Sierra Leone’s President ‘optimistic’ about country’s new direction as key reforms enacted

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 September 2018:

On Thursday, the newly-elected President of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, told the United Nations, that “with a strong belief in a shared vision and a common destiny, Sierra Leoneans stand with the [international community] in meeting the world’s challenges.”

Acknowledging the role that multilateralism and sustainability play in the establishment of a democratic Sierra Leone, he told world leaders gathered for the General Assembly’s annual general debate that “we are a successful model of a stable democracy.”

Mr. Maada Bio said that with this role established, “we should now endeavor to demonstrate the political will to particularly redress the historical injustice done to the African continent.”

“Africa is the only region without representation in the permanent category of the Security Council,” he told the assembled leaders. Pointing out that 70 per cent of the 15-member Council’s resolutions affect some 1.2 billion Africans, he said “people simply want their voices to be fully represented [ in that body].”

Spotlighting the necessity of democracy, Mr. Maada Bio stated that “guided by both our specific situation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our governance initiative and policy actions involve strengthening our democratic institutions, opening up democratic spaces, promoting democratic dialogues, and creating a more just and equal society. We see these as precursors for the sustainable growth of our economy and our development as a nation.”

By example, Mr. Maada Bio expressed Sierra Leone’s “commitment to building a more secure world, as espoused in the United Nations Charter, as well as, our commitment to the implementation of Agenda 2030, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and ongoing reform processes of the United Nations.”

Sierra Leone has undertaken reforms to increase healthcare, create resilient criminal justice institutions (in line with SDG 16), empower women, explore science, technology, and innovation, as well as “resolve mankind’s common challenges from trade to climate change.”

Source: UN News

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