Sierra Leone’s inspector general of police Richard Moigbe handed retirement notice

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 December 2019:

President Bio will soon be appointing a new Inspector General (IG) of police, after the current IG – Dr. Richard Moigbe was sent a letter this week – which was leaked to the media, reminding him of his statutory requirement to quit office and go into retirement in March next year.

With just three months remaining until IG Moigbe leaves office, the race is on to appoint a new IG, a decision that will no doubt be politically controversial.

Moigbe was appointed by former president Koroma, and there are many in the ruling SLPP party who believe it is time president Bio appoints someone who may be more sympathetic to the ruling party’s cause.

Retirement age in Sierra Leone’s public service is ‘officially’ set at 60 years. But successive governments have been criticised for failing to enforce such legal requirement.

Critics say that governments have played politics with the country’s public sector retirement age to keep their loyal supporters in jobs.

Since his appointment by former president Ernest Bai Koroma in November 2017, after a snap reshuffle of the country’s top military, police and security chiefs, IG Moigbe’s track record as the most senior police officer in the country has been under the microscope.

He has been accused by his critics of failing to develop and manage the Sierra Leone Police as a force for good. They say he is a “Yes man” who takes direct orders from the president, rather than use his professional wisdom to enforce law and order in the country without any political bias or favours.

But the same accusation was levied at Richard Moigbe by supporters of the current government, during former president Koroma’s tenure. It seems no matter who is appointed to the office of IG, there will be accusations of political bias.

What is not in dispute though, is the fact that not a single investigation report into political violence during the previous and current government have been published, nor lessons learnt from those violent – sometimes fatal confrontations.

With just three months to go before he leaves office, IG Richard Moigbe is unlikely to go public to defend his record.

Sierra Leoneans are yearning for change of direction in the way the police force enforces law and order across the country. There have been far too many deaths caused by police gunshots fired at unarmed civilians with impunity.

It is not certain who will take over from Richard Moigbe, but what is for sure is that it is time for Sierra Leone to get its first female Inspector General of Police.

Will president Bio think outside the box this time, and walk across the gender barrier?

This is the letter sent to IG Moigbe by the Head of Human Resources of the Police that was leaked yesterday:



  1. Great Sayedna – is this the original comment you wrote? Yes? Hahaha! No? Well mon frere, it looks like the Surgeon General of Sierra Leone has brutally dissected and shredded it limb by limb, into tiny unrecognisable fragments and pieces.(lol) But no sweat, its alright with me – its fine!

    A woman gives bith to a handsome boy,and hours later a hairy little monkey is presented to her to take home.” Here’s your son Ma’am they said giggling quietly “(lol) “What the Hell happened she screams”, and breaks down in tears, shocked, and totally flabbergasted. “Doctor what happened, this isn’t the beautiful child I gave birth to?” she loudly complains; And next thing she saw was the doctors and nurses running away for their lives like impalas being chased by lions.(lol)

    Friends, that’s exactly how I felt after seeing what the Honorable Mr Thomas did to my comment above – He mercilessly BUTCHERED it and threw the best and juiciest parts away! (lol) Its alright though, its fine…..Rising Sun Will Rise Again – For Sure!

    • Thank you Mr Conteh for your understanding. Lets us try and keep our comments free of libellous accusations. As editor, I am accountable for what’s published in the Telegraph. Thank you and God bless.

  2. Quoting with malicious intentions,some words,the Great Old Stevens said in jest,laughter,and playfulness scores,and scores of years ago.(lmao) Well,in case you have already so quickly forgotten,the silliest,and most ridiculous statements you will ever hear in Sierra Leone today,are uttered by Caterpillars dressed in green. That,has now become our new normal.

    Since the SLPP took over the reins of power,they have been reducing themselves into National clowns,and buffoons,through their compulsive daily pronouncements of senseless Cliches,and slogans designed to promote nepotism,and tribalism.

