Sierra Leone’s pro-government media disparages the will of the international community

Sheku Lexmond Koroma

8 March 2012

I have commented several times about the two tier justice system our deceptive President has put into place, simply to punish the opposition, and only God knows when our suffering will end.

We want to know when – if ever, will this government condemn, arrest or punish its APC supporters for crimes committed against members of the opposition. Not in our life time I presume.

But this ‘socially exclusive’ leader is quick to authorize the arrest of our party members, whilst his party members are not held to account for crimes committed against opposition party members.

It is just common sense to suggest that the massive weapons bought by this atrocious regime, is meant to brutalize and inflict more misery on our people.

Weapons used by his paramilitary force on the opposition to quell any decent against his presidency, appears to be inadequate.

The president has decided to up the ante, with the use of lethal force.

Notwithstanding his present and past brutality towards the opposition, he (President Koroma) has purchased $4.5 million worth of lethal weapons to equip his paramilitary force – without parliamentary approval, which in itself is unconstitutional.

This is a criminal behaviour and a barefaced disregard to our constitution. We know these weapons will be used to ‘SIAKA STEVENIZE’ our country and silence the opposition forcefully, so that he (President Koroma) can illegitimately stay in power.

The last time APC was in power, they governed Sierra Leone for almost 30 years  illegitimately, by using brutal force and political intimidation. But we will not allow this to happen in present day Sierra Leone.

The President and his media may protest where ever they like, but our objection to his ruthless form of governance and the re-militarization of our country, has quite rightly been communicated to the international community.

In its Tuesday’s edition, the government’s second leading propaganda mouth piece – ‘COCORIOKO’, stated that: “Neither Britain nor the international community are gullible development partners”.

But what is baffling, though not surprising, is the attack on Britain in particular, a country that has contributed so much to the development of our nation.

The sarcastic context in which the word ‘GULLIBLE’ was used, can be viewed as disrespectful to the will of Britain and the international community, who are investing in, and are anxious to build sustainable peace and democratic freedoms in Sierra Leone.

The government’s newspaper went further to warn: ‘Britain and other stakeholders… have no stomach to influence the November elections’.

This is yet again another denigrating attack on the will of the international community by the government through its media, following president Koroma’s recent decision to kick the UN’s representative out of Sierra Leone.

What is clear is that his government has failed to hoodwink the international community, and thank goodness the outgoing UN representative – Mr. Schulenburg was smart enough to perceive President Koroma’s nefarious intentions.

I have always argued that President Koroma’s quest for power is so huge that any one standing in his way, will be stamped on. He has now spoken once again through his media mouth piece, that they are ready to stamp on Britain and the international community if they dare to stop him from hanging on to power by any means necessary.

We will continue to expose president Koroma’s undemocratic and brutal strategy to cling on to power, especially in the light of the purchase of that deadly arsenal of weapons shipped into the country to arm his paramilitary security force.


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