Watch Sierra Leone AYV TV this Sunday evening – as SLPP publicity secretary is wanted by police

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 November 2017

The heat of political competition is apparent all over Sierra Leone. In recent weeks, as evidence of the heightening tension, reports of skirmishes between party supporters and police have become commonplace.

In this dicey environment, this week came the bombshell of SLPP senior official being hunted by Police.

On the back of a potentially disruptive move at such a sensitive period, the siege on SLPP Publicity Secretary, Lahai Leema is the hot issue under the lens on AYV this Sunday.

Join Angela as she hosts Alieu Kanu – Chairman of the Independent Media Commission; Lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai from the Society for Democratic Initiative; renowned journalist – Ibrahim Samura; SLPP Campaign Chairman  – Dr. Alie Kabba; and Agibu Tejan Jalloh from the Office of the Government Spokesman.

You can watch the debate starting at 7:00pm this Sunday. Are state organs being used to contract the democratic space in Sierra Leone? Find out on AYV channel 33, AYV Radio 101.6 FM,

On facebook you can catch us on and on the AYV mobile app this Sunday 12th November, from 7:00pm. Remember the live audience should be in the studio by 6:30pm.


  1. This event that took place at the broadcasting station is purely a civil matter that should have been handled by the courts since there was no evidence of violence or weapons involved. In my opinion, the accused was just trying to exercise his first amendment rights ( freedom to speak and to have an opportunity to be heard). If he entered a public building and anyone felt disrespected, he should be fined if proven guilty by the civil court.

    My advice to the authorities concerned is not to politicize this matter since the level of anger within our nation is at an all time high and to stop bullying the weak. And the government needs to focus on important issues such as hunger, since we have been rated as the third hungriest nation on planet earth which is a recipe for anger because ” A HUNGRY MAN IS AN MAN”.

  2. The APC party is in death throes and they are bent on pulling all the punches to ensure their political survival. These political intimidation and harassment of opposition members have the potential of destabilizing our country and sending us back to war.

    President Koroma should follow the example of Late President Ahmad Tejan Kabba, who had the fortitude to hand over power to the APC at the end of his term for the perseverance of peace, even when there was enough evidence that the Electoral Commissioner overreached her authority.

    those who have Ernest Bai Koroma’s ear should tell him to desist any attempt at manipulating the election, otherwise, his retirement wont be a happy one. Like Yayah Jammeh, he will not be able to enjoy his ill gotten wealth in Sierra Leone, and there will be no place for him to hide because he will be hounded like a field rat.

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