    Others have been heard in Public chanting loudly “Bo School Rules the Fools” yet strangely, their leaders still resemble class two crayon scribblers,and thinkers(lol) And there are those idling around State House daily,waiting for SLPP party leaders,and elites to arrive – loafers,looking for handouts,fit only to be sent on profitless errands. And their favorite lines are,”Una Don Eat,Bellehful Now Nar Mendeman Turn For Eat Bellehful”(lmao)

    Not surprised at all,for you can truly see that their President is nothing but a Huge Feeder,he is leading them strictly by example.(lol)And then there are the arrogant,necktie wearing,book crammers,Bio has given jobs he snatched away from supporters of the opposition APC.They are a lazy,unproductive,delusional bunch of men,and women.(lol)

    Old Stevens was a genius,rare,incomparable. He said words just for fun that the SLPP didn’t want to hear,and it has stayed with them like their shadows forever….. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. Mr Manga – You really wanna know, don’t you? Well here’s why I am laughing out loud. Firstly, IG Moigbe’s retirement age was just a convenient excuse to get rid of the man.True.To put simply,they threw the book at him!(lol)Who wouldn’t think it is hilarious to see an overzealous IG,that bullied,and trampled on the rights of Innocent citizens,times without number,because he was anxious to please,getting thrown out the door,disrespectfully by those he is still protecting,and diligently serving?

    It made me roar with laughter to see that a man like Mr Moigbe could be so naive and gullible that he allowed himself to be brainwashed with lies,empty promises,and deceits.It made me laugh to see how he was used,and abused by the Criminal SLPP,and then left out to dry in the blazing heat,all by himself.(lol)Hey,wait a minute now – lets be sincere.Is this the kind of crappy,undignified,poorly constructed,hastily written,discourteous letter that is befitting of the Inspector General of our Nation?Have guys lost your minds?What’s wrong with you people?

    What happened to your sense of gratitude, loyalty, consideration,thoughtfulness,and decency?Everyone knows how IG Moigbe flipped the script on the opposition,and boldly decided to harass,bully,intimidate,and brutalize APC supporters in his quest to be recognized,and held in high esteem by the notorious SLPP elites,but sadly,that was not to be.You still wanna know what makes me laugh out loud,don’t you? A puppet dressed in Police uniform dangling tirelessly on a string,being pulled,back and forth,for many years that is later discarded for being tattered,torn,and miserably Old – Now that tickles me,and makes me roll on the floor,over,and over again,in uncontrollable laughter…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • The police Act stipulates that only the police council can terminate, suspend or discipline an SPO. It is therefore surprising to see self-professed, know all, misconstruing a letter of notice to proceed on leave to an end of service letter. But I can understand. Our ability to comprehend have been trampled on for a long time by those who said then that “den say Bailor Barrie, you say Davidson Nicol”. Ironically the president who uttered such rubbish is the role model of Hemour Saidu.

      In 2007, as soon as Christiana Thorpe did her satanic action by declaring Ernest Koroma the controversial winner, APC supporters mostly Limbas from Brookfield attacked, burned, beat and killed people they met at the SLPP party headquarters. In a BBC radio interview that afternoon, IGP Brima Kamara famously said that the SLPP had imported thugs into Freetown and that the mayhem at the SLPP building was caused by the imported thugs who were on “operations pay yourself”.

      The BBC interviewer embarrassed him when he asked how could they removed people from the constituencies they were registered to vote, just to bring them into the city where they cannot vite. Sheepishly Acha replied that that was what he was told. I am sure at that time Hemour Saidu was all the way lol lol lol lol lol lol eh?

      Acha was sacked one year later by president Koroma, even though he was 58 years old.

  4. Mr. Matturi, I don’t get your criticism of my contribution. I am not advocating for any one’s tenure of office to be extended or for any one to be promoted for that matter. What I am saying is that the appointment to the position of IGP has been bastardised for God knows how long. The most recent in our living memory is the appointment of IGP Francis Munu. Tejan Kabba appointed an ethnic Limba from Mabokeneh, Binkolo the home of Bambay Kamara and JS Momoh. It was unthinkable. The deputy IGP was OBM Somasa from Pujehun.

