What price re-electing President Ernest Koroma in November?

Sheku Lexmond Koroma

28 April 2012

President Koroma who was awarded the presidency in 2007 is now one of top five richest Presidents in Africa, according to a leaked document from a top APC operative. When the president declared his assets in 2007, it was not worth up to a million dollars.

But the president is now so endowed with wealth, that he has demolished his two hundred thousand dollars house in Goderich, and according to sources close to him the new structure will cost approximately five million dollars.

His ascent to power in 2007, left most Sierra Leoneans with high hopes for a better future, but today, those hopes have vanished into thin air.

Yet, the president seems determined to stay on in power at all cost, regardless of our economic degradation, poor educational system, high cost of living and the massive corruption in his government.

Even with the help of paid media publicists, the president is not likely to win the coming election.

And why should the people of Sierra Leone entrust him with power for a second term, with the economy in tatters, uncontrolled printing of money by his government, long queues at petrol stations and increasingly high cost of living?

In contrast to the dehumanising way of life our people are having to endure, president Koroma and his corrupt operatives are said to be relentlessly and recklessly buying houses abroad.

Sadly, our country is now deeply divided due to Koroma’s bigoted policy of tribalism, regionalism and political witch hunting.

Too many people are being short listed for public sector jobs based on the names they carry rather than competence, qualifications and work experience.

Others are being sacked for their slightest support for any of the opposition political parties – especially the SLPP. People from the southern or eastern regions of the country stand less chance of gaining employment in the government.

It is all too late now for president Koroma to start covering up the incompetence of his government and its divisive schemes. Our social cohesion is in tatters and our people are desperate to be rescued from this malevolent regime.

The president must be foolish in believing that he will win the forthcoming election. Although I have always purported, that he is nevertheless prepared to violently crush every obstacle in his path to re-election.

This has been manifested in the recent ‘execution’ of the people of Tonkolili district. The mine workers, who legitimately protested against one of President Koroma’s re-election sponsors, were shot and killed by police on orders from the President.

The president has surrounded himself with war criminals and yet cannot protect his people against foreign investors. What a shame.

If the President cannot honour our constitution, which undoubtedly states that it is his duty to protect the citizens, why should they vote for him to serve another term?

Since his ascension to power, violence has been the hallmark of his government, and nobody has been punished for the brutalization and the killing of our people. What a heartless president.

Why should the Tonkolili people pay such a high price for the protection of African Minerals?

The people of Tonkolili should be rest assured that the culprits in the police force responsible for those crimes will be brought to justice.


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