We are not driving away investors from Sierra Leone – says opposition APC

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 February 2020:

An article written by the SLPP veteran – Dr Sama Banya and published in the Sierra Leone Telegraph on Sunday, 2nd February 2020, has drawn a quick response from the opposition APC party.

Dr, Banya accuses APC of trying to sabotage the efforts of the government in attracting foreign investors into the country.

But today, a statement from the APC strongly denies the accusations, and instead says that the negative and destructive policies of the ruling SLPP are themselves responsible for the decision of investors to stay away from the shores of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone needs over $4 Billion of investments in key sectors, in order to diversify the ailing economy, create jobs and improve the living standards of millions of people in the country, 70% of whom are unemployed.

After almost two years in government, the ruling SLPP is still struggling to manage the economy as unemployment continues to rise, inflation soaring, interest rates becoming more and more unaffordable, the value of the Leone falling against major global currencies, export earnings declining, while public debt continues to grow alarmingly.

Amid these economic difficulties, there is growing political instability in the country, caused by a spate of rioting and violence as tensions between the SLPP and APC worsen.

This is the APC statement:




  1. Since the first day the notorious,vindictive, SLPP assumed the reins of power and Bio was sworn into office,the atmosphere in our country was transformed,instantly into a volatile war zone. True. In the twinkle of an eye,there were Gestapos dressed in green everywhere,ruthlessly exercising their full control,without showing any amount of empathy or restraint whatsoever! A time for weeping,sorrow,and regret had come;All good things were once again,swept away,by the tides of ignorance, tribalism, and nepotism.

    So so very sad to see that the comforts,rewards, and assurances,once provided by a gentle, glowing light,that was left purposefully behind by the judicious hands of the legendary APC, to lead,and direct the poor out of the ways of doom and gloom,was quickly replaced by an eerie disquieting,frightening,darkness,that brought complete sadness,with just a snap of the fingers,and. flip of a switch.This President is still frantically on the run,yet no one has been chasing him.(lol) He’s still looking for answers to questions no one has even tried to asked.(lol) He has been around the world,on Jet planes,cruises,and on horseback,looking for investors,yet found none;(lol)

    He feels no remorse leaving his house in jeopardy and disarray,allowing it to crumble,and become a bizarre place where anything,and the worst of everything is fine, permissible (lol) – discreet thefts, rampant briberies,corrupt practices,and mindless brutality have now become the newest norms in our beloved blessed Sierra Leone..How many times do I have to tell these delusional people: Quit telling lies,and stop pointing your silly fingers at the APC; You have only your incompetent selves to blame for the troubling atmosphere of discord you have created and maintained in our Sierra Leone today,that’s why investors are refusing to come.

    Nobody wants to invest where they will be bullied, harassed, molested, tricked and robbed by arrogant men who are lacking in good judgement; Men who have never ever in their miserable lives found the courage to open an ordinary wayside Cookery joint or a ramshackle corner “Palampo” Apeteshie Bar for themselves before (lmao)…Rising Sun Will Rise. Again.

  2. For now, I am out of cash to purchase some credits but I will be back when that problem gets solved; continue saying whatever. Alhaji Foday Osman Yansaneh and the others keep it on going.

  3. I want the APC to know that, people like me and many reasonable Sierra Leoneans know who are driving the investors away. It’s not the APC but, the policies and some barbaric, reckless and tyrant actors within the SLPP. More importantly, the SLPP should try sorting out the excellent mess they have created since President Bio took power in 2018. They should take responsibility for their careless handling of power and state affairs.

    The blame game should be over by now but, I don’t know why the SLPP continues to play the blame game, two years since coming into office. It’s just ridiculous and disgusting. What a shame. God bless the APC leadership to elect a leader, that will win and clear this excellent mess our country is now swimming in, come 2023. God bless the people of Sierra Leone.

    • Sahr Matturi,

      “Excellent mess”? Never heard of that. Be careful what you wish for, buddy. Pitting your man, Samuel Samsumana, against president Bio, assuming that the APC tribalists give him a sniff, will be suicidal politically.

      President Bio will crush any APC flagbearer in 2023, including Siaka Stevens. Wake the dictator up from his eternal slumber and the APC will still lose by landslide. There will be no second round of voting in the presidential elections of 2023.

  4. I am by no means a fanatic of the APC party; during their 10yrs tenure, a lot of terrible things took place which some can equate to exactly what we are observing with the current PAOPA government. Nevertheless, this particular press release hit the nail on the coffin. As every patriotic Sierra Leonean will point out, the regime’s thirst for power and absolute control of all branches of government, coupled with their ill-advised rush to target investors and businesses with higher taxes along with cancellation and suspension of some business licenses can never be disassociated with our current economic malaise.

    The SLPP government can continue to point fingers at different groups, however, the fact remains, they are in governance. For 2 yrs, they have total control and have all tools to right things. They have the freedom to enact and enforce laws with the security apparatus at their disposal. Instead of instilling total law and order, what we have observed over the past 2 years is allowing SLPP supporters and sympathizers to take the law into their own hands.

    There have been countless incidents where well known SLPP thugs inflict mayhem into innocents citizens, some even go to social media to boast about their untouchable nature – claiming they are in governance. “Na wi get dis government”. The police are aware of this regime thugs yet the government is protecting them. Time and again, what we have observed instead is the arresting of opposition leaders who in many cases are not even within the vicinity of violent clashes. All it takes is for any SLPP member to allege or name an opposition figure that he/she claims was seen taking part in the violence.

    An SLPP parliamentary candidate was even claiming that she saw former president EBK participating in throwing stones at her compound. Who will believe such an absurd claim? Only die-hard PAOPA fanatics whose sole aim is to annihilate any opposition.

    As the regime clocks its 2yrs anniversary in governance, they must remind themselves that, the citizens of Salone care less about the blame game. For 2 yrs we have seen the same finger pointing with nothing changing for the better. Time is running fast Mr. Government. Forget the blame game, fix our ailing economy, show some leadership by fostering national cohesion that will result in peace and stability.

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