    In 2007 when President Koroma came to power, he sent Somasa to Sierra Leone UN office in New York. After serving in New York for a year he was not allowed to return to his post but rather sent to Darfur Sudan. Acha Kamara went against tribal patronage by refusing to recruit Leather Boot and Akim Sesay as senior police officer. President Koroma sacked him and promoted IGP Munu who was not even the 3rd in the police hirachy as IGP.

    Moigbeh was appointed his deputy. So just like that without commiting any crime either criminal or discipline, Somasa was the substantive second in command and who happened to be younger in age to Munu and Kadi Fakondoh who was third in the police hierarchy, were sent on leave to retirement despite both being less than 54 years at that time. Their crime was that they were Mendes. Munu turned 60 in 2015. Koroma kept him until the DFID advisers to the police raised eyebrows in 2017 which paved the way for Moigbeh.

    The crux of my thread is that president Bio if he so wish can keep Moigbeh in his Job even when he turns 60. However, I don’t see that coming as Moigbeh’s deputy FUK Daboh is a classmate of Bio. Why would Bio want to distort the trend in the police succession process, thereby hindering the progress of someone he knows.

    Koroma doctored the succession process because after Acha, naturally the two people to succeed him were Mende people Koroma did not trust. He did the unthinkable. It was all praise by your ilk. Correct?

    • Thanks a lot Mr. Fanday Turner for explaining what you meant. I appreciate your explanation very much. However, this is a platform where some FORUMITES sometimes need clarity on certain statements made by colleagues. Thank you also for DISECTING and DIGESTING the way IGs have been appointed and sacked since the late President Tejan Kabba’s era. You’ve taught me something I never knew.

      Can you imagine how CORRUPT and POLITICAL all those NOMINATIONS and SACKINGS were? I would say it again – The IG, CHIEF JUSTICE, NEC BOSS should not be selected by any President. They should be independent and free from the EXECUTIVE and POLITICS. You will surely agree with me I reckon.

      No malice Mr. Fanday Turner. We are all on this GLORIOUS PLATFORM to make our candid contributions for our country to be a better place. THUMBS UP for Mr. Fanday Turner and may GOD BLESS YOU.

  5. What a cold-hearted unfeeling,unthankful letter they disrespectfully threw at him.(lol) It looks hastily,and poorly written,overly contemptuous,and shockingly brief. Darn it! So the IG is finally being pushed out the door for turning grey at sixty huh?(lol)

    Serves him right for thinking that by bullying innocent APC supporters these mean-spirited,cruel, Caterpillars,would reward him generously,and forever hold him in high esteem. Perhaps,he should have paid careful attention to all those comments I wrote on this Forum, clearly advising him to quit being overzealous, but to show restraint and tread softly. Serves him right – now all those men,and women,at the APC Headquarters he fired upon, arrested and locked up in deplorable conditions will have the last laugh.(lol) And why shouldn’t they?

    Your loyalty Sir was not to the nation, but to a lawless, criminal Cabal that pulled and pushed you here and there, like a puppet dangling on a string. Sixty years,turning grey and IG Moigbe is being kicked out of the door for not reaching the highest levels and standards of brutality the SLPP expected of him.(lmao) Serves him right, for standing by idle, watching while SLPP thugs went on a rampage attacking opposition supporters and destroying APC property.

    Goodness gracious! Mr Moigbe, for crying out loud, you served under the APC very admirably, so why didn’t you just walk away honorably with your dignity and integrity in tact? Why didn’t you Sir? For what sensible and credible reasons Sir, did you become so fixated with the atmosphere of darkness, doom and gloom, that has been created by the inglorious SLPP in our beloved country?

    Why did you allow them to convince you to throw discipline, ethics and morality out of the window, and replace it with mindless brutality and barbarism? Well, don’t answer just yet – Good luck to you Sir! Enjoy your retirement somewhere nice and cosy, then think and reflect upon them….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Saidu Conteh, Moigbeh joined the police in 1987 as a cadet. He was still ASP when the APC was overthrown. It means for 5 years he did not benefit from any promotion. Despite being a graduate, he was overlooked while semi illiterates like Kromabai Kargo, Conteh Kamara and Momoh Kargbo enjoyed accelerated promotion.

