Sierra Leone’s elections review tripartite process is dead on arrival

Alpha Amadu Jalloh (The FOX): Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 March 2024:

The elections tripartite negotiations currently underway in Sierra Leone, between the government of Sierra Leone and the opposition APC party, seem to be facing insurmountable challenges from the outset.

The discussions are proving to be a mere facade, particularly for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), as calls for a re-run of the 2023 elections have been met with strong dismissal.

Historical precedents suggest that electoral integrity is often compromised in Sierra Leone.

Elections in Sierra Leone have long been plagued by accusations of rigging, with little accountability or consequence for those responsible. The opposition’s outcry over electoral malpractice often dissipates without any tangible resolution.

The recent confrontation within the All People’s Congress (APC) further underscores the lack of unity and resolve within the opposition camp. Despite calls to seek legal recourse, internal divisions and conflicting interests have hindered any meaningful action.

The actions of figures like Hon. Mohamed Bangura, who openly defied party directives, highlight the disarray within the APC. The failure to enforce disciplinary measures against such members weakens the party’s position and undermines its credibility in negotiations with the SLPP.

It is evident that the APC’s participation in the Tripartite discussions lacks cohesion and strategic direction.

The primary objective of the APC in engaging in the Tripartite dialogue – to push for a re-run of the contentious June 2023 elections – faces staunch opposition from the SLPP. The negotiation table has become a battleground for political posturing rather than genuine dialogue aimed at addressing electoral grievances.

Moreover, the Tripartite negotiations has become a platform for internal power struggles within the APC.

The quest to replace figures like Dr. Samura Kamara reflects a broader desire for leadership change within the party.

However, this internal strife detracts from the larger goal of confronting the SLPP and advocating for genuine electoral reform.

The looming spectre of the 2028 elections exacerbates the urgency for decisive action within the APC.

While the party is embroiled in internal discord and tactical manoeuvring, the SLPP continues to consolidate its power base.

President Julius Maada Bio’s recent extension of Commissioner Sylvester Alpha’s tenure raises concerns about the integrity of future electoral processes.

The APC’s reluctance to embrace change and address internal rifts bodes ill for its electoral prospects in 2028. While the party remains preoccupied with the Tripartite negotiations, the SLPP strategically positions itself to secure victory through any means necessary.

The Tripartite negotiations in Sierra Leone face significant obstacles, primarily stemming from the lack of unity and strategic clarity within the opposition APC.

In the absence of  concerted efforts to address internal divisions and advocate for electoral reform, the SLPP stands poised to maintain its grip on power, further entrenching the cycle of political disenchantment and disillusionment among the populace.



  1. The international communities that are doing mining in Sierra Leone are playing games and destroying the democracy in Sierra Leone for their personal gains, but the outcome will speak volumes for the will of the people. USA can make or break democracy in Sierra Leone.
    USA is the model for democracy and presidential government, Sierra Leone is a test case to demonstrate USA’s seriousness about democracy.

  2. Pure hypocrisy. The gullible writer is still underestimating the resolve of the Sierra Leonean people. What’s SLPP consolidating, pure nonsense assertions. Bio will be uprooted by the will of the poor suffering masses pretty soon.

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