Sierra Leonean achievers in USA receive NOSLINA 2015 Awards  

Dennis Kabatto: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 01 May 2015

Welcome to the 17th Anniversary of NOSLINA (National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America) weekend.

On Saturday, 2nd May 2015, members of Sierra Leone’s most prestigious Diaspora establishment – NOSLINA, will gather at Metro Points in New Carrollton, Maryland, USA, to accord awards to 15 deserving individuals and organizations for their impeccable contributions to the amelioration of the plight of Sierra Leoneans both at home and in North America.

What started 17 years ago as a means of strengthening the linkage between Sierra Leoneans at home and in the Diaspora, has evolved, and is now providing serious international and national influence, affecting the lives of countless people.

“This year, the NOSLINA awards are that much more significant, because, whilst each year we have honored those who have gone ‘above and beyond’ to support Sierra Leone, the past 12 months have been particularly difficult on that nation.  The deadly Ebola virus has all but ravaged a country whose healthcare infrastructure was already weak – to say the least,” Suna Nallo, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Professional, who was re-appointed Executive Director of NOSLINA at the organization’s elections in October, said in a statement.

Ms Nallo said that the people honored this year, took initiatives to relieve the pain, suffering, and other ill effects of those affected by the Ebola virus. “Some people, such as our healthcare workers and including the late Dr. Sheikh Humaar Khan, paid with their lives.  Others, such as the Paramount Chiefs of the District of Kailahun implemented processes and mandates which led to the eradication of the disease in their District,” she added.

The Grand Chief Patron for the evening is the past President of the  Sierra Leone Grammar School Alumni Association Washington, DC Metro Area – Dr. Radcliffe Thomas.

Dr Fuambai2Internationally acclaimed recording artist Freddy Cole “Shabaka”, Ms Ebun Taylor and inspirational female leader – Dr. Fuambai Ahmadu (Photo) will host the ceremony.

The Reverend Alice Fitzjohn will receive the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award for her services that has produced tremendous positive impact on Sierra Leoneans in America and the motherland.

Emmerson Bokarie – Sierra Leone’s leading popular music artist will provide entertainment. “NOSLINA is very important to my country and I’m always proud to be a part of NOSLINA,” Emmerson said during a radio interview last week on Labbrish, a weekly reggae show on Pacifica Network Station WBAI, 99.5 FM New York.

NOSLINA officials are pleased that each of this year’s recipients has lived up in their special ways to support the NOSLINA 2015 theme: Lifting the Burden Together, a Time for Healing and Resurgence.

“Together we will prepare the way to help the nation of Sierra Leone heal, come back and indeed surpass it prior status quo.”


These are some of the recipients of this year’s award:


The Reverend Alice Fitzjohn, for a lifetime of service that has produced tremendous positive impact on Sierra Leoneans both here and in Sierra Leone.


“The Organization’s Highest Award” The Council of Paramount Chiefs – Kailahun District, for having made a profound impact on innumerable numbers of lives in the Republic of Sierra Leone through efforts at fighting the Ebola disease in Kailahun District, enabling them to be the first area in the country of Sierra Leone to not only start showing a decline, but to eradicate the disease.


Ms. Fatmata Koroma, Chief Executive Director/Founder of Therapeutic Interventions Inc., for providing Sierra Leoneans and the surrounding and international communities with programs on education, health and wellness.


Mrs. Nora Wellington, CEO/Founder of N. Wellington Associates LLC, for providing coaching and counseling services for elderly citizens and their primary care givers on best-practices associated with long term care.


Mr. Lamin Bah, Founder/President/CEO of Global Clothing Industries, LLC. for providing fulfilling employment for refugees from Sierra Leone, other African nations, and Asia.


Mr. Bankole Jones, CEO/Founder of African Calabash Magazine, for providing a magazine with the main focus of showcasing the culture, lifestyle, education and business relevant to Africans in the Diaspora and at home in Africa.


Annie Walsh Old Girls Association (AWOGA), for working as a team on goals and objectives, including; providing financial and moral support to its alma mater in its mission to educate and develop young girls in Sierra Leone in pursuit of excellence in all areas.


African Foundation for Development in Sierra Leone (AFFORD-SL) for facilitating the creation, protection and maintenance of jobs through practical support of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME).


Prince of Wales Alumni Association (California Branch), for actively engaging the raising of funds to implement programs geared towards improving education at the Prince of Wales School and ultimately in Sierra Leone.


Reverend Gloria Cline-Smythe, for volunteering; offering dedicated service – especially in times of crisis; and working and interacting among all sectors regardless of religious or social backgrounds.


Mrs. Imodale Caulker-Burnett, for starting the Lesana Community Development and Rehabilitation Services (LCDRS) in order to provide support and funding to improve the quality of life for the people of Mambo, Kagboro Chiefdom.


Mrs. Nadia Bangura, for efficiently and effectively providing, for over 20 years, unwaveringly support to the Sierra Leone Community and Diaspora in her capacity of Confidential Assistant to the Ambassador.


Dr. Sheikh Humaar Khan, for his contributions, through his field of medicine, to Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans whose lives he touched, saved, and ultimately died for.


Mrs. Florence Magainda Margai, for having made a profound impact on the people of Sierra Leone, particularly in promoting malaria research and educational support by being instrumental in the founding of a school that services two chiefdoms – Mano SaKrim and Yakemo Kpukumu Krim.

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  1. Some of the honorees are unworthy of any recognition and this accounts for the organization not being different in orientation than any of the ethnic or cultural entities in the community – not considering professor Alusine Jalloh of the University of Texas, makes NOSLINA a huge joke.

    At the very least the PDDA headed by Dr.Joe Nuni should have been considered for recognition.

    I am not the least surprised at the narrow mindedness of the selection committee, especially with my friend Kwame Fitzjohn as one of the members of the committee.

    Why are Gloria Cline Smythe and Alice Fitzjohn recipients?

    If you want to make this truly national next time around, please ask members of the community to suggest candidates. This will help make the exercise indeed worthy of what it is claimed to be.

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