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Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 August 2017

John Bonoh Sisay has launched his policy plan and vision he thinks Sierra Leone needs for  transformation. The plan promises eight  pledges.

These are his pledges to the people of Sierra Leone. But can he deliver? What are the costs? What are his implementation strategies?

1. Better Education for all with 10,000 high quality teachers through a combination of new teacher recruitment/training

2. Better Opportunities for the young with new jobs and programmes to help young people find work and start businesses.

3. Better Help in hard times through the National Social Safety Net.

4. A Better Economy with a National Prosperity Fund to invest in our future.

5. Better Justice for all with a new Human Rights Act.

6. Better Health for all with affordable primary & preventive healthcare and a trained health worker in every community.

7. A Stronger Salone with big companies paying their way and a better deal for small business.

8. Better Politics holding listening events in every district to hear from you directly.

Why has Sisay not prioritised electricity and water FOR ALL?

Join Samuel Wise Bangura this Tuesday at 1pm on AYV TV and Radio on channel 33 and FM 101.6 respectively, will question John Bonoh Sisay.

You can also Log on to or download the AYV Mobile App and be part of the Interactive Show. Remember you can participate via texting to 099101333.

Will John Bonoh Sisay apologise to the female journalist he threatened with assault yesterday?

Will the ruling APC elect him as their presidential flagbearer, after his use of gender based violence language to a female journalist? 

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  1. Mr. Sisay is subject to major international investigations for bribing SL government officials. This should not come as a surprise for anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

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