Sierra Leone records over a thousand COVID-19 cases as calls to unlock the country grow

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 09 June 2020:

The total cumulative number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Sierra Leone has now reached 1,001, as 32 new cases were reported yesterday.

But the number of people dying from the virus continues to remain very low. There has been no report of any new deaths since the start of this month, with the total number dead still standing at  49.

A total of 341 people are currently in isolation centres where they are being observed, while 611 people have recovered from the virus.

The total number of people in Africa that have so far contracted the virus stands at 199,321, with 5,392  dead and  88,266 recovered from the illness.

In West Africa, the results vary widely, with Nigeria recording 12,801 confirmed cases, 361 deaths,  and 4,040 people recovered.

In Ghana – 9,910 cases have been confirmed, along with 48 deaths and 3,645 recoveries.

In Cameroon, over half of their confirmed cases have recovered –  4,748,  with the total number of confirmed cases standing at 8,060, and 212 dead.

Senegal has 4,427 confirmed cases and 49 deaths, with over 50% – 2,699 recovered from the virus; whilst Guinea  has 4,216 confirmed cases and 23 dead,  with 2,918 having recovered.

In Ivory Coast 3,881 people were confirmed positive, 38 dead and 1,869 have recovered.

Sierra Leone, as reported yesterday – Monday, the total cumulative number of  confirmed cases was 1,001, 49 deaths and 611 recoveries; with Liberia announcing a cumulative total of 370 cases and 30 deaths, with 195 recoveries.

The Gambia has the lowest total number of recorded cases in the group with 28 confirmed cases, only one dead, and 21 recoveries.

Although the number of new cases continue to rise by an average of just over a hundred a week in Sierra Leone, the rate of transmission remains low, sparking calls for the government to now rethink its national response strategy. (Photo: We are sorry for the poor quality image from the government’s COVID team).

With the Sierra Leone economy shrinking much faster than during the Ebola pandemic, at over 60% so far, the government is being urged to suspend nationwide curfew and travel restrictions across districts which many say are crippling the country’s economy.

President Bio is expected to make a nationwide broadcast in the coming days to announce progress in the fight against the pandemic.

He may declare a partial end to the curfew, as well as  bring to an end the closure of the country’s international airport – but with tougher testing and quarantine measures in place for all flight arrival passengers.

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  1. Fascinating stuff. The spread of COVID-19 has made things very clear, when it comes to the fight against the virus. “S*** HOLE” countries seem to be doing and performing better than the United States of America when it comes to the control of the spread of Coronavirus. “AH TELL YOU.” The spread of COVID-19 continues to grow exponentially in Sierra Leone. Why are we, till now, not seeing the exponential decay of the spread of this deadly virus in the country? We should start seeing a decline in the spread and deaths due to the virus significantly before lifting the lockdown measures. By hastily lifting the lockdown exercise, whilst the spread of the virus continue to grow exponentially, will lead to a second wave of the virus, which will eventually lead to another lockdown. That makes no sense in my view.

    Finally, the government must expand its test and trace program to curb the spread of this killer virus. But, the best solution is to pray and ask the Almighty Father to give wisdom to the scientists to find a vaccine and cure for COVID-19. May God guide and bless the Scientists all over the world engaged in finding the remedy to Coronavirus. Amen and Amen. Father God.

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