Sierra Leone’s democracy must be saved – but the buck must start and stop with the people

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 July 2024:

After listening to all the dramatis personae in Sierra Leone’s political imbroglio, including the flip- flopping U.S Ambassador, I am beginning to believe that instead of sitting down and blaming political figures and the international community, if electoral justice as we wanted it turns out to be a mirage after this Tripartite Committee, the people must act to redeem and reclaim their democracy.

As we saw during Arab Spring, the buck starts and stops with the people.

Political scientists may have been right to say that people get the governments they deserve. America can only do as much. The international community can only do as much. The key factor in any redemption struggle is the people.

If Maada Bio remains in power until 2028, it is on the people. That is my perspective. I might be wrong but that is the way I see it and that is what history has taught me. Power belongs to the people. It all boils down to the resolve of the people.

The people of Sierra Leone can have their democracy back if they really want it . It is beginning to look like the fulfilment of the old saying: IF YOU WANT SOMETHING BEST DONE, DO IT YOURSELF.

Snatching back our democracy must start with the APC first making it very clear that the statement by the U.S. Ambassador is unacceptable. His statement that emphasis must be on the 80 recommendations and not the points of divergence between the SLPP and APC is unconscionable and unacceptable.

Does it mean that President Bio must be allowed to get away with bold – faced elections robbery? Should we allow a dangerous precedent to be set in our country? Sierra Leoneans who love their country must not accept it in the interest of the nation.

The APC must unequivocally register our protest that we have been shorthanded and shortchanged and where necessary, we can start by withdrawing our MPs, councillors, and mayors from the Maada Bio charade he calls governance.

When that has been done, the people must back the APC by resorting to civil disobedience to reclaim their democracy. Nobody needs to go on the streets to fight and get killed by the Bio Tonton Macoute.

A sustained sit – home strike will have their voices heard. They should not cause any street chaos or disturbances. Just staying at home is sufficient. Since Bio wants to retain power by all means, let us give it to him to go it all alone and see how long it lasts.

The Ambassador is feeding on our acquiescence. He is saying that all is well and the SLPP and the APC have pledged to work together and so he is going to inform his nation that all is well in Sierra Leone. Is he right? Is everything well in Sierra Leone? We all know it is not so.

I am sick and tired of fanciful tales and highfaluting and unrealistic expectations being peddled by comrades as nothing they had conjectured had ever come true.

Where is the ECOMOG force they promised was coming to defend our democracy? Where is the multinational force they said was being put together by the U.S to come and tell Maada Bio to step down?

Where is the declaration from the international community that was promised to come on June 29 that Dr. Samura Kamara is the winner of the 2023 elections and inaugurated as President?

All have turned out to be a bunch of baloney and all the peddlers of these cock- and – bull stories have gone and done is make themselves modern day Bagdad Bobs, to the derision of the SLPP.

Let us stop fooling our people. We are taking advantage of their gullibility. This is wrong.
This is dangerous. Listening keenly to the U.S Ambassador yesterday, I do not see the possibility of any of the scenarios being painted by our Bagdad Bobs happening in Sierra Leone, under the present circumstances.

What I am saying will not go down well with our comrades, but it is better the truth than continue to build mountains of lies and false expectations.

Let the Sierra Leone people take matters in their hands and demand their stolen democracy. Again, they do not need to go into the streets to fight and get slain by Maada Bio. Let them just stay home and protest peacefully and seamlessly.

To me, that is the only way forward. I am no longer going to throw stones at the U.S. Ambassador. His statements yesterday were facilitated by the meek surrender he has seen on the ground in Sierra Leone. He must have been testing the waters, for all we knew. Let the Sierra Leonean people speak with one voice and let us see if this ambassador will not change his tune.



  1. If according to Kabs Kanu, “Sierra Leone’s democracy must be saved”, WHY then does he have a problem with following the dictates of “the flip-flopping U.S. Ambassador” who is simply doing his job as the Ambassador of ROTTEN WESTERN DEMOCRACY?

    Secondly, Is Kabs Kanu going to SHARE HIS AMERICAN JOLOF RICE with the people if they stay home?

  2. Kabs Kanu, recent developments in Sierra Leone serve to expose the blatant lies that you have been peddling over the last year. You cannot distance yourself from your utterances that we were heading for a rerun of the presidential elections and that Samura Kamara was going to be the president of Sierra Leone. Another lie that you had peddled was that president Bio was going to be arrested and tried by the International Criminal Court in the Hague? So, why do you find it convenient now to change your tune?

