Sierra Leone’s new internal affairs minister Panda-Noah takes oath of office 

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 May 2020:

David Maurice Panda-Noah, Sierra Leone’s newly appointed Minister of Internal Affairs, yesterday took his oath of office in the presence of President Dr Julius Maada Bio at State House, in accordance with Section 57 (Act No. 6) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone.

His appointment came after the incumbent – Soluku, was sacked by the president following a wave of security lapses and rioting in various parts of the country.

David Maurice Panda-Noah, whose ability to make tough policing and national security decisions – without political interference, will soon be tested, was the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority which is established to regulate and coordinate development in the transport industry, including the registration and licensing of vehicles, the licensing of drivers, the prescription of routes for passengers and goods transportation.

Will Panda-Noah (Photo) be given a free hand by the president to make vital policing decisions that could make real difference in bringing law and order across communities, or will he become another puppet – pulled by a string from State House?

Taking his oath of office, president Bio told Panda-Noah: “I congratulate you on this new assignment. We owe it as a government to keep the peace and to make sure that law and order prevails. You have a lot of work on your hands. I would like to assure you of my fullest support and to provide the security needed not only for development but also for everyone to go about their normal businesses peacefully.”

In response, Panda-Noah thanked the president for his appointment, saying that he is greatly honoured and humbled to be called upon to serve his country as internal affairs minister.

He said he is aware of the challenges ahead and is fully committed to dealing with them. He also commended the president for the confidence reposed in him and assured of his loyalty.


  1. Congratulations to our newly elected Internal Affairs Minister Mr. Panda Noah. Thankfully, President Bio has laid the foundation for you in the Fight against Lawlessness in our beloved country, the major challenge in your hand is to transform the mind of our youths to at least reduce the level of “ MAMMY CUSS,” that has already infested our Nation through community and civic programs, because most of our INNOCENT MOTHERS deserve better.
    Finally I hope and pray that every innocent mothers will be safe from INSULTS and TERROR under your leadership.

  2. The Sierra Leone police and prison warden should evaluate the training manual to include the use of firearm to the maximum. In the US, prison outbreak is controlled by shooting for safely and security of law abiding citizens

  3. Good luck to Mr Panda-Noah now that he’s been appointed the New interior minister for Sierra Leone. You have your work cut out for you.You should hit the ground running to sort out some of the trigger happy members of the Sierra Leone police force and all those people in your department that are wedded in the mentality of us versus them .They are not fit to hold public office period. If the riots at Pademba road prison was anything to go by, some of our trigger happy fire arms officers really need to go back for more training on the use of deadly weapons in the middle of an inferno.

    The police should have been about saving lives not to be shooting at people that were trapped in a burning building. And being a prison setting makes it even worse. What do they teach this police officers in the police training college? You have been handed a poisoned chalice, and when it comes to internal security it is one of the most difficult jobs in any government any where in the world. And in the context of Sierra Leone, you took your job when our country is facing the greatest security challenge since the end of the war.

    All peaceful loving Sierra Leoneans will wish you the best. The President and the government should give you all the support as you navigate this treacherous political waters our country finds itself. No right minded Sierra Leonean would want to see us go back to the ugly days of the RUF war that caused so much suffering and hardship to people of our country, all in the name of what?

  4. These people need to seriously understand that,wherever there is empathy, Justice,and equity,there also will peace,and lasting tranquility also prevail.Show me a government that respects the Rule of Law,that protects the civil liberties of its people,and I will show you a nation ascending the heights of prosperity,and progress,with great ease,and at the speed of lightning.Government officials should be seen as shining examples for all to emulate,they should be disciplined,well composed,and honorable,in character;we cannot afford to have deceitful men as leaders who are outright loose canons,who are unstable,unsteady and confused,fluttering everywhere like chicken nesting restlessly inside a hen-house.

    The first thing Mr Panda Noah would need in order to succeed in these difficult, Covid 19 times in Sierra Leone is a conscientious attitude,that values, upholds,and cherishes the principles of democracy.Mr Noah do you have such an attitude, that promotes human dignity,honor,integrity,security,and well-being above everything else? Are you up to the task at hand? Only time will tell!Firstly,lets wait and see how the New minister handles Mr Lahai Leema,who is as unreliable as a leaking bucket,without a solid,dependable handle,a man no one can hold on to.

    Lets see how he keeps their tribalistic, disgruntled SLPP thugs in check,squarely,and in line with the demands,and obligations of stability,and Peace.Congratulations on your appointment Sir,but please kindly do us,the poor struggling people of our beloved nation a lasting favor – Do not for any reason whatsoever,bring already forgotten,Extinct Volcanoes back to life.

  5. Congrats to Mr. Panda-Noah for the new assignment. The nation is desperately in need of leadership in ensuring law and order. I am hoping the new minister is aware that, his chances of success are highly dependent on him applying the rule of law squarely and fairly across the board with no political consideration or hindrance. Whether you are APC, SLPP, NGC, C4C or what have you, if you violates our nation’s law, arrest MUST be made and PROSECUTED.

    There should be no ‘orders from the above’ or ‘trump up charges’ targeting political opponents for simply expressing their opinions. The regime must recognize that our nation is a democracy with our constitution guaranteeing freedom of citizens to express their concerns and grievances through public channels. If disgruntle citizens wants to demonstrate, the law enforcements must allow them to do so with strict observances of all security measures. The minister definitely has his work cut out for him. We are waiting patiently to see his handiwork.

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