SLPP North America Convention kicks off this weekend in New York

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 October 2018:

Members of the Sierra Leone People’s Party North America Region (SLPPNA) will today converge in Bronx, New York for the party’s 2018 Annual Convention, taking place this weekend.

Highlights of the convention include two full days of deliberations, breakout sessions, a stakeholder forum, and the election of a new Regional Executive on Sunday 28 October.

The weekend officially kicks off with a “Meet and Greet Reception” hosted by the New York Chapter tonight, with the highly-anticipated Fundraising Dinner Dance taking place tomorrow Saturday.

The New York Chapter will host visitors again at a “Post-Convention Farewell Barbecue” at the end of deliberations late Sunday afternoon.

The Meet and Greet Reception, the Convention sessions, the fundraising dinner dance, and the post-convention farewell Picnic/Barbecue will all be held at the same stunning venue, the historic New York City Designated Landmark, the Andrew Freedman Home, 1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York 10452.

The theme for the Convention is “SLPP North America: United and Committed to the New Direction.”

The Convention starts at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and the Fundraising Dinner Dance will follow from 8:00p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Two SLPP North America veterans from New England and Washington, DC respectively, Madam Hawa “Akpaji” Kallon and Mr. Dausy Wurie will serve as the Masters of Ceremony for the evening.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the SLPP government – Dr. Alie Kabba, will attend the Convention and deliver the Keynote Address and meet with stakeholders at the margins of the three-day event.

Among other attendees confirmed are Sierra Leone’s Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Lahai Lawrence Leema, Sierra Leone’s Deputy Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China – Saffa Woya Rogers, and SLPP Deputy Women’s Leader – Madam Fatmata Bockarie.

This busy weekend schedule will no doubt be overshadowed by the election of the new regional executive members of the SLPPNA, on Sunday 28 October.

Two hot favourites for the position of Chairman are Mr Mohamed Bah and Mr Desmond Pessima who is currently serving as Publicity Secretary of the SLPPNA.

Many members of the SLPPNA are confident of victory for Mohamed Bah, and key questions will no doubt influence Sunday’s vote:  Will the election of Bah demonstrate the much needed trend for the SLPP to become mainstream and open up into a truly national party?

What are the implications for Sunday’s vote in New York, as the 2023 general elections beckon and the leadership of the SLPP becomes less about its traditional and regional stronghold, if it is to remain in power beyond 2023?

As Bah is believed to be poised to win the Chairmanship of SLPP North America on Sunday, the Sierra Leone Telegraph looks at his background:

Mohamed Bah was born in Freetown Sierra Leone but spent his childhood in Kono district where his family lived. His late father Alhaji Momodu Alpha Bah, was the Fullah Chief of the district and a diamond business man.

His father was also among the five Fullah chiefs who signed an accord in parliament in the 60s to give the Fullah people the right to vote in Sierra Leone.

His mother Haja Isata Bah was a housewife. Mohamed is the 44th child out of 46 children.

He pursued his elementary and secondary education in Kono district and migrated to the United States in 1994 where he lives in Houston, Texas.

He is a graduate of Houston Community College with an Associate of Science Degree (Class of 2005) and is currently also student at Texas Southern University studying Respiratory Therapy.

In his spare time, Mohamed Bah is an actor and producer with six of his movies being distributed worldwide.

Mohamed’s passion for films spans back to his younger years when he used to participate in stage plays in his native Sierra Leone, a dream he finally carried into reality when he found his way to United States.

Mohamed acted minor roles in some of Nollywood Houston film projects and gained valuable insight into the filmmaking process and with this knowledge he started his own film production company Sierra Films production, where he is CEO with the aim of showcasing talents from all of Africa in different film projects. He has featured in over twenty plus movies.

He is also a community activist, and is involved in many organizations in the community giving his time and effort to help in different organizations and their work.

He has a wealth of professional backgrounds including: CEO and Founder for Sierra Films Production; President of Mohamed Bah Foundation – a non-profit organization; Regional Organizing Secretary for the Fulbeh Progressive Union North America; Former President of the Sierra Leone Olympic Support Group in the United States; Former Vice President Fulbeh Progressive Union Texas; Member, Board of Directors for the Center for the Promotion of Inclusive Education in Sierra Leone; Board of Directors – School of the Blind Kono District; Secretary General for Diaspora in Concerned Women Kono District;  and Founder of the West Africa Film Festival University of Houston Texas Downtown.

Through the Mohamed Bah Foundation, Mr. Bah has acquired an impressive track record contributing to several progressive courses in Sierra Leone including Ebola with other natural disaster relief, educational development and empowerment of the people along with his work in the SLPP North America.

Mr. Mohamed Bah is the current Young Generation Leader of SLPPNA 2016-2018. He was the Chair of the Adhoc Fundraising committee of the SLPPNA 2014-2016 that raised funds in the region and helped support the party in the lead up to and during the election, and is the former Young Generation Leader Houston Texas Chapter SLPP North America.


  1. I am also from kono district; I know the family of Mr Bah. But really am surprised Mr Bah is a member of the SLPP, everybody knows peoples of kono district are great supporters of the APC party. kono district is the founding member of the APC party. I wish Mr Bah good luck and prosperity with the SLPP party.

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