Tribute to the departed SLPP national publicity secretary Musa Tamba Sam

Julius Maada Bio (Former president of Sierra Leone)

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 March 2015

MusaTamba SamOn Tuesday, 3rd March 2015, the claws of death snatched away a father, a husband, a colleague, a friend, a brother and an audacious politician. The late Hon. Musa Tamba Sam (Photo) was an effective debater, a persuasive communicator and a passionate politician.

Since his demise, the outpouring of grief and sadness by many Sierra Leoneans, regardless of political party affiliation, has shown that as a politician Tamba Sam was widely respected and admired for the brilliance he so often demonstrated in discussing national political issues in our country.

The late Tamba Sam was unique in many ways. His brilliance in debates shone as brightly as a diamond and the substance of his argument no less cutting and impressionable.

Just as he left many a political opponent in awe with the magnificence of his articulation of the SLPP position on national issues, so did his superior grasp of national issues and the ingenious rendition of them, sufficed to provide the glue that fastened many a listener to their seats to the very end.

As the National Publicity Secretary of the SLPP, his voice could be heard almost daily on the national airwaves, just as his travels took him throughout the length and breadth of Sierra Leone, engaging people in their local communities and villages about the policies and values of the SLPP, and educating them about how our Party differed materially from all other parties.

The late Tamba Sam was easily one of the best communicators of his generation, and wherever he went he carried with him the personification of the SLPP.

For many years, I have been privileged to have received the support of the late Tamba Sam in the pursuit of my political ambition.

Boy walks in the river in Kroo Bay slum looking for scrap metal to sell. Kroo Bay, Freetown, Sierra Leone.His support for me was based upon our shared vision for the quality of life we both aspired to see in our country – a country that is united, peaceful, progressive and developed, where people have equal and unfettered access to education, jobs, food and good health; and where there is rule of law, justice and opportunity for all without discrimination.

Above all, Tamba Sam and I had a common interest in the hopes and aspirations of ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

Like many other people, we were all deeply committed to seeing the legitimate return of the Sierra Leone People’s Party to national governance, in which our shared vision would be actualised.

Tamba-SamUnfortunately, the cold hand of death has now denied Tamba Sam the opportunity to complete that journey, with the rest of us to achieve that shared vision of the SLPP for our country.

Therefore, no honour to the memory of Tamba Sam can be greater than the complete and total determination of all of us to his selfless commitment and dedication to the SLPP, and to its imminent and triumphant return to national governance in 2017/2018.

Tamba Sam showed courage in the face of adversity, and was never ever encumbered by his illness.

slpp1Therefore, as we all unite today in our grief for the late Tamba Sam, we must also seize this opportunity to strengthen our common bond as party members, and do everything humanly possible to foster peace and unity within the SLPP.

In his honour and that of all other dedicated party members we have lost in this noble struggle, we must all renew our unflinching commitment to the founding principle of our great SLPP Party – one people, one country, because together we are stronger and together we shall triumph.

Sierra Leone will miss one of her bravest politicians, and the Sierra Leone People’s Party will miss a dedicated and selfless servant.

With a grieving heart, I express my condolences to Mrs Tamba Sam and children, the entire family and friends at home and abroad.

We love you, Tamba Sam, but Jesus loves you best. You were a gift from God and may your spirit experience heavenly peace.

About the Author:

Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio is SLPP Presidential Candidate (2012), and currently Senior Research Fellow at the John & Elnoral Ferguson Centre for African Studies (JEFCAS), University of Bradford, UK.

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