Sierra Leone presidential aspirant Moseray Fadika is to receive a funeral befitting a statesman

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 August 2016

President Koroma and senior APC grandees mourn Fadika

Last week, president Ernest Bai Koroma and senior ruling party grandees visited the bereaved family of the late presidential aspirant – Mr Moseray Fadika, who died suddenly in hospital in London a week ago.

Speaking to the family and mourners at the family home in Freetown, president Koroma promised the family that, his government and the ruling APC party will take full responsibility for the funeral of the late Mr. Moseray Fadika.

In the last few days, pictures of a grave are being circulated on social media, claiming to be the prepared resting place of the late Mr. Fadika. However, the Imam of the Mandingo mosque at Magazine Cut that Fadika attended, has denied the existence of such a grave, and denounced those spreading this rumour as mischievous.

But tonight, Sierra Leoneans across the world are still in a state of shock over the sudden death in London of Mr. Fadika, and are looking for answers as to the cause of his death.

Fadika speaking at the commonwealth eventThe remains of 58 year old Mr Fadika were expected to have arrived in Freetown last week, following post mortem examination, but It is now understood that toxicology examination is also being carried out.

As rumours and speculation as to what could have led to his death continue, the official cause of death will not be known until all aspects of the post mortem examination including toxicology, are completed.

However in the meantime, several possibilities are being widely discussed on social media as to the cause of death.

Many people believe foul play could have been involved. Others say that he may have died as a result of internal injuries sustained during a violent attack, which allegedly took place at Mile 91, in Freetown, about 3 months ago. But the Moseray Fadika communications team had debunked all allegations of a violent attack on Mr Fadika.

Another possibility which pathologists will be interested in, is whether Moseray Fadika was suffering from a long term health condition, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease, which could have led to a stroke or heart attack.

Although the possibility of foul play can only be ruled out by the ongoing toxicology investigation in London, a close study of video clips made just minutes before Mr. Fadika fell ill at his campaign event in London, shows that he was unlikely to have suffered a heart attack. He was not clutching his chest or sweating profusely, as is expected in cases of heart attack.

Moseray Fadika in March 2016 - Five months before deathFurthermore, analysis of several photos which were taken at the event in London on that fateful Sunday afternoon, have been compared with photos taken about five months ago. The result is striking and shows significant facial changes and a gradual decline, which could sadly signify that he may have suffered a stroke.

Also, videos clips made on Sunday, 7th of August, 2016, immediately before he took ill have been compared with the video recorded at the Commonwealth award ceremony in London a few months ago (Photo).  Again the result is striking. Fadika’s health appears to have gradually deteriorated, as he looked somewhat unsteady on his feet.

Moseray Fadika - minutes before passingOn the 14th of April 2016, Mr Fadika wrote this on his Facebook Page: “Dear Friends, my grave apologies for only updating you now. I have a lot to catch up with here. I was very exhausted and needed some time to rest for a few days.” (This photo appears to show that Mr. Fadika may have suffered a stroke minutes before death). 

A stroke is a change in the circulation in the brain, which can be due to blockage or bleeding of a blood vessel in the brain.

A blocked blood vessel could be caused by raised cholesterol, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake. The waxy cholesterol substance gradually lines the inner part of the blood vessels, until it finally cuts off or restricts blood supply to the rest of the brain, resulting in death of the brain cells or stroke.

An irregular heart beat may also cause a blood clot, which could block an artery in the brain.

This brain attack or stroke can occur gradually over a few days or weeks, or it can occur suddenly, leading to mild or severe impairment or death.

Apart from blockage, bleeding in the brain can also occur when a blood vessel bursts open and blood leaks into the rest of the brain.

Moseray Fadika - minutes before deathA person may feel unwell with dizziness and sensation of the room spinning, feeling confused, sometimes with a very severe headache, nausea or vomiting, blurred vision or complete loss of vision in one eye, and weakness in an arm and leg on one side of the body.

Observing the sick person, you may notice a change in speech, slurred or unable to speak, or the voice may be hoarse.

One side of the face droops and the smile is crooked, and the person may complain that they cannot feel anything on that side of the face. If the stroke is gradual and lasting a few weeks, they may drag one leg whilst walking, or are unsteady on their feet, until finally they are struck down by the illness.

What is noticeable about many of the photos and videos of Mr Fadika taken last year, compared to some of those taken recently, is that he appeared to be alert and smiling, and both sides of his face, including the eyes, appear symmetrical.

But photos taken on the day of his death, appear to show that the left eye is bigger than the right, and the left side of the face looks slightly drooped. Watching a video made during the event, his voice appeared strained and hoarse. He seemed unsteady on his feet and had to be assisted with sitting and standing. He was not smiling and seemed vague and slow in his movements.  Also studies of video clips made a day or two prior to his death, appear to show that he was unsteady on his feet.

