Sierra Leone presidential hopeful Alie Kabba is one step forward to achieving justice

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 July 2016

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The Sierra Leone Telegraph was today informed by a reliable source in Freetown, that after more than six months of being robbed of his civil liberty by the Koroma government, presidential aspirant Alie Kabba has been handed his American passport, seized by the authorities in Sierra Leone.

Details of the circumstances surrounding the handover remain undisclosed. However, it is understood that the Sierra Leone government has been under immense pressure to reinstate the civil rights of the opposition leader, after he was subjected to multiple arrests, incarceration and harassment.

Alie Kabba is yet to comment on news of the return of his passport, which is seen by many observers as a significant development in an ongoing saga.

Alie kabba8There are unconfirmed reports that as an result of international diplomatic pressure mounted on the APC government for their high-handedness, many APC government officials were denied American visa.

Expressing her joy and relief at hearing the news, this is what Alice Conteh, a staunch Alie Kabba supporter had to say: “This victory over abuse of power and extreme judicial overreach is one big step in a sustained struggle that will end with the election of Alie Kabba as President of Sierra Leone.”

Alie Kabba, a leading opposition aspirant for the country’s presidency, was arrested and locked up several times following his arrival in the country in December last year to pursue his political ambition.

His initial arrest last December, which many believed to have been politically motivated, was sparked by a police report filed by senior government minister – Diana Konomanyi, accusing Alie of marrying her while he was still married to another woman.

As the case continues to be regularly adjourned in the High Court, supporters of Alie Kabba are accusing the government of political manipulation and using the judiciary to score political goals.

Alie kabba6Meanwhile, appearing in court last Thursday, 14th July, to give evidence in the alleged “bigamy” case that she brought against her former husband, Diana Konomanyi made a staggering revelation.

She admitted to the court that contrary to her emphatically avowed claims in the past, she had indeed once been married to a Steven Jusu in the Camberwell District of Southwark Borough, in South East London.

Alie Kabba is a strong voice on the SLPP opposition side that is seeking to replace an APC government, many regard as corrupt and inept.

Last week’s High Court case was adjourned till the end of the month, when the government minister Konomanyi will be cross examined.


  1. Moustache,
    I am sure that as a self-professed “man of God” you have never received this much attention from a sober-minded congregation like this.

    The sad thing, in this case is that although we could see the comic side of you, yet we don’t intend to be worshipers at your “anointed” feet. And we certainly are not about to drop golden pennies in your burst bowl!

    What we are here to do (it would seem) is to force you to drop your dark cloak down to your knees and expose the face behind the MOUSTACHE! Evidently, there is some success in that direction.

    At least now we know that you are not merely a pretending preacher of Old Testament tenets, but you actually have a deeply vested interest in the Flagbearer race of the SLPP! But why not simply say so, instead of crouching low behind huge slabs of Mia-contextualised Biblical lines while throwing tons of moral quotations in all directions?

    Believe me, by categorically condemning Alie of an allegation that is still being adjudicated, you exposed yourself as a bent judge more than a bad preacher. Self-exposure is not a tasteful antic, especially when done in public. And it certainly behoves not a man of your still-to-be-confirmed profession.

    Please leave the burden of judgement to the APC courts. As flawed as they are, they still carry that responsibility. Your role is to go to church and pray………..for your own soul! And for your spirit. For by the look of things, I wouldn’t be surprised if your next confession would sound like this: “I am a man whose spirit is in a turbulent whirl and I ask for forgiveness from all those at whom I have splashed my dirty pool of calumny”.

    That would be so soul-liberating! And it may even earn you an authentic ticket to heaven! That is, if there may be any space in God’s paradise for heavily-bearded or thickly-moustached Pharisees who parade our world posing as phoney preachers of Pampalidom!

  2. To us with ‘Eagle Eyes’ that are wide open, Mr. Alie Kabba has got absolutely nothing to do politically in Sierra Leone. For he has long ago closed his chapter out of our country since the 1980’s, with his busted pants that are sordid and smell horribly bad.

    Sankofa! Which is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates as “Go back and get it” done to your useless ‘halaky’ pants, Mr. Alie Kabba, and leave us alone in peace.

    He needs to be expelled and deported out of the country by the government of Sierra Leone without any due delay.

