Vice president Foh awakens the spirits of ruling APC party founders 

John Baimba Sesay – Freetown

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 May 2015

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Sierra Leone’s vice president – Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh, on Sunday, 10th May, ended a three day long visit to the Tonko Limba Chiefdom, in Madina, headquarter town of the chiefdom, in the Kambia District, where he succeeded in politically bringing back the departed souls of the founding fathers of the All People’s Congress.

The visit was aimed at taking Kambia District away from Ebola, rejuvenated fond memories of valuable contributions of the Party’s founding fathers to the nation’s development. It also lifted high the significance of Tonko Limba Chiefdom in Sierra Leone’s political dispensation of the APC.

The climax of the VP’s address was the Ebola virus and government’s efforts to achieve zero cases and staying at zero.

With his strong political lineage to the governing APC, vice president Foh has, since assuming the position of vice president, continued to support president Ernest Bai Koroma’s Agenda in its entirety, and more especially in the area of taking the Party to the people.

During his visit to Tonko Limba Chiefdom, the vice president stopped over at Samie Town, hometown of the late C A Kamara–Taylor, where he paid glowing tributes to the late political guru, referring to his numerous outstanding and significant roles he played to the APC and this country.

From Samie Town, vice president Foh attended Juma Muslim prayers at the Madina Central Mosque before visiting Kabasa Village, home of the late president Siaka Stevens.

Traditional rites were performed in memory of the late president Stevens, founder and leader of the APC.

On Saturday, May 9, VP Foh visited various community development projects spearheaded by C A Kamara-Taylor in Madina Town, including the international market, the government secondary school and the Madina Town Hall.

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Addressing a huge crowd of Thonko Limba subjects, supporters, sympathizers and party loyalists at the C A Kamara-Taylor Hall in Madina Town, vice president Foh said that had it not been for the hardwork, loyalty and dedication to the APC of people like Siaka Stevens, C A Kamara-Taylor and S I Koroma, the party could not have been in power today and he (Foh), could not have been the country’s vice president today.

Amidst thunderous and deafening applause from the huge crowd, vice president Foh said “The late C A Kamara-Taylor was a father figure to me and many others in the APC. And to his sons and daughters, I ask them to take me as their brother, and I do promise to work with them.”

The vice president also expressed same sentiments for the late Siaka Stevens, whom he said “took me as a son”.

During his visit to Tonko Limba, the vice president demonstrated that as a party and country, people should not forget the good work of the founding fathers of the APC, because they rendered conscientious service to the APC.

Visiting a number of community self-help projects undertaken in the Chiefdom by the late CA Kamara-Taylor, vice president Foh said, he was impressed with what he saw, “in terms of local community efforts for development.  I have seen the handiwork of the late C A Kamara-Taylor. “What a man he was, diligent, committed. He worked selflessly for the country and for his people.”

Ambassador Foh called on supporters of the Party to follow the good work of the party’s late founding fathers.

Speaking about gratitude, vice president Foh said, because he has remained grateful to the APC, he has never abandoned the party for any other political party in the country. He implored all and sundry to remain loyal to the party and emphasized that party unity was vital for the continued survival and growth of the APC.

Speaking on issues raised by previous speakers regarding development in the chiefdom, the vice president said, the APC as a Party owes the people of Tonko. He assured the people of Tonko Limba that the government of president Koroma will work tirelessly to meet the development needs of not just the people of Tonko Limba, but the country as a while.

On behalf of president Ernest Bai Koroma, vice president Foh said, the Kambia-Tonko Limba road is part of the government’s roads program, and assured all that the road will be fixed while appealing to the people to “work together”.

On the Ebola virus, the vice president thanked the people of Tonko Limba Chiefdom for maintaining a zero case since the start of the virus a year ago. “Ebola, is real and as such, people should comply with regulations laid down by government,” he maintained.

Several speakers thanked the vice president for his timely visit to Tonko Limba and  paid special tribute to him for his unflinching and unwavering loyalty to the governing All People’s Congress.

Abu Bakarr Kamara-Taylor Jr. on behalf of the Kamara-Taylor family, thanked vice president Foh for reawakening the fond memories of their late Dad. He likened the current vice president to his late Dad in terms of loyalty and dedication to the core values and philosophies of the APC.

“Mr. Vice President, your visit is timely. We are proud that you are honouring our late Dad. We appreciate your efforts and we will give you all the support you need during your vice presidency.”

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Regional Chairman for the governing APC – Alimamy Petito Koroma in his statement, spoke of the challenges brought by the Ebola Virus Disease in the country’s development efforts. The government, he said, has done a lot in trying to eradicate the virus but stressed that there were still challenges yet to put behind us.

On the visit by vice president Foh to Tonko Limba, Koroma referred to Ambassador Foh as a political mechanic for the governing APC. The visit, he said, was a demonstration of true love for the district by the vice president. He therefore called on the people of Kambia to demonstrate support for the vice president.  Koroma also paid tribute to the work of C A Kamara-Taylor and Siaka Stevens.

Other speakers included the Resident Minister North – Alie D. Kamara, Minister of Youth Affairs – Alimamy Kamara, Member of Parliament – Patrick L Kamara, Ambassador Dauda Kamara, and the Chief of Staff – Saidu Conton Sesay. The meeting was chaired by minister of Agriculture – Dr. Sam Sesay.

The vice president was accompanied by a number of people from the South-East, government ministers and public officials – including the central Bank Governor – Momodu Kargbo and APC party officials.

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