Moseray Fadika - minutes before passing.jpg2If these video and photo analyses are correct, then there are serious lessons to be learnt, such as ensuring that the sick individual is taken to hospital immediately and to a stroke unit as fast as possible to prevent further catastrophic decline in his health.

Assuming that cause of death is not foul play, the question that needs to be asked is whether Mr Fadika consulted doctors upon his arrival in the UK, as it is likely he would have been feeling quite unwell before his death on Sunday. If he did, doctors could have detected that he was very unwell, and would have referred him to hospital for immediate treatment.

Strokes can be avoided by resting, reducing stress levels and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Stopping smoking is essential as is avoiding weight gain, reducing salt intake and ensuring that blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are all kept under control. Regular check up of blood pressure and cholesterol levels by a doctor is important.

In Sierra Leone, it is estimated that over 60% of the adult population are suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, high cholesterol, and smoking and alcohol related diseases.

As mentioned earlier, the results of the toxicology tests taking place in London currently are important, so as to ascertain the exact cause of death and to end all rumours and speculation.

However, should the result prove to be suspicious and suggesting that foul play was the likely cause of death, then the London Coroner and the metropolitan police may begin possible criminal investigations.

Whilst supporters and fans of the late Mr Fadika will be frustrated at the delay in returning his body back to Freetown for burial, the family can take immense comfort from the meticulous post mortem and toxicology investigations that are still ongoing in London.

Had he died in Sierra Leone, no one, not even the family would have been any wiser as to the cause of death.

In the meantime, the remains of Mr Fadika are likely to be returned to Freetown, Sierra Leone for burial in the next few days.` It is expected that the ruling APC party will conduct a funeral service fit for a president.


  1. Lansana Kamara,

    So you are no more “Bambay Lans Kamara?” Please be consistent with who you are. Just a quick advice. Thank you.

  2. I echoed Mohamed Sannoh’s comment on the aspect of the current health situation in Sierra Leone. Why do we always depend on flying people to Europe or America before they can be treated?

    It takes roughly about eight or more hours to prepare a sick person to travel via air from Freetown to London for urgent medical attention.

    Realistically, dont we think it is about time to put emphasis on installing for example, a centralised medical centre with modern equipment to treat people, especially in an emergency situation?

    What is actually going wrong in the minds of our politicians? They cant tell us there is no money.

  3. Very good analysis, excellent writing. I am a Ghanaian, and I know the habits of the late man. Anyway, may he rest in peace.

    My only advice to Salon elite is to live like Ernest Bai Koroma, he has a healthy way of living. Waking up early in the morning and drinking whiskey is a bad habit. I rest my case.

  4. Mariatu Gilmore, as you are thinking of yourself as a political aspirant, let me just get you to the point of reality that until you accept what you are referring to as “this SLPP and APC rubbish”, you have no chance of smelling your nose in Sierra Leone.

    What decent people always take into account, and award credit to anyone for doing so much for different people, will always go beyond how you get your riches you are splashing around. When people realise that you have actually worked hard to get money and then engaged into doing good, that is when decent people get you accredited.

    Now, let us face facts:

    Mr. Moseray Kabbah was appointed as Director of African Minerals by the Late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, who was SLPP Head of state. His appointment was a political appointment because he let President Kabbah understood that he was a decent Sierra Leonean and was supporting SLPP.

    This relationship continued until when the SLPP lost the General and Presidential Elections to APC in 2012, while he was still Director of African Minerals. He was not satisfied but wanted to fortified his position as Director of African Minerals. And as he thought, the only way he could do this was to cross-carpet over to APC from SLPP.

    To cross-carpet was his bona-fide right but why did he not hand over the possessions of his office to SLPP including all assets and then move to APC as a clean gentlemen?

    Therefore my point about Mr. Moseray Fadika is that he was the most deceitful Sierra Leonean. If you are also personally of the same mindset, then you are disappointing yourself.

    Mariatu, you can only talk about me by mentioning tribalism, because you do not know Mohamed Sannoh who attended the Methodist Boys’ High School in Freetown. Therefore do your research very well.

  5. I know that people die as a result of certain condition. But the bottom line is the man is dead, and we can’t resurrect him.
    May his soul rest in peace. My heart goes down to his family.

  6. I doubt whether Mr Fadika’s body will be released soon to the next of kin – whom I presume is his wife.

    He is a public figure who resides in another country and died suddenly a few days after arriving in London.

    After the autopsy, a toxicology screen is now awaited and may not be ready for a month .

    The coroner and the police have to get the cause of death absolutely right or else it could cause problems for them.

    If the body is released now and flown out of the UK and then the toxocology results come back abnormal, it will prove difficult for the police to take any action.



  8. The truth of his death will never be known even in the event of a final toxicology report from the medical facility in London.