    I say this because of the following reason on the United States of America presidential elections, where he belongs:

    “Remember that when Mr. Rafael Edward Cruz aka “Ted Cruz” of the United States Senate decided to participate in the recently past primary presidential elections, he had to “first” rescind or repeal his Canadian citizenship. For it was in August 2013, after the Dallas Morning News pointed out that Cruz had ‘dual Canadian-American citizenship,’ he applied to formally renounce his Canadian citizenship and ceased being a citizen of Canada on May 14, 2014.”

    See “Blake, Aaron (August 19, 2013). Cruz Will Renounce Canadian Citizenship. By the Washington Post. Retrieved August 20, 2013.”

    If this can legally happen in other countries, why not in Sierra Leone too?

    Sure, we are by no means a scaremongering people or in hesitation to implement this Law in our country. It is now up to Major (Rtd.) Alfred Palo Conteh, as the Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Parliament of Sierra Leone to legislate and effectively pass this bill into Law.

    Obviously, it will prevent crooked thieves and hooligans from stealing Sierra Leone out of our own thin hands.

    By the way, the RUF rebel war that devastated Sierra Leone is now over with since 2002. But, some of us still have to rebuild our houses that were burnt down to the ground by the grace of God. We hold no one responsible for that unfortunate political inferno and fault none for it. We leave it all in the hands of the Almighty God, who is the creator of heaven and earth, to execute His own divine judgment against the culprits at His own appointed time. To God be the glory. Amen.

  3. Mustache,

    I see no reason to engage you any further here.

    With crackpots like you in his camp, it is quite easy to see why Kandeh Yumkellah has a very slim chance of becoming SLPP flagbearer. He seems to be a good bureaucrat, but his foray into electoral politics in Sierra Leone has been wrecked by many strategic missteps.

    Still, I will not count him out in the same way that you shouldn’t count Alie Kabba out…until the last vote is counted.

    Finally, I know that Kandeh does not share your views expressed here about Alie Kabba, because I have heard both gentlemen say positive things about each other. That’s the spirit that their well-meaning supporters must strive to emulate.

  4. Fayia Patrick Lamin,

    In spite of your false accusation, I am neither an APC nor SLPP supporter. However, I am with Chief Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella for the political leadership or presidency of Sierra Leone come next general elections in 2018.

    That aside, you are missing the actual point; either knowingly or unknowingly. At the present moment, I can confidently say to you that Mr. Alie Kabba is NOT a Sierra Leonean but American, in view of the fact that he is carrying with him an American Passport.

    Consequently, he has no business to infiltrate into our national polity. For he is a FOREIGNER to everyone of us patriotic Sierra Leoneans.

    Of course, shame on President Ernest Koroma; for the buck stops with him to allow Mr. Alie Kabba illegally contest the elections without any objections. Some of us, our good eyes are wide open to see this dastardly act being shove down our small Sierra Leonean throats.

    Mr. Alie Kabba just need to be told to pack his bundle and return home: AMERICA. Enough is enough of this political mess ravaging Sierra Leone. Amen.

  5. Mustache:
    At long last, you have exposed your APC political agenda: Do everything possible to keep Alie Kabba out of the presidential race.

    It is sad to see you waste so much time on a wild goose chase. Please come with a better argument to advance your hidden political agenda in the guise of “Christian” moral ethos.

    Those of us who are avid readers of the Sierra Leone Telegraph are not gullible consumers of whatever is put out there. And Parliament has more important things to worry about than legislating the exclusion of Alie Kabba from electoral politics in Sierra Leone.

    Alie Kabba is the man to watch in the race to take SLPP to State House. I guess that is why APC operatives of all shades have gone wild these days in attacking him from every imaginable angles.

    Those who know Alie Kabba very well since school days remain confident that he will survive and prevail over all the hurdles of the moment. I admire his calm courage in the face of adversity; I respect his consistency and principled position on issues that matter to us as a nation; and I am proud to be his supporter even though I have not seen him since he was unfairly expelled from the University of Sierra Leone in 1985 as a result of his activism.

    In sum, he is a fine example of patriotic citizens who have been persecuted for their political beliefs and remained steadfast in the face of overwhelming odds.

  6. Fayia Patrick Lamin,

    While it’s true that Mr. Alie Kabba is originally a Sierra Leonean by birth, but now he has Naturalized to become an American citizen with that country’s Passport in his possession. Which means that he is no longer with us, the people of Sierra Leone. Therefore, he does not have the legal right and mandate to intentionally fool us by meddling recklessly into our political affairs. NO WAY!

