The wheels of Yumkella’s NGC third force political wagon come off as chairman Dennis Bright and others resign

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 01 February 2023:

Twenty-four hours they say is a long time in politics, but not for Dr Kandeh Yumkella and his opposition National Grand Coalition (NGC) party, which is now facing rapid meltdown as Chairman Dennis Bright, Arthur Pearce, and Mrs Nyamankoro Sillah today tendered their resignation from the NGC party that Yumkella helped to establish in 2017.

Positioned as Sierra Leone’s new third political force after winning five parliamentary seats at the 2018 elections, propelling Yumkella into the forefront of national politics, today the National Grand Coalition party is anything but a grand coalition, leaving serious questions unanswered about the future of not only the party itself – just four months before presidential and general elections are held, but the future of Dr Yumkella himself.

Shocking video and audio recordings of an angry Yumkella speaking to the party’s national executive council – the most powerful organ in the party, clearly shows that all is not well for NGC, as Yumkella indicated that he is leaving NGC to pursue his political dream with the ruling SLPP party, after a long courtship with the SLPP leader and president of Sierra Leone – Julius Maada Bio.

It was on the 1st of January 2023 (New Year’s Day) when Yumkella was seen attending church service with the president and his family (in the president’s hometown) that the people of Sierra Leone and many in the NGC party realised the extent of the deep friendship and political rapprochement that have been brewing between president Bio and Dr Yumkella, who many now say has lost his moral and political compass, heart and soul to the SLPP, possibly for a big job in the next government should the SLPP win the June 24 elections.

It was Yumkella’s relationship with president Bio and the SLPP that has provoked members and supporters of the NGC into accusing Yumkella of ultra-vires behaviour (acting beyond his powers as parliamentary leader of NGC).

Yumkella is also accused of feathering his own nest whilst abandoning the dream of the rank and file members of the NGC, which is to build a strong and powerful political third force in Sierra Leone, on the heels of the ruling SLPP and the main opposition APC.

But it seems Yumkella has decided that building the third force is taking far too long and that he is in a hurry to achieve his political ambition – which is to become president or vice president of Sierra Leone.

In 2018, Yumkella could have achieved his dream of playing a major role in governing Sierra Leone had he and his NGC party listened to the advice of the Sierra Leone Telegraph during the 2018 elections campaign, calling for NGC and Yumkella to enter into a political pact or coalition with the SLPP to form a government of national unity which Sierra Leone desperately needs.

Five years on, four wheels have fallen off the NGC wagon, leaving Yumkella precariously holding the wagon in place.

But how long before Yumkella buckles under the pressure and weight of resignations now sinking NGC?

Will Yumkella now formally tender his resignation after announcing last Saturday at the NGC’s national executive meeting that he is leaving the party?

Today Dr Dennis Bright, the man many describe as the architect and builder of the NGC machine has tendered his resignation from the party. You can read his letter below that has brough shock to members of the NGC as well as sympathisers.

Also resigning from the NGC party today is Mrs Nyamankoro Sillah who is the party’s Deputy Secretary General.

Yesterday, the Diaspora Co-ordinator of the party – Alan Luke, tendered his resignation to the Chairman of the party, Dr. Dennis Bright (Photo) who also has now waved goodbye to NGC, leaving Yumkella to either pick up the pieces or walk away and close the door.

But the hope of many die-hard NGC supporters who are determined to stay and build the party into the third force that they dream of, is that Yumkella will not throw a grenade into the NGC wagon before leaving.

In his resignation letter, Luke said: “The Salone Fos mantra of the party and its ideals of seeing thousands of our compatriots lifted out of poverty have been overtaken by self fos.”

He accused Yumkella of going against all that he preached against in the 2018 elections campaign including violence and intra-party discord.

Another big resignation from the NGC also came today from Arthur E. Pearce the party’s Regional Chairman – Western Area. This is what Pearce said in his damning letter:

“I write to resign from my position as Regional Chairman Western Area of the National Grand Coalition(NGC) Political Party & as a member of the National Grand Coalition(NGC) Political Party.

“The reasons for this decision in no way stem from grudge or malice but from Personal and Professional Values which I have held in high esteem throughout my years in politics.

“I strongly believe that an Alliance or Political Partnership with the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) at this particular time will kill public trust and respect that has long been an element of admiration for the NGC; and there is a great possibility of such agreement to put an end to the sustainability of the NGC after June 2023 Elections.

“I once communicated my position through the Leadership of our revered party and Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (Parliamentary Leader- NGC) that the decision a Political Party like NGC must make if we were to go into an Alliance must not be for the benefit of any individual or small group of persons, but for the survivability of NGC, thus our slogan- ‘U touch wan, U touch all’.

“Consequently, I have kept a sacred place within my heart for issues pertaining to NGC but I cannot sit by quietly and watch the party being dragged to its demise as it is seen to be done, hence I want to make very clear to the NGC Party and the public that based on Principles which I hold so dear and cannot compromise, especially at such a time in Sierra Leonean Politics, I will ask kindly that I be honoured the request of an amicable separation, effective Immediately.

“I have had wonderful relationships with members of the NGC and the KKY Movement since 2013 to date but today, 10 (ten) years after, I am saying goodbye to a political party in whose belief I rested my very life and  wishing each and every member the very best with politics in the National Grand Coalition(NGC) Political Party.”

Yesterday, the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph wrote to Dr Kandeh Yumkella requesting a chat to get his reaction to the wave of resignations that have now left his NGC party a broken wagon. But there was no response.

Will Dr Kandeh Yumkella go down in Sierra Leone’s history as the man who helped to establish what could have been a political third force in the country, and then responsible for killing it?

It also remains to be seen whether president Bio and his ruling SLPP still regard Dr Yumkella a highly-valued and precious political asset ahead of the June 24 elections, or a liability that is best kept out of the SLPP elections winning formula.

Read Dr Dennis Bright’s resignation letter below:



  1. Sierra Leone needs a third political party. Pragmatically regard these resignations as blessing-in-disguise; now we know them, a beneficial purgative. The onus now devolves on remaining members to arrange an election of replacements to with transparent accountability sustain some essential continuities such as good internal management, transparent accountability and administration – not rocket science. What are the current status of NGC’s central and branches finances? NGC now needs an INTERIM LEADER, ANY TAKERS?

  2. He is a con, selfish, and betrayer. He sold the Sierra Leone Refinery during his ministerial appointment during the NPRC depriving the nation the ability to refine crude oil into refined petrochemical products. Today we have bad grade petrochemicals that cloud the atmosphere of the city, a recipe for potential respiratory and Lung cancer disease.
    How could people trust such a man of bringing hope to a broken nation. Not in his dream.
    God bless Dr Bright “a man of your words for bring an awareness of people’s right in our beloved Sierra Leone.

  3. People of Sierra Leone, especially to those who have been disappointed, know that what goes around comes around. You once disappointed others to support Yumkella right? Now he has paid u in the same coin. But don’t worry, it will soon come back to him. Selfishness is ALWAYS repaid

  4. Kandeh Yumkella has used his own very hands to destroy the party he helped create.
    Like others he has become a victim of the high handed political machinations of those in power who are bent on making smaller opposition parties extinct weakening our democracy.
    Kandeh Yumkella may have been a good administrator in his working life outside politics but am afraid he lacks political leadership skills. In the leaked audio he clearly showed contempt for members of his party who disagree with his stance.
    Sierra Leoneans should never entrust Kandeh with leadership of our country.
    He is now a political liability and any attempt by the SLPP to make him relevant will be a terrible mistake.

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