Sierra Leone’s Office of the President’s financial fiasco

Dr Doma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 January 2024:

In a stunning revelation by Sierra Leone Auditor General’s 2022 report, the Office of the President emerges as a beacon of financial mismanagement.

Unearthed irregularities, especially in expenditures totaling SLE22,570,463.00 (over Twenty-two Billion in Old Leones), shows a shocking absence of essential documentation, turning the presidential office into a black hole of financial accountability.

While the presidency should be a shining example, this report paints a comically dismal picture – a government led by Maada Bio drowning in a sea of financial chaos.

The lack of payment vouchers, receipts, delivery notes, and expenditure returns, raises serious doubts about the transparency and responsibility exercised at the highest levels.

This financial opacity not only challenges the core of public trust but also transforms the Office of the President into a breeding ground for misuse of public funds.

Sierra Leone’s public finance management foundations are shaky, amid the country’s leadership failure to provide proper documentation for audit purpose.  This undermines the very essence of fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Citizens must demand a thorough investigation to hold those responsible accountable.

The President’s office should not be a financial black box; instead, it should be a beacon of transparency.

This wake-up call demands immediate corrective measures to salvage the nation’s progress and prosperity. The government’s financial ship is sinking, and its high time for a rescue mission before irreparable damage is done.


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