this world and change their ways. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

    • Mr. Koroma,

      I beg to defer with your assessment of the achievement of Moseray Fadika, because some of us who knew this young man and saw him grow up, in the Magazine Cut area appreciate his personal achievements and whatever little he was able to share with his neighbors, friends, brothers and sisters. He did not have to do jack for anybody, taken the fact that he was not a politician, or a charity house – but a self-made entrepreneur who strove really hard from one can say almost nothing to what he became.

      I am just proud to have known a kid from such a deprived neighborhood make something great of himself, to the point where he was acclaimed, celebrated and recognized as youth ambassador for Africa. It was indeed a great feat from a humble kid from Magazine Cut.

      Sleep humble giant, sleep, as you indeed made us proud while you were here on earth with us.

  7. May his soul rest in perfect peace… Oh Salone – may d Lord give us someone like him or more than him to Mama Salone again.

  8. Fadika died needlessly as a result of head injuries sustained during an attack meted out on him by APC thugs in Freetown.

    He was a party to this serious political violence and criminality. He was foolishly more than happy to be part of the big cover up of that attack.

    He kept quiet after being promised the APC presidential flagbearership. Now he is gone without the reward for such blind loyalty.

    What price political ambition.

  9. This is very sad news. I hope that the family will ask for a post mortem examination to ascertain the cause of death. This is vital because he was apparently hale and hearty. So what happened?

    We do not want to hear that ‘ee just feel-bad’ – the cause of death must be known for peace of mind of family, friends and supporters.

    May he rest in peace.

  10. The passing of our Magazine and Edwardian brother is a very sad event that we least expected. He achieved a lot in his very short stay on earth, and was working hard to achieve more on behalf of the people.

    On his way up, he never forgot to share with his Magazine and Edwardian brothers and sisters. Moseray you emptied your tank by giving all you can to your fellow mankind, and God the almighty will reward you for your grace, good mannerism and generosity.

    May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, and may God continue to console your family, especially your wife and young children.

    Sleep well humble giant, you did the job God sent you to the world to do.

  11. So sorry to hear the news of our abled super. We gonna miss you a lot. May your soul rest in peace. Till we meet again.

  12. I have met Moseray a few times and must say he is one of the most humble and down to earth people. He was a man of the people. His generosity and kindness knew no bounds.

    I am not surprised that the nation is saddened and shocked by this sudden loss. One of the sons of the soil who made a success out of his life and helped others.

    The question on most people’s mind is the cause of his death, as he appeared hale and hearty during his trip in London. May his soul RIP.

  13. So sad about the news of our abled Super. May our good Lord forgive him and grant him rest in his kingdom

    John James – USA

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