Sierra Leone’s chief minister David Sengeh unmasks himself  

Sylvanus Fornah Koroma (What A Man): Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 May 2024:

Sierra Leoneans are perturbed by the recent several infamous statements from the mouth of the Chief Minister, David Sengeh. Speculations suggest that ever since David Sengeh cut off his rastafarian dreadlocks, he seems to have lost his sense of judgement and reasoning.


Many of his political party followers are now resentful of his attitude towards governance in Sierra Leone. However, David Sengeh’s  boss, who also doubles as his political party leader, is yet to realize that David is not liked by most of their party membership.

Many Sierra Leoneans view David’s appointment as the Chairman of the Constitutional Review Committee of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), endorsed by the Leader, Mr. Julius Maada Bio, as an affront and disrespect to all the legal luminaries within the SLPP.

People ask: ‘Are the lawyers in the SLPP no longer competent to serve in their domain within the party?

Before going further, I urge all investigative journalists and other interested parties to uncover and identify the leaders of churches and mosques that visited State House for prayers on Saturday the 27th day of April 2024, marking the 63rd Independence Day anniversary, who are now being accused by David Sengeh of electricity theft, resulting in unpaid dues to the Electricity Distribution Supply Authority (EDSA).

According to David, this has led to the government’s inability to settle its debt with electricity suppliers Karpowership and others.

David Moinina Sengeh, trained at Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, seems to have developed a sense of superiority that led him to impugn our religious institutions.

Speaking at a press conference he said in Krio: “E lek Jesus Christ kam, the country go dae usai e dae. And it’s really hard to say…,” which translate to ‘Truth be told, even with Jesus Christ, the country Sierra Leone would not progress.’ This statement implies an acceptance of governmental failure, aligning him with many staunch SLPP supporters who have acknowledged their party’s failures.

David Sengeh arrogantly believes that if he and the government cannot succeed, neither can anyone else, including Jesus Christ. Such arrogance could be considered blasphemous in certain contexts, yet the clergy and members of churches and mosques have remained silent.

One must wonder about the reasons behind this silence, especially given that David Sengeh made this statement shortly after inviting religious institutions for prayers at State House. His statement shows lack of respect for religious institutions in Sierra Leone.

Is it possible that the clergies representing these institutions at State House are among those involved in the electricity theft David is hesitant to name?

An arrogant person exhibits an inflated sense of importance, often belittling others and believing they are always right.  Dr. David Moinina Sengeh fits this description.

In a recent press conference, he claimed to be data-driven and evidence-based, yet his actions seem deceptive. If he is truly evidence-based, he would provide evidence of the alleged electricity theft instead of leaving people to speculate. Moreover, he would support calls for the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) to fulfil its duties by publishing and gazetting the June 2023 multi-tier elections results, rather than obstructing these efforts alongside others like Dr. Emmanuel Gaima and the Minister of Information Chernor Bah.

An arrogant person is someone known to be exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often in an overbearing manner. Also, an arrogant person is one showing an offensive attitude of superiority. An arrogant person is someone who has an inflated sense of their importance, abilities, or accomplishments and often looks down on others or believes they are always right.

David Moinina Sengeh is one of the most arrogant and condescending government ministers in Sierra Leone today, whose role as minister is now untennable.


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  1. The SENGEH PIEH who REVOLTED against slavery from the AMISTAD SHIP is now re-emerging from our Chief Minister by resisting the existence of the Karpowership, which was brought by the lifetime leader of the APC, who most people believe is now a refugee in Nigeria. In 2007, then APC party presidential candidate, Earnest Koroma, campaigned on replacing sustainable energy power in place of the “Kabba Tiger” generator in Freetown within his 100 days as president. His first minister of energy and power, Afsatu Kabba , was not fired but reassigned to the fisheries ministry after allegations of impropriety. Even the Bumbuna Hydroelectric was rushed to commission which caused structural damage and has not been able to supply electricity to even Freetown and now we have to buy power from Ivory Coast to provide electricity to the rest of the country.
    Fast forward, after 11 years of misrule, the APC party rented a floating generator which is unsustainable, and some of their supporters have embarked on the destruction of cables and transformers, which are now used as political campaign against the current government for the past 6 years. Within one week in power, the New Direction government experienced a total blackout which left them with the only option of utilizing the karpowership.
    Let’s hope and pray that the TRUE STATEMENT about Electricity theft, by the Chief Minister , which I believe was made indiscriminately, will change the MINDSET of Freetonians as he recently negotiated the MCC and signed contracts for sustainable energy in the United States , which will replace the Karpowership.

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