Sierra Leone’s new Attorney General takes oath of office

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 July 2020:

Sierra Leone’s newly appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Anthony Yeihwoe Brewah, took his oath of office at State House today, in the presence of President Dr Julius Maada Bio in accordance with the Laws of Sierra Leone.

Anthony Yeihwoe Brewah was appointed yesterday, following the sacking of Dr Pricilla Schwartz by the president.

President Bio congratulated the new Attorney General on his appointment and reminded him of the daunting task ahead.  He said there is a lot his government wants to do in the justice sector and noted that he has no doubt in the ability of the new Attorney General, given his vast experience of the sector.

“We need to make access to justice as easy as possible. We are going to depend on you to lead that process. You have my full support and I wish you the best tenure of office,” President Bio said.

In his response, Brewah, Esq. thanked God and the President for the elevation and favour. He said that he would draw from the numerous support and networks he has created throughout his legal practice, and assured of his best in the execution of the duties and functions of the office.

Brewah, Esq. is a Senior Legal Practitioner, Notary Public and Founder of one of Sierra Leone’s leading law firms – Brewah & Co.

As a pioneer student of the Sierra Leone Law School, he has contributed immensely to legal development in the country.

He is an accomplished lawyer with almost 30 years’ experience as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Courts of Sierra Leone.


  1. We pray for the new appointed Attorney General and minister of Justice,(AG) for God’s guidance and good direction to lead the country, not to fall in to another error, that will further divide us. Mr. Yeihwoe Brewah, you are welcome and we all knew this president doesn’t take mess; we wish you the best and good luck.

  2. Unfortunately Mr Reinhard Weicha, I have no idea concerning Mr Jillian Assange’s dilemma. I hope and pray, that the almighty God helps him with his problems. Thank you very much Mr Reinhard Weicha for such a courteous approach we have towards one another, with regards to the heated debate we just had. We’ve just made it clear that we can discuss issues on this glorious platform amicably well and with respect.

    All of us are participating on this glorious platform to make Sierra Leone a better place for everyone and hold our leaders accountable for their deeds. God bless the Editor Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas of the Sierra Leone Telegraph Newspaper for making such discussions possible, and may God bless Mr Reinhard Weicha. Thumbs up for you mate. Have a lovely day.

  3. As I said Mr Reinhard Weicha. Global Britain has many variables and I explained which area I am interested in. I don’t understand why you are talking about slavery, the Iraq war, Julian Assange etc. As a European, I thought you would be well informed on this topic than I do. However, I respect your views. To make things easy for you to understand, click on the link below and read.
    By the way, the Global Britain idea started during the time of the last Prime Minister. Finally, please don’t hesitate to ask questions if any on this issue Mr Reinhard Weicha. Have a pleasant time with the information and may God bless you.

    • Mr.Mmatturi, after reading this article, Mr. Amal Clooney said: “and when journalists come under assault, we’ll be there to defend them…” Again, whats with Julian Assange? He is not a journalist?

  4. I honestly take the view global Britain under this Conservative government is nothing sort of diverting Aid money, usually earmarked for small African countries, in favour of Eastern European countries and Baltic states.The United Kingdom abandoned the commonwealth, when they joined the European Union. Now they’ve left it, they have the opportunity to pick and choose which countries they do buiness with. Human rights violation is least of their agenda. We all know when Blair came to power, with his ethical foreign policy. We Sierra Leoneans are still greatful for the UK intervention to stop the civil war. Iam afaid a lot of other African countries will not feature in the new look Britain.

    All their support will be geard towards countering Putin’s Russia. In other words to help and support the so called front line states facing the eye storm of Russian expansionist agenda.I only hope with appointment of this new Attorney general,Mr Anthony Y. Brewah, our country will enter the new age, where the rule of law is respected. If the judiciary is independent, that will be a good advert to the outside world, that you can invest in our country. And your rights and buiness are respected.Sierra Leone is open for buiness.Then after all we don’t need Aid money.

    Companies make good returns from their investments in African countries more than anywhere else in the world. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at the level of poverty in our countries. No electricity, no good roads, a health care system that is no good. Education is in a flux. People want to invest where there is respect for Property rights, and land rights. Investors always look for countries that have peace and security. No one wants to put their money where the law of the jungle reigns supreme. People only invest where there is less hassle to set up if there is a problems they will go to the courts for redress. So to me you can tie in a country’s fortune and development to a rebust gold plated independent judiciary.

  5. Hello My fellow brothers and sisters.I do NOT get it when Journalists decides to take down posts or decline to NOT to publish them, because they do NOT agree with the post POLITICALLY.Remember the bedrock of DEMOCRACY is an OBJECTIVE JOURNALIST, and a FAIR JUDICIARY SYSTEM.If people are taking down posts because some people are applauding the President and the judiciary system as well as an in and; uncorruptible jury and a tough defence team,then we are missing the essence of a “good” society.

