Sierra Leone’s president Bio meets European Union partners in Freetown

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 March 2020:

President Dr Julius Maada Bio yesterday met partners of the European Union (EU) in Sierra Leone, to discuss the country’s development process as the economy continues to flounder. Efforts to attract foreign investors especially for key sectors of the economy are yet to bear fruits.

Diversification of the economy remains one of the government’s main priority alongside the development of the country’s human resources.

Sierra Leone is largely dependent on the mining industry for its survival. But several mining companies have seen their mining contracts cancelled or suspended by the government, a decision that is now impacting adversely on the country’s export revenue, the value of the Leone and pressure on government expenditure.

The EU is by far one of the largest contributors of foreign aid and assistance to the government of Sierra Leone.

According to the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr Francis Kaikai, yesterday’s meeting is the second the government has had with the EU, since the New Direction SLPP Administration took office in April 2018.

He told the EU representatives that the government has started the New Year on a very good footing and that this is a good opportunity to meet with the EU to review progress.

EU Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Tom Vens, expressed appreciation to the President for hosting the meeting between the Government and key EU partners. He noted that their discussions present an opportunity to exchange views and also provide a way to have constructive engagement in identifying areas of understanding.

Addressing the delegates, president Bio said that it is important to keep current the partnership between Sierra Leone and the EU through continuous engagement.

He said that the business of government is to attract the right businesses into the country by creating an enabling environment that will attract investors and support existing businesses in the country.

“As development partners, we want to see what we can do to improve on the relationship (EU and Sierra Leone), and also make sure that as we move into the new year, we set our goals properly to know where we are going. Development is a collective business that requires so many hands and expertise on board and this is why we are here,” he said.


  1. I am sure the government is right in pursuing good companies for the country; and as such, businesses which have made the country go down are useless and they have to be closed down, even though that could create hardship for the country.
    Sierra Leone needs business people who are into helping to develop the country and not those interested just for self businesses. I am sure the government will do all they can for progress in Sierra Leone. European companies are ready to help and truly, Sierra Leone will be sure of progress in the country.

    The president must study the enterprises wanting to set up in Sierra Leone because those trying to put up business are sometimes very bad, especially in the diamond mines. Anyone working in the diamond mines must dismantle down all the machines used for extraction. Most of these machines have got hidden holes inside them. So, if they want to take it to their countries, it is only then the government must work to dismantle them and check every hole. They have hidden diamonds in the machines and by dismantling them in the country, the govenment can discover any hidden processes. Beware of those buisiness people who want to take their machines to their home country for repairs. LONG LIVE SIERRA LEONE AND HER PEROPLE.

  2. I once met an delusional furniture Salesman, that had a compulsive habit of holding fruitless,time consuming,boring meetings,
    with potential customers,and clients,all across the United States. He always wore a Texas style Cowboy hat,and boots,to show he was proud of his Dallas roots,although he spoke with a deep Southern Carolina accent. A friend of mine Zalalem,from Ethiopia was employed by a Temporary agency to monitor the daily activities of the furniture company, and its employees,to take notes,observe,and see why it was not making progress,and reasons for it to be sinking in the red. My friend asked me to tag along,for the ride and just for fun,and I did.

    The Texas Salesman clearly reminds me of President Bio;He was also a short man with a burly frame; an arrogant,unskilled negotiator,a poor listener,and a bully,that loved imposing his will,ideas,and high prices,on enquiring customers,so they never bought a single item from him,not even a foot stool. Just like the man in State House,he frowned whenever he was asked questions,and if he ever felt like responding,it will be with an unfriendly growl. Countless times,customers asked us to leave their homes because,the Salesman we were accompanying was a headstrong disagreeable fellow,just like Maada Bio,who always has to have things,go his way(lol) “Why won’t you, just try listening, for a minute and lets see how that works out,” my friend suggested..The Salesman agreed,but that did not last very long.(lol)

    Folks,the moment he sat down with customers,in an instant,he will become totally transformed into his usual,real,angry,self and everything will be totally ruined. Same thing applies to this President,the genuine fears,and concerns of Investors mean little to him;He is a Bad Salesman,the worst that has ever ruled our fragile,beloved nation;An unreasonable man,he is,that will lead Sierra Leone to complete and utter ruin. Our currency has now become totally worthless,our economy is in shambles, and people are starving because,he adamantly refuses to sit down, in a civilised manner,and negotiate with mining Investors,
    that could bring us,copious revenues,that can easily energize,our economy,revitalize,and strengthen the failing,ailing Leone. Make no mistakes,there’s a bad Salesman,now in State House,a disgruntled one,Far worse than the one I saw in Texas (lol). Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

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