Sierra Leone presidential hopeful Samura Kamara struggles to make the mark

Mahmud Tim Kargbo

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8th December 2017:

As his performance record continues to unravel, the ruling APC’s 2018 Presidential candidate – Samura Mathew Kamara, this week released the valve in the pressure cooker when he appeared on his first 98.1 Radio ‘Society for Democracy’ talk show. And make no mistake, his performance was less than expected of a president in waiting.

His attempt at trying to be funny by making jokes about important national issues, especially with respect to his role in most of the institutions set up by President Koroma’s government, his volatile stage managed laughing audience, his enjoyment of gossip, made him appear less presidential.

He seems to derive great expiation from not unearthing documents that exposed the skulduggery of the deceitful toll road project, and the excessive spending power of his government.  He may have been on a moral pursuit, but he also loved the rush of the chase.

He appeared very comfortable speaking about institutions he helped in setting up, but felt very uncomfortable talking about their performance outcomes, or telling the nation whether the said institutions meet the target goals for which they were set up.

Although he was at the helm of driving the country’s economy,  he fails to explain his role in wrecking the economy, which resulted in his government declaring austerity measures, with massive increase in taxes of essential goods – with no social service protection for the people in return.

You can listen to Samura’s rare radio performance here as he tells the people of Sierra Leone to give him five years in power so that he can focus on solving the problems of the youths and private enterprise, despite being in office for the last ten years:

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