    The analysis of a possible stroke as a cause of death is logical but still cannot rule out foul play considering events including: The fact that the significant deterioration of his physical appearance only started immediately after his declaration of flagbearer aspiration for the forthcoming elections; Rumours about the Incident which occurred at Mile 91; Fall outs within the APC party including the shocking sacking of the Vice President Sam Sumana, led by the APC party; President Koroma’s refusal to allow a smooth transition of power; High volume of rumours that have been going around about the reckless in-fighting within the APC party regarding Koroma’s refusal to get out of the office.

    People are not ignorant these days. People are very aware of the voodoo that has been happening in that country and that we are Africans.

    It is very possible that Moseray Fadika’s death may have been because of a medical situation, but, it is also very possible to believe that foul play may have been involved, considering some of my events as stated above, and also information that we have been receiving from London, around the time of his death.

  9. Thank you Sierra Leone Telegraph for informing us of these observations as to what could have caused Mr Fadika’s death.

    Mr Fadika did a lot for many people and he may have overworked himself, did not go for regular health checks and thereby had a stroke?

    Listening to radio in Sierra Leone gives you an idea of how much he did for people. One caller said Mr Fadika was helping him with regular amounts of money to build his house.

    Another said he was paying school fees for hundreds of children and tuition fees for many collegians. They were awaiting his arrival from London, so that he could pay all the fees for the coming academical year. Sadly he passed away in London. As a result, the caller said many kids will not be going to school this year.

    But one caller summed up all his feelings when he said ‘ee bin for bete if nar de president bin die'(I would have preferred the president to have died instead). The radio station of course immediately cut him off.

    I was shocked to hear this, but it made me realise how much he meant to people in Sierra Leone.

    I never met Mr Fadika, but could he have been overworking himself? it is so important to make time for oneself and listen to your body when it is telling you that it is tired and exhausted.

    He was very rich and should have been taking ‘ME’ time at regular intervals. Time just for himself and his family during which he puts all the hangers-on and dependents out of his mind.

    At least three times a year, he and his wife and children should have disappeared to a remote hotel in Africa where no one knows them and just relax for at least 2 weeks at a time and then come back to Sierra Leone rejuvenated.

    But we Salone man are always on the go with no time to rest. De body sef mus tire. We dont have many green spaces like parks in which to relax and go for regular exercise, except in our compounds. We eat all the wrong foods and too much of it and allow ourselves to spread especially around our middle (stomach) area.

    This article indeed is a wake up call to all of us to lead healthier lifestyles and listen to our bodies.

    May Mr Fadika rest in perfect peace.

  10. Thank you The Sierra Leone Telegraph for the health advice and analysis in relation to our recent loss as a nation.

    To me this is the best article I have ever read in this forum, because it devoid of politics and centred on the possible cause of death of Mr Fadika.

    Bravo to you Mr Thomas.

  11. It’s a pity that we have lost another living soul in Sierra Leone again in a hospital in London.

    This is a message to our president and our political leaders, that they are doing nothing for our country. If anyone falls ill in Sierra Leone, they will have to go to London for medical treatment before they can get well because that is where they can find the medical treatment that they require.

    Those without the money to take them to hospitals in London for medical treatment that they so require desperately, are left to die.

    But is this what happened in the case of Mr. Moseray Fadika? He was a rich man and he was ready to spray the cash in the political membership to become president under the banner of the APC.

    The question I would like everybody to ask is: How or where did Mr. Moseray Fadika get his money? How did he manage to get rich? Has anybody got the answer to this very important question?

    Oh well, I want to explain to you now and I want your full attention. Mr. Moseray Fadika got his first contract in charge of Sierra Leone minerals from the late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah and under the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP) until when the SLPP lost the general election in 2007.

    Immediately that happened, Mr. Moseray Fadika decided to buy favour from the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) and further cross-carpeted to the APC so that they could allow him to lie low with his mineral business, that gave him the opportunity to enrich himself to the point of even becoming the APC Flag Bearer after Ernest Bai Koroma.

    However, Mr. Moseray Fadika was a bit naive as did not understand APC and now he has met his death and left many questions unanswered. But in my mind is the legacy Moseray Fadika has left behind and the memory of him: That he (Moseray Fadika) left the SLPP and cross-carpeted to APC where he rose up to the point of aspiring to becoming the APC Flag bearer candidate and until his sudden and unexpected demise.

    • Mohamed Sannoh, a man lost his life and you are here worried about political party affiliation? I don’t know Mr Fadika or ever met him, but from what I hear he was doing great things for the people of Sierra Leone.

      It’s about time you guys stop this SLPP and APC rubbish, and worry about someone that is going to make Sierra Leone better and progressive. Sierra Leone has so many natural resources and yet, we are one of the poorest countries in the world.

      If we don’t put tribalism aside, Sierra Leone is never going to move forward.

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