We will announce election results after 50 percent of counting – says NEC chief

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 March 2018:

Sierra Leone’s social media is rife with speculation and rumours about which party is winning the elections. Visit the respective sites of the political parties and you get a sense of how fake results are being peddled and consumed by their supporters.

But that’s to be expected, as the mind game continues, ahead of the official announcement by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) in the coming days or week.

The head of NEC informed the media yesterday that, he will be announcing the results once most of the counting have been completed. Two days on, since polling, how much work has been done by NEC?

This is a statement published today by NEC, showing the progress they have made so far. Out of the sixteen Districts, only three have had 50% or more of their results counted, with only two showing more than 75% completed:


  1. Bio has won the race we are just waiting for the announcement. what I believe is happening right now is, some negotiation is taking place. I believe they are talking to Bio secretly, not to put the APC leadership on a Commission of Inquiry and that pledge must be signed before everything is over. But trust me, the Ebola and mudslide victims must receive their benefits.

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