The APC is stronger and ready for a return to governance in 2023 – says former president Koroma

Former President Ernest Bai Koroma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 September 2021:

The events of the last few days have been very historic for one of Sierra Leone’s, and indeed, one of Africa’s oldest and most successful political parties. The All Peoples’ Congress (APC) of Sierra Leone has endured more than three very turbulent years, following the 2018 general elections.

But once again, the delegates and the general membership have shown that the APC is capable of dealing with its own challenges and together, rise above the parapet stronger, more determined and ready to better serve the people of Sierra Leone.

It is also a testament to the indispensable fact that democracy is not alien to the APC; rather, it has always been and would continue to be integral to the character of our party.

For this remarkable determination manifested in the outstanding organisation, peacefulness, inclusiveness, transparency, and success of the party’s Emergency Delegates Conference (E -NDC), I commend ALL my Comrades, irrespective of any differences in terms of views and actions.

I urge you to maintain this spirit of dialogue, of working together, of inclusive participation and of fostering progress in the pursuit of the Party’s aspirations.

It is okay for family members to disagree, but it is not right to keep grudges over such disagreements. Put the past behind you, open your arms, embrace one another, and keep the momentum as we proceed to the next stages of the process of putting the party back on the path to regain national governance.

From what has happened throughout the last few years and in view of the formidable leadership and strength of the membership exhibited during the just concluded E -NDC, I now feel even more confident that even after I would have stepped down as your leader, the APC is robust enough to peacefully and democratically continue with a new and great leadership.

I therefore, once again, thank everyone in the APC, particularly the national officers, the National Advisory Committee, the party’s Legal Team, members of the various committees and all those who have played their part in this process of healing and revival.

God Bless the APC! God Bless Sierra Leone!


Ernest Bai Koroma, Outgoing Chairman and Leader of Sierra Leone’s All Peoples Congress Party.


  1. It does look like APC have papered over the cracks in their party to present a common front to the nation. In his speech, their chairman for life,Earnest Koroma, did not mention anything about his actions which precipitated the fragmentation of the party ,which is still there ,perhaps all sides just holding their fire until the moment for the election of the flag bearer. The probability is that murderous firing will ensue again with Earnest still wanting to impose Samura Kamara on the party while the rank and file will favour a democratic process for the purpose.

    The meeting at Makeni and Earnest’s address revealed two things. First, Earnest’s desire or craving not to sink into the shadows of national politics to use it as a shield to ward off any attempt by the Bio government to nab him for corruption was showcased. Effectively Earnest has been using the party as a human shield to remain free and out of reach for ACC and Ben Kaifala

    The second thing demonstrates the political impotency of Maada Bio and his government. The strongest evidence, of course, is how Earnest increasingly feels confident to dare and defy ACC in the face of the findings of the Commissions of Inquiry (COI). Come 2023 APC may well return to power, and if Samura Kamara becomes president, goodbye to the COI findings and welcome back Earnest to continue the elusive third term.

    Whether one likes it or not SLPP may retain power. A government led by APC or SLPP will tell the world that even after repeated brain surgery,by specialists ,blood and oxygen still do not flow into our collective head. How Melancholic.

  2. The fact that the different factions have decided to work in the interest of the party is good news. If the APC continues with the momentum from this mini-convention with unity, then their dreams to occupy State House in 2023 will be on track. I’m delighted that the party has adopted their new constitution, endorsed Chief Sam Sumana as party member and settled the concerns of the NRM. We will now wait and see who emerges as the next flagbearer. My advice to all the flagbearer contenders is to work very hard within the party to win. You might get all the praise and respect from sympathisers and friends from social media, but at the end of the day, it’s the delegates that wil make you win or lose.

    The race for the foagbearer will be very competitive since there are many popular and influential candidates eyeing the leadership contest. It’s going to be a backbreaking job to win the APC leadership and flagbearer contest. Paying your full five year party contribution before contesting the party leadership is of concern to me. Politics can be brutal and sink your hopes. Disappointing stuff. God help the APC elect a unified flagbearer to lead and one that will help them win in 2023.

  3. There was no blood spilling and frankly there was no need for it. This is a text book example of how to conduct a successful APC party. Despite all the wrangling and back stabbings amongst some of the conference delegates, the real elephant in the room, that no one was talking about was the looming elections of 2023. And that alone trumpeted all the bad blood that existed before the conference kicked off at Makeni. Having a successful party conference, doesn’t automatically guarantee you will shell shock the ruling Bio government when ever the next elections are held. Never the less maintaining the unity of purpose to defeat Bio in 2023 will concentrate minds. Hopefully, for the APC party big wigs if they can maintain the United front they have acquired, it won’t be beyond the realm of possibility that the conditions favour them to return to power . The Bio government has not only disappointed the general population, but some of his core supporters, that placed their fate in him are totally disappointed with his performance.

    Bio himself tactically admitted to it, in his recent lecture at Havrad University. Leadership it turns out, is not about the amount of PHDs, you’ve acquired, but learning the nitty-gritty of how leaders should inspire and get everyone around them involved. After three years of choas and ineptitude, the Bio government is in bad shape. What the APC leadership have managed to do, is to subdue the hsrdcore elements of that are always looking to cause mischief for the party and the wider membership.

    Putting a stop to the internecine warfare over who should become the flag bearer of the APC party is always going to be tough. But if the APC party focus on the big prize, the rewards for the party and country will be great.

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