      In 1996 when Tejan Kabba came to Power Moigbeh was a Deputy Superintendent Of Police. That same year he was promoted to superintendent of police. The interregnum came and in 2002 Moigbeh was promoted to Chief Superintendent Of Police. The old ranking system was phased out. He was promoted to AIGP.

      While I hate the leaks in internal memorandum, but nothing is out of the wash. The correct system works like that. That is you are served notification about the next station in your life. He is not getting the sack, no he is retiring after attaining the retirement age. So why the lol, lol lol?

    • Mr Moigbe everything happens for a reason. Just leave. God loves you. You can leave Sierra Leone to go and further your career overseas. That might be an appointment from God.

  6. That was just a notice from the human resource section. The president can extend the retirement age of the IGP if he so wishes as it was in the case of IGP Munu, who served until his 62nd birthday in 2017. I don’t see this happening for Moigbeh because his deputy – FUK Daboh was Bio’s classmate at Bo School.

    I would be surprised to see a female IGP. Of the three current female AIGPs, only Memuna Jalloh (Nee Conteh) has age on her side. However, because she overplayed her card for that position during the Koroma Government, it is crystal clear that she hates president Bio with passion. Betty Turay and Olga Tarawalie are both close to 60 years.

    Thomas Lahai the author of this HR retirement letter, like Memuna is over-ambitious. While FUK Daboh, Kapril Kamara, Kalia Sesay, Augustine Kalie were recruited during JS Momoh’s govt, Memuna and Lahai were recruited during the NPRC govt. Daboh is the most qualified among the AIGPs in the absence of Kailie and Karrow Kamara. Kalia and Kapril were recruited to manage Bambay Kamara’s farm at Newton’. They only came into the mainstream after the NPRC coup. By then FUK Daboh was already heading a syndicate at CID Headquarters.

    • Indeed and I quote “I don’t see this happening for Moigbeh because his deputy – FUK Daboh was Bio’s classmate at BO School.” Is it because FUK Daboh was Bio’s classmate that you didn’t see that happening Mr. Turner? What a shame for such a SPAT. This is what has led to the MESS we are now facing in every area of our society. NEPOTISM and FAVOURITISM with regards to who knows you and SELFISHNESS. I don’t think and will never believe that the appointment of personalities such as the IG, NEC BOSS, THE CHIEF JUSTICE to name a few should be done by any President or by any POLITICAL AFFILIATION.

      As I said earlier, there must be RADICAL REFORMS on how people such as the IG who should play the role of REFEREE in our society are NOMINATED or SACKED. Do you agree with me Mr. Turner? Although I respect your views, I disagree with you on your reason for extending the retirement age of the present IG. That makes no sense and if I may, I could go even further by saying, it’s an IRRESPONSIBLE and RECKLESS SPAT.

      Mr. Fanday Turner there trying to become a PROPHET with his RHETORIC on extending the age of IG Richard Moigbeh. GOD BLESS Mr. Turner and his PROPHECY.

  7. It is very unfair for anyone to say that this IG and all past IGs are biased and YES MEN. I said it sometime ago but that was a mistake. I have changed my mind now because it was not just right. The function of the IG is limited with regards to its INDEPENDENCE in carrying out his/her duty. Because the IGs are dependent on the politicians especially the President, they just have to follow the commands/instructions from whoever becomes President. If they don’t obey, they will be SACKED.

    Who will take care of them and their families? The system is really bugged and corrupt when it comes to the independence of our police force. That has to change. The POLICE, NEC, PRISON etc need reform. These institutions should be independent and out of politics or under the control of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH in DISGUISE.

    We should have a police force where the IGs are independent from the executive in terms of appointments and executing their duties. Until such conditions exist, our IGs will remain YES MEN forever. They will never execute their duties honestly. All those saying that the present IG is biased and a Mr. YES SIR, must think twice before uttering such ABSURD AND SARCASTIC remarks. GOD BLESS IG Richard Moigbe and I personally wish him all the best in his retirement.

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