Sierra Leone’s ACFA former president will spend tonight in police cell

Mahmud Tim Kargbo: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19th January 2020:

Reliable sources from the Ross Road Police station in Freetown, has confirmed to me that the former President of the Association of Clearing and Forwarding SL (ACFA) – Mr. Abdul Akim Bangura (Photo above – seen in the middle – wearing blue), will spend tonight in police custody.

Members of the ACFA said that Mr. Bangura was bungled out of his home, in what looked like a ‘kidnap’ this morning by police officers, without any legal document justifying his arrest.

All attempts by members of the ACFA to secure his release with a surety was denied by the police, on the grounds that the matter is still under investigation.

But why his kidnap?

Members of the ACFA said the illegal detention of their former President is not unconnected to an election they held few days ago, that led to the peaceful handing over of the organisation’s presidency to his successor Mr. Ibrahim Bashiru Kamara.

They added that, prior to the election they had received serious warnings from the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Mr Lahai Lawrence Leema, not to go ahead with the election. The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs however, said he has nothing to do with what’s going on in the organisation.

Police sources said that the former President acted in defiance of initial  orders instructing him not to conduct the elections, but refused to say whether such instructions came from the court.

Many in Sierra Leone and outside are now questioning whether the police have such powers to ask an organisation not to conduct their elections without a court injunction, especially when the said election was peacefully conducted and was rightfully observed based on the constitution of the organisation.

The decision to detain the former President of ACFA, many are now saying was politically motivated, with the losers of the election set to use all political influence at their disposal to secure the Presidency of ACFA.

But what still remains unclear, is the question as to who ordered the illegal detention of the ACFA former President, who will be spending tonight behind bars in a police cell.


  1. As long as this government is in power,you can just forget about equity,fairness,and the rule of law.They are trampling on,and violating the rights of citizens,because they know that we have a Chief Justice that is said to be allegedly corrupt to the bone and marrow on their side,watching their backs.This illegal arrest,and detention of the ACFA President reminds me of the days of authoritarian rule in Nazi Germany,under Adolf Hitler,his merciless henchmen,and ruthless gang of unforgiving Gestapos.

    This inept government doesn’t know how to govern,neither are they interested in learning anything at all – intimidating,and bulling the opposition suits them just fine. They are building a fragile democracy that is grounded on a shaky,unstable foundation of lies,deceits,and deceptions. And a nation of liars,419ers,and deceivers can never ever become successful or prosperous – just take look at a nation like Nigeria,and you would see that my words at true – Government in Power..Release Mr Akim Bangura NOW…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  2. Another episode of illegal arrest without legal justification rearing it ugly behind. We know this habit of citizens being arrested without any due process or legality has been in existence from time immemorial in our nation, however, it appears the frequency at which this jungle justice is being perpetrated is alarming. People with political influence seem to be out of control these days, having the slightest disagreement with these crooks which leads to the police being used as a tool to illegally detain innocent citizens with no charge at all.

    Many of these politically connected individuals go around boasting and threatening (na wi get dis govt. if u mistake with me, r dae make den lock u up); it’s as if the other citizens are not protected by the Sierra Leone constitution. The most pathetic aspect about this entire thing is the law enforcement officers who by design are supposed to uphold the constitution, are the very ones being used as a tool to terrorize poor citizens. We have a country today in which, if you are not politically connected or rich, your basic fundamental human rights are not guaranteed; sad indeed.

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