Survey polls put Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr and APC presidential candidate Samura ahead of SLPP by huge margins

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 March 2023:

If the results of pre-election survey poll conducted last week by SweetSalone editor and publisher – Vickie Remoe are replicated on June 24, 2023, then President Bio and his ruling SLPP will not only be out of office, but will say goodbye to their dream of taking control of the running of the country’s capital Freetown.

The survey poll conducted by Vickie Remoe asked a sample of voters to say who they will vote for as Mayor of Freetown and President of Sierra Leone, respectively.

The results are staggering: 67% said they will vote Samura for the presidency, with Bio trailing behind on 33%.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr polled 78% against her closest rival – SLPP Gento who scored 22%.

If these results are mirrored nationally at the presidential and general elections on June 24, the main opposition APC will be back at State House and in control of the capital Freetown.

Sierra Leoneans are yearning for change of government, after what has been described as five years of economic misery and hardship, caused by poor leadership at State House, an inept finance minister, and a round-peg in a squared-hole classroom professor heading the country’s central bank.

(Photo below : Vicky Remoe survey poll for 2023 presidency)

(Photo below: Vicky Remoe survey poll for 2023 Freetown Mayorship)

On Saturday, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr announced her official declaration to seek the APC symbol for re-election as Mayor of Freetown at the Attougah Mini Stadium in Freetown, in the presence of thousands of  supporters and leaders of her opposition APC party.

In a thank you message published yesterday, she said: “I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who attended the event which was a great success! APC supporters from various constituencies, markets, APC affiliate organizations and Team Yvonne groups joined us from all over the city for a fun-filled afternoon.

“Special thanks are extended to those who made statements – Dr Sam Sesay who spoke on behalf of the office of Dr Samura Kamara, Hon Alhassan Kamara Deputy Chairman APC Western Region and Chairman Kabbah, Deputy Chairman APC East District who spoke before the arrival of East District Chairman Mohammed Kamara (Med Kay). Thanks also go to COPPP President Femi Claudius-Cole and other COPPP members who were present.

“I was pleased to share the platform with over 20 Councillors who served with me at Freetown City Council and are seeking re-election under the new PR system. Yesterday was also an opportunity to share the platform with Kweku Lisk Esq who is seeking the APC symbol for Deputy Mayor of Freetown.

“In spite of the considerable challenges faced during my first term, I am proud that TransformFreetown touched every ward in our city and has impacted thousands of lives.

“I am pleased to come back to Freetonians to seek re-election as Mayor and to campaign for the election of Dr Samura Kamara for President on 24th June 2023.”



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