SLPP unveils its 2012 Election Manifesto Philosophy: “The New Direction”


SLPP's 2012 presidential election candidate - Julius Maada Bio


“The ‘New Direction’ imposes on the political leadership the responsibility to provide for our people the basic amenities of a life at affordable cost and guarantees employment to those who are willing and able to work, particularly our youth.

It seeks to give to future generations a strong foundation in community responsibility, through strengthening and expanding each one’s contribution to the various entities of governance and institutions that dispense social justice, ensures fair play and guarantees that each citizen benefits from his or her labour – whether he or she is a cleaner, doctor, petty trader, nurse, miner or an engineer.

This notion of social equity must infiltrate into the various organs of state, especially those charged with dispensing justice to every person. It will seek to guarantee the security of every citizen – whether it is in a one room apartment in the slums of Kroo Bay or in a mansion on the hills overlooking Freetown.

This is what the ‘New Direction’ is all about. It will be the foundation stone of the programmes for the nation when the SLPP assume office in December 2012 by the grace of GOD.”

Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie

SLPP Secretary General – Freetown

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