    Look, the APC leaders have chosen country over the rotten and dangerous partisan politics that tribalists and regionalists like you and Adebayor have been espousing. Like it or not, president Bio will remain Sierra Leone’s head of state until 2028. And until the APC distances itself from you and Adebayor, it will continue to remain in opposition for the unforeseeable future.

    • Dear Mr. Bilal Coleman,

      When you speak, try to be honest with the issues. You are miles off the truth over what Kabs Kanu said. I will quote exactly what the latter wrote . He said : “After listening to all the dramatis personae in Sierra Leone’s political imbroglio, including the flip- flopping U.S Ambassador, I am beginning to believe that instead of sitting down and blaming political figures and the international community, if electoral justice as we wanted it turns out to be a mirage after this Tripartite Committee, the people must act to redeem and reclaim their democracy.” Unless somebody is dumb, the statement has no lie in it.

      Bilal, I do not know if you are an honest man or your love for SLPP and Maada Bio supersede your intelligence and honesty. But to us who are not dishonest, electoral justice and democracy are in jeopardy in Sierra Leone and Kabs Kanu hit the right chord to say that the people must rise up and reclaim their democracy. Who does not know that an illegal President is sitting at State House?

      President Bio is a criminal who stole the June 24, 2023 elections. There is no need to talk even about a rerun, fella.

      Let us learn to be honest and put nation above party interest.

      Mohamed Mansaray

      • Mohamed Mansaray,

        Let me give you a friendly advice. The next time you attempt to disagree with an opponent’s argument, please ensure that you read and comprehend that argument. I will repost the exact argument that I am referencing:

        “Kabs Kanu, recent developments in Sierra Leone serve to expose the blatant lies that you have been peddling over the last year.”

        The above clearly demonstrates that my arguments against Kabs Kanu were not based solely on the article under which my response fell. I have read several articles written by Kabs Kanu over the last year. I have even read the rag tag that he publishes with the name Cocorioko on several occasions. So, it was an entire body of work that I was criticizing and not a solitary article as you were misguidedly led to believe.

        The rest of your opinions do not deserve a response from me.

        • Where are the lies you are referencing ? Mr.Bill Coleman, you are the liar, it seems to me.Everybody was lying, the same thing about Bio that Kabs Kanu was saying. How did the Tripartite Committee come about? Why the the international elections observers reports said Bio rigged our elections? Why the U.S Congress refuse to give Your President the MCC money ? Your president you are defending is an elections thief. Again, I appeal to you to Be an honest man and a patriotic man. As for me, I read and understood your response. I noticed you are just an unpatriotic man like Bio trying to defend a thief.

        • If Bill Coleman is an educated man, he is much more of a fool. If he can describe as lies reports of everything that happened since June 24, 2023, he is perhaps even worse than a fool.,

    • President Bio does not need to stay in power as Kabs Kanu rightly said. The people must rise up against him.

      President Bio has unconstitutionally removed the jury system from the criminal dispensation.Accused persons cannot be left at the mercy of the numerous mental flaws of one man.President Bio has also illegally fired the auditor general.With Bio continuing to commit all these crimes, how can any.sane man project that he will stay in power until 2028?

      You need to start thinking right, Bill Coleman.

  3. hahahahahaha. We reap what we sow. The previous government of the APC failed to empower the people, rather, EBK was looking for a third term. When that failed , he had the bright idea of putting a stooge in place. During the past five years, instead of gearing to fight the SLPP, he was more concerned with frustrating the agendas of the younger generation within the APC. Now, his gang of yes men and bootlickers are currying favour to Ngor Maada. People can only stand up, when they have been empowered, not when you are flogging 10 diamints a day.

  4. Pragmatically realistic excepting implying that we have politicians in Sierra Leone; we do not, they mostly self-phased out since the days of Albert Margai. What we have been continuing with are mostly politricksters looting our Treasuries by deft variegated assets stripping, bloated and criminal invoicings, etc.!

  5. As far as I’m concerned, the democray of Sierra leone belongs to the western world. We don’t have any choice to decide on our own. The western world and our politicians are fooling us, but they have the game in their hands.and the people are suffering and they call it democray.

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