UN responds to request to look deep into President Bio’s atrocities in Sierra Leone 

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 January 2024:

The United Nations has finally put the Sierra Leone situation on its agenda. This is a result of our (concerned Sierra Leoneans’) closed door meeting in November with the office of the UN Secretary General at the UN in New York.

Readers may recall our trip to the UN and the U.S State Department on 23rd November 2023. Many thought it was a joke, but I told you that we were well received and fully assured that our complaints against President Bio will be looked into by the UN.

Thanks to our team that went to the UN and U.S State Department.

On Thursday 11th January at 10:00 a.m. in the General Assembly Hall (UN), there will be a debate on the security situation in Sierra Leone; and a closed-door meeting will follow thereafter regarding the ongoing tripartite Investigation Committee (1pm New York). Please note the 10 am debate broadcast live on UN Web TV and the Closed-door meeting is self-explanatory.


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  1. The attrocities still on the rampage. the international community is extremely too slow for Sierra Leone current situation. even the animals are living better than the majority of those living in Sierra Leone currently.

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