Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden 2

Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden 2

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  1. Dr Sylvia Blyden has elected to represent herself in this highly charade trial. I will caution her – these people that she is dealing with are not interested in the truth. That word doesn’t exist in the world they inhabit. She has to understand from the president right down to his riff-raff supporters in the streets, they are wedded in the us versus them mentality. You are either with them or against them. Thats their interpretation of democracy. There is no middle ground. I can see the point why she decided to act on her behalf, against the state; or to put it rather bluntly, president Maada Boi’s ego. The truth is there is no truth in this case against her. The president himself went on national television, and said he is going after his opponents and he is going to hit them hard.

    Now Dr Sylvia Blyden and others are in the receiving end of that thunder bolt of threat, made by the elected leader of the country that is meant to protect every citizen’s rights in the country. The international community should observe these trials carefully, and ensure the accused are heard. Dr Blyden should know by now she has a mountain to climb in trying to expose the lies behind this case. She not only has to scale the mountain of justice, with no support mechanism, but rang against her and trying to stop her from reaching the mountain top, are the President and his fanatical supporters, the disgraceful sierra leone police, and the judges – all acting in tandem and pelting stones at her, making her life difficult as she carries the heavy bag of injustice on her back. Because they know once she reach that summit of the mountain, she will shine a light into the dark corners of our tainted judiciary.

    The one thing these political witch hunt trials have in common – they always take place in the middle of a crisis. The 70s was students riots against the old APC government of president Stevens. To me he was the worst president in the history of our country. He sowed the seeds of vendetta politics. His little play book of how to manufacture coups against your political opponents seemed to have a special place in the mantle piece of the president’s office at state House. I wish president Bio can burn that book and produce one that is entitled ‘How can a president improve the standard of living for his countrymen and women?

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