The MCC scorecard should not be pleasing to the President – time for cabinet reshuffle

Aminata Conteh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 November 2019:

Granted his government has done well in a space of eighteen months, compared to the former APC Government of Ernest Bai Koroma that persistently failed to pass any benchmark put in place by the MCC for over five years.

The 2020 MCC benchmarks should be used as a pointer to sectors that the Bio-led government needs to galvanize its energy and commitments. If it means changing personnel, this needs to be done urgently.

The Finance Ministry, Central Bank, National Revenue Authority, Lands and Health Ministries – need to ginger up. Incidentally, these are the areas that impact directly the least trodden in the country, every day. If these areas are not controlled, it would affect the way people vote in three years’ time.


I would suggest that result-oriented Ministers in this government be moved to certain areas to help the government pass all the benchmarks it scored horribly in. For example, Lawyer Alpha Timbo (Photo – right), although not an Economist would do well in the Ministry of Finance.

During the late President Kabba’s rein, the Finance Minister that made us to qualify for the HIPC funds was a Lawyer in the person of the late J.B. Dauda.

Dr. Timbo as Labour Minster, laid down the proud NASSIT we are all enjoying today. He has successfully helped the government implement its Free Education Initiative, despites the challenges and doubts created by a lot of government critics.

The Chief Medical Superintendent, Dr. Jambai should be moved from that position. Dr. Alpha Wurie should be moved to another Ministry. Both these gentlemen have not measured up. Move Alpha Wurie to the Foreign Ministry. His performance is below per.

Professor Kelfala Kallon (Photo) should be moved to Education from the Central Bank to take the place of Alpha Timbo, while Finance Minister JJ Saffa can be moved to the Lands Ministry.

The current Minister of Lands – Dr. Sandi is not people friendly. This was shown during his tenure under the APC and now under the New Direction. His Ministry scored a ‘fail’, and this is an indication that his hard-handedness is not paying dividend.

Professor David Francis – the Chief Minister, should be moved to the Ministry of Tertiary Education, while Professor Aiah Kpakima is moved to State House as Senior Presidential Advisor.

The NRA boss should change his tactics or be sacked. Dr. Stevens, who is the current Deputy Governor of the Central Bank should take over as Bank Governor to help steady and stabilise the economy, especially the value of the Leone.

I hope the President is listening.


  1. The journey of a thousand years begins in a SINGLE STEP. Loosely speaking, I admire president Bio Administration after those thugs in the criminal APC ERNEST BAI KOROMA Left the people of Sierra Leone in ‘HELLFIRE’. At a worst time he took over this nation’s governance. Things are difficult as it is and it is NOT easy to TURN Things round in the twinkling of an eyes. No quick fix is a solution to Sierra Leone’s problem. But with patience, patriotisms and devoted heart, Sierra Leone will see openly the new ways in our nation. God bless Sierra Leone.

  2. Mrs. Conteh, If you recommend a cabinet reshuffle based on the current MCC report, then what would have been your recommendation 5 to 10 years ago. Remember, Sierra Leone has never passed and scores were often dismal. So would you have recommended the government step down? Think about it.

  3. Those who have climbed the peaks of Everest in the freezing winter cold,will tell you,that you will the need the help of expert climbers,also known a mountaineers,if you also wish to do the same thing. Its no joke out there!. The same applies to politics,and governance in challenging,difficult,critical times. You will need level-headed,practical, skillful people to help you reach your ultimate goals. Strange indeed!

    All these SLPP Doctors and Professors,resembling a small standing army, gobbling huge salaries,while poor market women keep on struggling under the burning sun,to make ends meet,were only able to squeeze,and eke out,shockingly paltry,meaningless contributions,that counted almost as nothing(lmao) Let me reiterate – all the efforts of men like the freeloading Francis,the incompetent Saffa, intolerant, erratic Sandy, intolerant Kpakima,belligerent Madam Pratt,accounted for this heartbreaking,disgraceful failure,that was allowed to hatched quietly in the cradles of SLPP.

    Yes indeed, Indifference, and frivolity,were nurtured in the bosoms of the SLPP. Deny it! Its crystal clear,to me,that accountability was thrown out of the window,in the interest of partisan politics. Again,the writer’s comparison of the APC’s performance,in the past,with those of the SLPP presently is totally ludicrous, absurd,misplaced,inaccurate,and baseless. A failure is still a failure – a monkey dressed in a suit,and tie,is still called a monkey,and not referred to as – Gentleman, or Sir.(lol)

    Lets face it – they failed miserably! Sugarcoat it if you want,but it won’t change a damn thing. Give them all the advice you want, guide them carefully like little children,and they will still end up failing. Why? Because their eyes have become blind with arrogance,pride,and tribalism – and it is said that wherever vision has become clouded,and distorted by inordinate character,there also will you find confusion and lack of progress. Shame on these people!! Even suckling infants,can see,that they failed terribly,and miserably;(lol) deny it all you want,but it’s true.(lol) Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Saidu Conteh, your posts have become synonymous with the word tribalism. While you have never attempted to substantiate your claim with evidence, the reality is that for the first time in three election cycle, Sierra Leone has a semblance of power sharing. The chief executive officer is from the South, Chief legislator (Dr Abass Bundu) is from the North West. The Judiciary is headed by Westerners in the persons of Chief Justice Babatunde Edwards and Dr. Praticia Schwartz as Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

      The Head of Law enforcement Dr Richard Moigbe is from the East while head of the Army is from the North in the person of Lt General Sesay. Now compare to when we have Ernest Koroma, President, S.B. Dumbuya speaker, Chief Justice Cham, Head of Police Munu all hailing from Bombali district. Have you forgotten so soon hemor Saidu Conteh? Tribalism is in the figment of your imagination.

    • Mr Conteh. I have come to the conclusion that your mission here is not to engage in debate and civil exchange of ideas that could move Sierra Leone forward but to continuously insult and belittle those with whom you disagree or at variance. This is not a final warning because you have previously exhausted our level of tolerance. This is to put it on record that any comment deemed unacceptable will be completely (not partially) deleted.

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