    He has gone, left us very long time ago and given us his back. What else does he need again from us? Diamond? Gold? etc. If that is the case, then he needs to rescind or nullify his American citizenship and come back home to diligently and faithfully uphold the Law of the Land of Sierra Leone.

    The Parliament of Sierra Leone, which is the legislative branch of government, must make this stand very clear to Mr. Alie Kabba. Amen.

  7. Abdulai Braima,

    I thought that you and I were doing just fine in our online exchanges on Mr. Alie Kabba’s matrimonial problems. But, what happened that made you go wild and launch such political jujitsu at me for no good reason? You think this will help set free your so-called “heavily chained lion” from his legal political mess and jeopardy in Freetown?

    I ask that you come back to your God-given senses, exercise some restraint and pray for Mr. Alie Kabba.

    For Your Information, I am not a politician i.e. neither an APC nor SLPP ‘surrogate,’ but simply a Man of God. You can believe me or not. The choice is all yours.

    Please find below some excerpts from an article by Pamela O. Davies on “Marriage, Divorce, and Inheritance Laws in Sierra Leone and Their Discriminatory Effects on Women.”


    Two statutes, the Christian Marriage Act and the Civil Marriage Act, govern marriage under the general law. These laws, modified by several amendments, provide for monogamous marriage and spell out the formal requirements for a valid legal marriage.

    Under the Christian and Civil Marriage Acts, mutual consent of the parties is required. Neither of the parties may have a prior, existing marriage. A person who had contracted a prior, existing marriage under customary law could not then marry under the Christian Marriage Act, although this practice was permissible before 1965, when customary marriage was not recognized as valid. The Civil Marriage Act is silent on this issue. The problem with these Acts is that there are no provisions for the registration of customary law marriages and, though a man with an existing marriage commits bigamy under any of these statutes and can face seven years imprisonment if he remarries under any of these provisions, he still can contract several valid customary marriages while already married without incurring any criminal or civil liability. Under either of the statutes, he cannot contract a legally valid Islamic marriage while already married, but in practice, it is not uncommon for men to do so.

    The amended Matrimonial Causes Act of 1960 regulates divorce in monogamous marriages. The grounds for divorce are adultery, desertion for a period of up to three years prior to the divorce petition, and cruelty. The desertion requirement of three years may be dispensed with only if the petitioner can show extreme hardship and depravity. The woman may also petition for divorce if, since the time of the marriage, the husband committed rape, sodomy, or cruelty.

    There are three absolute bars to a grant of divorce: (1) connivance, where the petitioner pretended ignorance of the respondent’s actions, such as adultery; (2) collusion, where the parties actually agreed to petition for divorce; and (3) condonation, where the petitioner condoned the respondent’s actions, such as adultery or cruelty. A discretionary bar to granting divorce is undue delay in prosecuting the petition. Furthermore, even if the petitioner establishes a case, the petition must be dismissed if the other party proves any of these bars exist.

    The division of property after the death of a spouse in a monogamous marriage is determined by whether the deceased executed a valid will under the provisions of the Wills Act of 1837, or whether he died intestate. The right to execute a valid will applies to natives, non-natives, and Muslims. Under the Wills Act, a testator can devise his estate to whomever he pleases, as long as he complies with the formal requirements for execution. If there is a defect, however, the will is null and void and the estate is administered as an intestate estate.

    The Administration of Estates Act of 1960 governs intestate estates. Under this Act, when a man dies intestate, his wife is entitled to one-third of his estate and his legitimate children to the remaining two-thirds. Illegitimate children are not automatically entitled to a share of their father’s estate, although they can apply for a share and the court has discretion to grant such an application on moral or equitable grounds. If there are not any children from the marriage, the deceased’s parents or siblings are entitled to the other two-thirds of the estate. Conversely, if a married woman dies intestate, her entire estate goes to her husband…”

    PS: I made a couple of mistakes yesterday July 21, 2016 at 1:48 pm in my response to Francis Kpaka. Please find below the corrections:


    As a citizen of the republic of Sierra Leone with constitutional duties under CHAPTER II, Duties of the citizen:

    13. Every citizen shall –

    i. participate in and defend all democratic processes and practices; and

    j. render assistance to appropriate and lawful agencies in the maintenance of law and order.”

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