Where is Sierra Leone’s sacked Auditor General Lara Taylor Pearce?

Dr Doma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 October 2023:

Over twenty months have passed since President Bio took the controversial step of unconstitutionally sacking the Auditor General of Sierra Leone, Lara Taylor Pearce. Her dismissal came in the wake of the publication of a damning report highlighting serious financial mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds within State House and various government ministries.

But as time has passed, the question lingers: Where is Lara Taylor Pearce now, and what’s happening with her case?

Rather than addressing the allegations of financial misconduct with the gravity they deserved, President Bio opted to replace Lara Taylor Pearce with a seemingly less qualified individual, raising concerns about political motivations behind the decision.

Furthermore, the President established a committee of Judges to investigate allegations of impropriety and professional misconduct purportedly committed by Lara Taylor- Pearce.

However, after nearly two years of investigation, there has been no concrete evidence to implicate Lara Taylor Pearce.

This raises questions about the legitimacy of the claims against her and the motives behind her sudden removal from the position of Auditor General.

The absence of concrete findings by the committee investigating Lara Tayor-Pearce’s alleged improprieties calls into question the entire process. It appears the allegations against her were either unfounded or that the evidence, if it ever existed, has not been substantiated.

This leaves observers wondering whether the investigation was truly intended to uncover wrongdoing or if it was merely a means to tarnish the reputation of a dedicated public servant.

The lack of transparency and the apparent absence of substantial findings have only fuelled speculation and heightened concerns regarding the treatment of whistleblowers and those who dare to expose corruption.

This situation underscores the importance of maintaining the independence and integrity of institutions responsible for ensuring accountability and transparency in government operations.

As the tribunal is scheduled to resume its proceedings, the whereabouts and status of Lara Taylor-Pearce remain uncertain. Many are eager to know what has transpired during these twenty months and what the future holds for this former Auditor General.

Will the allegations against her be definitively proven, or will her removal ultimately be viewed as a politically motivated act?

In the coming weeks and months, Sierra Leoneans will be watching closely, hoping for clarity and transparency regarding the case of Lara Taylor Pearce.

The integrity of the country’s institutions and its commitment to fighting corruption and ensuring accountability hang in the balance.

Only time will tell what’s happening, but one thing is certain – the questions surrounding the sacked Auditor General must be answered.



  1. In my entire experience as a Sierra Leonean the case of Lara Taylor-Pearce and her deputy is unique – it’s the first thing civil servants have been suspended/sacked for being professional. These accountants were just about to publish their report on the country’s financial activities about two years ago when they were summarily suspended, and the report suppressed. Even the mentally regarded can quickly see the reason: the figures bore the hallmarks of criminality, corruption at the highest level, indictable offenses and a cavalier mode of spending national funds.

    The basic principle on which the field of accounting rests is that for every debit there should be a credit and vise versa . Unless this principle is strictly adhered to the books won’t balance, and this includes the balance sheet, which is the mirror image of the financial year in question. Even a person who is not well versed in accounting should be able to look at a balance sheet and draw conclusions as to how an institution or government stands financially. It could well determine the credit worthiness of a nation.

    Bio and his gangsters became jittery upon learning that Auditor-General, Lara Taylor-Pearce and her deputy, were about to reveal an endless catalogue of gruesome financial embezzlement, crude misappropriation and application of national funds, hence the only way out was to get rid of The Distinguished Accountant (Lara) and her deputy and suppressed their report.

    This article by Dr Doma should help to bring the case of the Auditor-General to the limelight again to put Bio under pressure to reinstate her because the investigative body set up by him has not been able to reveal any scrap of incriminating evidence against the Distinguished lady.

    Sierra Leoneans living in the diaspora, especially in the European Union, The United States, Canada , The United Kingdom and Australia should make representations to the respective governments not to give any loans or aid to the Bio government that could be misused. Any aid given should have people on the ground to direct it. Of particular concern should be the Millennium Challenge funds ($400m)being withheld by the Americans.

  2. The suspension or removal of the former AG was done to silence accountability in public sector. Public sector institutions have gone back to business as usual having a field day with public finances.
    This move by the President was a step in the wrong direction and laid the foundation for corruption on a grand scale a move he will regret after leaving office.

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