Tribalism – the bane of development progress in Sierra Leone – vote wisely

Lamin Costo Daramy: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 March 2018:

Tribalism, regionalism and sectionalism in Sierra Leone politics, are some of the key reasons why our beloved Mama Salone is still in the doldrums, hindering development in communities and regions across the country, and manifesting in social injustice, marginalisation, nepotism, favouritism, violent conflicts and loss of life.

Tribal politics in our beloved Mama Salone is driving blatant corruption, with over 70% of our population now living in abject poverty.

Lawlessness and impunity by the affluent few that are raping our natural resources, go uncheck.

Poor governance, the erosion of trust and confidence in our public officials have become the cancer that is destroying the fabric of our nation.

Petty thieves are languishing at Pademba Road prison, whilst the grand thieves are running and ruining our country. How bizarre?

If you read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, you’ll find out that these were some of the catalysts of the senseless war that took the lives of thousands of our fellow Sierra Leoneans.

I’m not saying a vote for Dr. Alhaji Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, will immediately eradicate these ills in our society, because we did not get to this point in the last week, month, year or decade.

However, I believe that by electing Dr Yumkella, we will have the change of direction that Sierra Leone desperately needs, through good governance, transparency, equality, social and economic justice.

My fellow Sierra Leoneans, for decades now we have not voted based on political ideologies. Also, our political psyche is deeply tribal and primordial. But let us ask ourselves how this has benefited our beloved Mama Salone that is blessed beyond measure with natural resources, compared to other countries.

Sierra Leone is still ranked among the poorest countries in the world after almost 57 years of political independence. And we are now about to lose our hard won independence to China, if the APC party are voted in again.

We now have the highest infant mortality rate in the world, the lowest life expectancy rate, the worst maternal mortality rate, and a ridiculously high unemployment rate.

Sierra Leone needs change – a change we can trust and believe in.

Ironically, we have a President who is ranked among the richest heads of State in the world.

Politicians don’t get rich unless they are crooks.

My fellow Sierra Leoneans, vote wisely on March 7th. We cannot be making the same mistakes and expecting a different result. High time we vote for a CHANGE we can believe in and trust.


  1. I profoundly blame the APC for all the violence, corruption, nepotism and other malaise in the country. People are stealing our natural resources and impoverishing the country further. How can we live in a country like that? People are left behind and corruption is high. Can this situation be remedied? Tribalism is also the root cause of what is breaking Sierra Leone again. Don´t forget “ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE”

  2. I totally agree that Sierra Leone needs change. I am a firm believer that a country or anyone cannot continue doing the exact same thing and expect different outcomes. Changes come with innovation, new ideas, new attitude, and selfless act from the leaders who are supposed to look out for the best interest of the country, as well as the citizens of the country.

    If these changes are not implemented, I believe that Sierra Leone is always going to encounter destitution and many other negative factors that can potentially create more chaos that would be beyond our imaginatios.

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