Inspector General of Police – Ambrose M. Sovula 7

Inspector General of Police – Ambrose M. Sovula 7

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  1. Yeah. See the man who foiled what could have been an explosive and deadly situation in Makeni. People keep asking me, “who is this IG Sovula”? Well, the man in the picture is IG Sovula, Sierra Leone’s most powerful Inspector General of police ever in my view. Thank you very much IG Sovula for your expertise and courage in making sure chaos and anarchy was averted in Makeni. They’ve got the message after bypassing you during the Pademba Road Prisons and the Makeni I incident. Now, with Makeni II, they brought you into the game, because they can’t afford more dead body counts. Did they get the message that your expertise matters? I salute you and your disciplined force. God bless IG Sovula. See the determined IG Sovula there.

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