Supreme Court adjourns Samura Kamara’s case

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 March 2018:

The Supreme Court hearing of petition filed against Dr Samura’s presidential candidacy has today been adjourned to next Monday, 5th of March.

According to the opposition parties, this decision has left the ruling APC – TOLONGBO wondering whether they will have a presidential candidate in place to contest the May 7 general elections.

The case filed in the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone by lawyer Charles Margai and his legal team, is seeking to disqualify Samura Kamara (Photo).

The petition claims inter alia, that Samura was undemocratically selected by president Koroma; that he has been receiving salary from the consolidated revenue fund since he registered as a presidential candidate; and that he has both British and Sierra Leonean citizenships.

Samura’s case will be heard on the same day as Yumkella’s hearing. The expectation is that both cases will be thrown out by the Supreme Court to allow the two candidates go head to head in a free and fair contest at the polls.

To allow Samura to contest the elections and disqualify Yumkella, will be a recipe for chaos in the country. Thousands of youths are likely to take to the streets in protest, causing a major disruption to polling taking place on March 7 – two days after the Supreme Court verdict.


  1. I hope Charles Margai who served President Ernest Koroma the presidency on a silver platter is not trying to create a situation where the president’s days in office will be extended due to prolonged court hearing. The brown envelopes from the president is very powerful and I’m always suspicious of Charles Margai – because a traitor will always be a traitor.

  2. Samura Kamara is not fit to be representing the APC for president because he was chosen by his boss (the president) not by the people. He has a strong reason why he chose Samura, because samura has nothing to ask Koroma after he leaves. Sierra Leone is a democratic country. Moreover Samura Kamara has a British passport. Did the president know about it? He only knew about KKy.

  3. We need to ensure the law speaks. If Dr Samura is a dual citizen then let the Supreme Court interpret the law accordingly, as we all vow to serve this Country faithfully at all times.

  4. I tell you what, Samura Kamara knowing fully well that he has no chance of winning the election will never give up his British Citizenship. My advice is going to Dr Kandeh Yumkella, that he act according to the Sierra Leone Constitution – what it says. Otherwise, don’t be tempted by loser’s action. We are expecting Ernest Koroma to end up his last days in Pademba Road Prison. Sooner or later, we shall see, just like Laurent Gbagbo.

    • I can not agree with you more, you certainly nailed the issues well. In-sha-allah KKY IS UNOPPOSED and Allah will surely deal with the evil and witch hunts. God bless KKY.

  5. Truely speaking our so called civil and government institutions under the APC regime are a total mess and to the core corrupt. Since the President and his half baked AG brought this issue about dual citizenship, the President of the Republic has gone underground and became dumb. My fellow citizens we have a Failed State. How come President Koroma is holding our country to ransom and he can’t be held accountable for it???

  6. Interesting developments. What if Dr. Samura Kamara and Dr. Kandeh Yumkella are disqualified from contesting the elections?

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