    The OUTCOME of this case for Mr Conteh is one that Sierra Leone should be PROUD of both nationally, and internationally,and NOT one to be embarrassed of it at all.It is one of the rare cases of TREASON in Sierra Leone that JUSTICE was allowed to prevail and served swiftly.We talking about MONTHS, NOT YEARS like in some cases in the past.Such reality should be ACKNOWLEDGED,and those who allowed it to prevail should be acknowledged as well regardless of our own biases of them being FLAWED.

    Remember,it could have gone the other way. We all can agree that the ESSENCE of a JUDICIARY SYSTEM IS for JUSTICE to prevail ALL THE TIMES and not just SOME of the times. 1st time In Sierra Leone history in a very LONG TIME that such JUSTICE is allowed to prevail and this government and the people of Sierra Leone would and SHOULD be acknowledged for doing the RIGHT THING and moving the country in the RIGHT DIRECTION.God BLESS MAMA SALONE! AMEN!

  6. My friend Mr. Matturi, freelance journalism is ok and writing in forums like this is good for you because you know it will be published. But I honestly advice you to get your facts and your statistics correct when you are accusing another government of unlawful incarceration. I am sure you were not born yesterday; either you are being ignorant or just ignoring the facts of the judicial system in Freetown. Mr. Matturi, do you really think the last government would have survived this so called “Britain Global”? Let us all work for the betterment of this country and stop the character assassination of one government or another, it is not helpful and I honestly think you have a genuine and good intention for Sierra Leone.

    • I don’t really understand what you are talking about Mr Humphrey Sonny. What you are saying and what you are trying to suggest does not warrant me replying you. However, read my comment carefully, send me the statistics you are talking about, what you understand by “Global Britain” and finally, cool down the temperament for a showdown with me on this issue. See you soon Mr Humphrey Sonny and God bless you. I hope you keep participating on this glorious platform.

  7. Mr. Matturi,
    what do you understand with “global britain”? The British Empire, the Commonwealth? I believe the times of your former colonial master are gone. The mother of democracy? Please, only 1 example: the imprisonment of Julian Assange, against all human rights in collaboration with the USA.

    • Many thanks, Mr Reinhard Weicha, for your observation and contribution on this excellent and glorious platform. To begin with, “Global Britain” has many variables. What interests me most is how “Global Britain” will put the most marginalised and vulnerable people in society first. We are all talking about human rights violations, tyranny, dictatorship, barbarity by our government and people in power. The marginalised and the most vulnerable who are the vast majority of the population are the ones who suffer most at the end of the day. Will it not be a good idea if people who are committing these horrendous crimes against their citizens are disciplined and their loot frozen by serious governments around the world?

      See the injustice that is happening daily. These perpetrators are busy committing gross human rights violation, siphoning the countries wealth, buying houses and saving their loot while the masses suffer. That has to stop. Have to. That is why many people, including myself, want “Global Britain” to take off, so that measures will be in place to combat the heinous corrupt pandemic and human suffering. I leave the rest for the British people to comment. Your thoughts Mr Reinhard Weicha, stay safe, have a pleasant day, and God bless you. God bless the Johnson Administration.

  8. What a U turn. Thank you very much President Bio for appointing someone I believe is a champion and SLPP party member. I hope you will allow him to carry out his duties without interference from the executive or any Bio SLPP activist. I have a very important advice for the new Attorney General and Minister of Justice Mr Anthony Yeihwoe Brewah. Sir, Britain is going global – “Global Britain.”

    When Global Britain kicks in Mr Attorney General, countries that encourage tyranny, dictatorship, barbarity, mob justice, unlawful incarceration of its citizens and gross violation of citizens rights etc, will be blocked from the benefits of Global Britain. More importantly, the loot of the dictators, their associates, etc will be frozen. Sierra Leone is one of the countries that have witnessed a hike in violence, unlawful incarceration and barbarity etc, since the Bio SLPP took power. Many of our brothers and sisters have died in this two years Bio SLPP rule than the entire two terms of the former Commander in Chief of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces, former President Ernest Bai Koroma. In terms of human rights violations, our rating is very bad and I’m worried, that Sierra Leone will be blocked when Global Britain comes into full force. Global Britain is real Mr Attorney General.

    Finally, I hope you will listen to my advice and do what is right to help Sierra Leone become part of the family of Global Britain. Say to the President for example, to propose and support judicial, police and election reforms. IG Sovula, the Chief Justice and the NEC Chairman must have the powers to carry out their duties independently. The present Johnson Administration in the UK is definitely going to help developing countries, but that will depend on the human rights record of the government. Enjoy Mr Anthony Yeihwoe Brewah and may God bless you.

    • Mr. Matturi, sorry, but I can’t really follow you. This global Britain? what does it mean in your eyes and since when? Since slave trade with London as the financial capital, since Margret Thatcher with her friendship to Pinochet or Tony Blair with his big lie to start the Iraq war? And for the fate of Julian Assange, this is only a case of the British people? No, Mr. Matturi. We are one world and against violation of human rights. We all have to stand up.

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