Violence in Freetown as police fire bullets and tear gas at crowds celebrating the return of APC presidential candidate

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 February 2023:

Several opposition supporters have been seriously injured, including the newly elected National Secretary General of Sierra Leone’s main opposition APC party – Lansana Dumbuya and his driver, when heavily armed soldiers stopped their vehicle in a convey carrying the party’s newly elected presidential candidate Dr Samura Kamara, heading into Freetown from Makeni.

According to Lansana Dumbuya, the soldiers said they were instructed by the President to stop their vehicles, and in the process Lansana and his driver were badly beaten up by the soldiers.

The following videos tell a grim story of what happened in Freetown this evening, as hundreds of thousands of APC supporters came out in the streets to celebrate the return of Dr Samura Kamara from Makeni, where he was elected at the party’s national convention last weekend as their presidential candidate for the forthcoming elections slated for June 24th.


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  1. Using football analogy, Manchester United or Bombali United having a rally to show the world that they are now stronger based on their recent successful conference, I expect the entire team members including the coach and the team manager to be together. How did the midfielder or secretary of the team ended up around the presidential lodge without his teammates as an uninvited guest? Everyone needs to make an appointment to see the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces especially during the Armed Forces Day.
    If the newly elected Secretary General of the APC needs the attention of our president, he just introduced himself negatively to the whole world. In this era of social media, Sierra Leoneans are smarter than the 60’s and 70’s when PROPAGANDA was the best political weapon. Any form of violence should be condemned during this election cycle.

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