World Bank Jim Yong Kim

World Bank Jim Yong Kim

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  1. MY ADVICE TO WORLD BANK: Moniess loaned by Sierra Leone Government from World Bank should be given an account for on what, how and where the money has been used or what development that is generated with these huge loans before a second loan. If not, we the people of this country will always continue to suffer, while those in governance enjoy the benefit of millions of people with their families. Giving their children western education, luxurious houses and vehicles and forget about the masses of this nation. Sierra Leone is a rich country based on our natural resources, however, I plead to World Bank to at least have sympathy for us the citizens or electorates of Sierra Leone (humanitarian feelings for us).

    I know you make profit through these loans but please help us to watch on what these funds do, with clear examples and pictures before another loan as I said above. John sesay (Almighty John) an high school student and also a promising Sierra Leone political redeemer by God’s Grace.

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