David Panda-Noah 2

David Panda-Noah 2


  1. Honourable David Maurice Panda-Noah I take this opportunity to congratulate you on this your God given appointment, which should not some how be a surprise to you because you’ve proven yourself in the eyes of God how faithfully you worked hard while in the UK with respect and humility to all and sundry at Walworth Methodist Church, taking care of the elderly without no complain. When you make God service His delight, your wants shall be His care. Whenever I pay a visit at Walworth Church I watched and observe. May God watch over you, protect and guide you with wisdom and discernment to execute your duties as you work for the good of Mama Salone. You will always be in my prayers and God richly bless you.
    Rev. Allan Wilson

  2. Honorable David Panda-Noah
    Congratulations on your appointment may God bless you and direct your path. May you be the answer to your department and be the example and the light.

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