Yenga occupied by Guinea

Yenga occupied by Guinea

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  1. Let’s be honest with ourselves about this Yenga saga. There has been no tension between the Republic of Sierra Leone and the Republic of Guinea since the agreement that was signed between them during the Ernest Bai Koroma Administration. Why the tension now? You do not have to be a political scientist to figure out why the escalation at that border. President Professor Alpha Conde does not trust the present Sierra Leone government with border security in my view. Remember that the vice president of Sierra Leone is seen by the opposition in Guinea, as their own. We do not know whether it is true or how deep that relationship between our vice president and the Guinean opposition is.

    That remains to be fact checked. If that is true, then Professor Alpha Conde has every right to proactively try and protect his country from external threats, if he is suspicious of aggression or invasion from anywhere. The late President JS Momoh failed to pursue a similar operation at the Sierra Leone – Liberia border when the chaos started in Liberia. If our then army would have gone at least ten miles into Liberia from Kenema and Kailahun, Charles Taylor should not have had the guts to invade our country.

    I hear some talking about military intervention. That is premature and makes no sense both in the short and long term. A war at the border will be deadly and costly. No one will win and Yenga will be under the control of the Guinean Army. There should be no military option as last resort under this present team at the helm of authority in Sierra Leone. If that happens, God forbid, Sierra Leone will be under a State of Emergency and self imprisonment till the Bio SLPP kakistocracy leaves office. They will have the opportunity to rig and intimidate the opposition to win the next election in the name of a State of Emergency. God bless Sierra Leone. May the soul of our former President JS Momoh rest in peace and may his memories be a blessing to all. Amen and Amen. Father God.

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