Today the world remembers Sierra Leone’s king of pop Bunny Mack

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 July 2016

Twelve months ago, people around the world said goodbye to one of Africa’s greatest musicians – Bunny Mack, whose music continues to rock dance floors and serenade the airwaves.

Bunny Mack passed away after a short illness in London on Saturday, 11th July, 2015. Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, he rose to global fame after recording a string of hits.

He was born Cecil Bunting MacCormack on the 3rd of December 1945 in Freetown. He attended the Buxton Boys School, the Government Model Middle School and the Prince of Wales Secondary School in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

At the age of six, Bunny began playing the harmonica and penny-whistle, making his first public appearance at age eight. Later, he started playing both the banjo & guitar and singing in church choirs.

He launched his career in music when he formed a band called The Daverns, along with a group of friends.  After taking the stage name Kenny Marson, he joined the band Soundcasters ’66 and went to the UK where their first single was released in 1967.

BUNNY MACKTwo years later “Oh How I Miss Her” was a UK hit. The band then relocated to Germany. They performed in Europe for a year, but then split up. Bunny performed with several other musicians and in the late 1970’s, he finally teamed up with the Afro National producer, Akie Deen who was also from Sierra Leone.

His second single with Deen “Funny Lady / Discolypso” brought a commercial breakthrough, and the follow-up track – ‘Let Me Love You Forever’ confirmed Bunny’s success.

Bunny Mack3In 1981, his first LP “Let Me Love You” became a disco hit which he recorded along musicians such as Alfred Bannerman, George Lee, Jake Sollo, and Papa Mensah.

His disco/funk/calypso fusion featured English lyrics to a thumping dance beat, and as a result, Bunny Mack was voted musician of the year by Africa Music magazine and was awarded a golden disc for “Let Me Love You”.

In November 2009, American rapper Wale, made a remix version of the song that was included on the album ‘Attention Deficit’. The song was also featured in the British music Charts.

In 2014, the remix version of the song ‘LET ME LOVE YOU’ was also featured on Capital Xtra Afro beats Top 10 Music Charts on a new version called ‘My Sweetie’.

Cecil Bunting MacCormack was not only an immensely talented musician. He was deeply passionate about Freemasonry, in which he held a London Grand Rank. He was a member of the Royal Arch, Mark and Royal Ark Mariner.

Bunny’s wife Violet, children, grand children, brothers and sisters, and the rest of the family in London, Sierra Leone, the United States of America and other parts of the world, are thanking God for the life that he gave Bunny, which touched so many around the Globe.

Bunny Mack22There is no doubt, Bunny Mack left too soon.

And for the family, friends, Masonic brethren, and the thousands that attended his funeral to pay their respects and say goodbye twelve months ago, his memory and legacy will continue to live on and remain shining, just like the bright morning star.

“His family, friends and fans love him, but God loves him best,” says his wife Violet.

Generations of music lovers all over the world, will continue to sing and dance to his great music, not forgetting the lyrics: “You are my sweetie, my sugar, my honey, my lover….so let me love you, forever……O yeah!!

You can watch and listen to Bunny’s outstanding performances on YouTube 


  1. Gone but not forgotten. Two years ago we said goodbye. But today your music lives on. We are still rocking to the melodic sounds of Easy Dancin, Let Me Love You and many more.

    May your soul continue to live in perfect peace. Please give our regards to Dr. Oloh, Roggie, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and all of our dearly departed. Peace.

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