Who is more loyal to Sierra Leone than Diasporans?

Sankara Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 January 2018

During the Ebola tragedy, Diaspora-based Sierra Leoneans showed loyalty to nation by organizing humanitarian relief aid and contributing towards the motherland’s welfare.  Conversely, politicians within the ruling APC killed more compatriots by embezzling millions of dollars, which were earmarked for the war against Ebola.

Since the ‘dual citizenship’ debate was reportedly prompted by the need for loyalty to Sierra Leone, let us examine the Ebola-produced scandal to determine who is more loyal to, or malicious against, the motherland.

Whereas Diasporan Sierra Leoneans responded to Ebola by patriotically dispatching emergency assistance to the motherland, the ruling APC kleptomaniacs dishonourably stole some of the internationally-donated funds, thereby causing the deaths of thousands of Sierra Leoneans.

Who, therefore, is more loyal to Sierra Leone? Is it the patriotically-driven Diasporans who responded with emergency assistance, or our home-based embezzlers who turned a containable problem into a national tragedy? Who is more LOYAL to Sierra Leone?

I posed that question because home-based looters within the APC have chosen to cannibalize the country’s Constitution and in particular using Section 76(1)a – the Dual Nationality Clause, to stop opponents from running for public office.

I am an unwaveringly nationalistic Sierra Leonean. Can an Ebola-producing and poverty-intensifying APC government, realistically use my American passport to question my loyalty to Sierra Leone?

When did the lawless APC, which is treacherously selling Sierra Leone to the Chinese,  pinch itself to realize that dual citizenship, is dangerous?

Each time the APC comes to power, democracy must suffer a reversal, followed by dictatorship and, sadly, civil strife.

For democracy’s sake, Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad need to put aside their political party affiliations and stand against the APC’s desire for one-party dictatorship, before it is fatefully too late.

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