Vice President Foh registers to vote – but will he stand for the presidency?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 March 2017

The vice President of Sierra Leone – Victor Bockarie Foh and wife – Mrs. Jonta Foh have this morning – Wednesday, 22nd March, 2017 took part in the voter registration exercise at the Old School Complex – Hill Station, Constituency 128, Ward 413, Western Urban.

The voter registration process which kicked off on Monday, 20th March, 2017 will last for four weeks, ending 16th April, 2017.

Speaking to the press shortly after his registration, Vice President Foh called on all Sierra Leoneans of voting age to come out and register their intention to vote at the 2018 elections.

This process he said, will give citizens an opportunity for their voice to be heard. He reiterated that their vote is their voice, but warned that if they fail to register their voice won’t be heard on 7th March, 2018.

The Vice President appealed to Sierra Leoneans to be patient with the registration system, noting that the system being used for the process is new and there is lots of information to be captured.

The essence, he said, is to register everybody. He praised the National Electoral Commission (NEC) for a job well done so far, but warned that there must be no politics in the process.

On Monday, 20th March 2017, president Koroma and his wife – Mrs. Sia Koroma were among the first to register their intention to vote in 2018. They registered at the NIBATT 13 – Goderich Community Primary School in Constituency 109, Ward 364, Western Rural.

Speaking to journalists shortly after registering, President Koroma called on all Sierra Leoneans to register in their numbers to be eligible to vote on elections day 7th March 2018.

He said that the registration process is not just for next year’s elections, but also for national identification purposes. “This registration is a must for everyone,” he reiterated.

President Koroma has registered his interest to vote. But as this is his last and final term in office, he will not be putting his own name forward to the ruling APC party at the forthcoming convention for the presidential election next year. He will be among the 3.5 million voters that will be going out on the 7th of March 2018 to vote for a new government.

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  1. Did anyone notice the table that our noble Honorable VP is registering on?

    With all the 709 carat diamond just discovered? Where are we going from here as a nation?

    PS: At one of the most famous or used to be famous night clubs in the country: Old School!

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